10 Cat Apps That Make Your Life Much Easier


If someone told you that you could download an app for that, you wouldn’t even blink. Of course you can download an app for that; it doesn’t even matter what ‘that’ even is. There’s an app for everything. In fact, there are apps for your cat. That’s right; you heard me. There are apps for your cat to enjoy. These apps are designed to allegedly make your life and the life of your cats more interesting, more productive and more organized. Because we all know that cats are uninteresting, unproductive and disorganized, right? Well, the truth of the matter is that if there is an app for something, it’s worth looking into at least and that’s why we have these apps just for you. You and your cat might love them. You might hate them. Either way, we know that you will certainly find a reason to enjoy your new cat apps if you really want to.

Petoxins – Free

This is an app that’s very important for any animal lover to have on their smart phone, whether you have a dog, a cat or any other type of animal. This app allows you to look up toxins that are not good for your pet, the symptoms of each and so much more. This is an app that’s designed to help you ward off any potential dangers when it comes to the flowers and plants you have in your home and around your home. For example, this app might help you out significantly when it comes to figuring out which plants you want to include in your new garden so that you can keep your pets safe.

Pet Notebook – $3

This app is great for pet owners, even those with multiple pets. It’s a collective piece of information with everything you need to know, which certainly comes in handy if you should never need to provide this information to a vet that is not your own. Your cat’s birth date, vaccination records and everything in between will be located here, and it makes your cat easier to care for, and his or her information easier to locate in case of an emergency.

Kitten Calculator Plus – Free

Nothing makes doing math or balancing your sad checkbook more fun than this app. It allows you to do it on a page that makes your numbers look like kittens and it comes with a game that allows you to refocus all that bad math mojo on things like your cat chasing yarn. That’s productive, helpful and a great way to get the entire family involved in a little math.

Purrfect Cat Pro – $2

If you’re in the market for a new cat and need to look up information pertaining to any cat breed, this is the app for you. It will show you everything that you need to know before you get a new cat home so that you can ensure it is the right cat for you. From feeding needs to temperament to everything in between, there is nothing you will miss with this app.

Pet Phone – Free

All the information you find necessary to keep on hand regarding your cat is readily available right here. It keeps track of your cat’s weight, his or her vet appointments, overall health and everything in between. It’s an app that actually does make life easier since it does allow you to live life with a bit less stress and a bit less overwhelming panic when you cannot get to the paperwork you need regarding your cat when you actually need it. The best part is that you can keep your information here for all your pets, including other types of animal, such as your dog.

365 Cats and Affirmation – $1

If you’re in need of some positive thoughts and quotes and inspiration in your life, you’ve come to the right place. This app allows you to keep track of time with your own personal calendar as well as things that will surely brighten your day and make you more productive, and they’re delivered by cats. And there you go.

Fabulous Cat Clock – $2

Clocks are the devil. They either remind you that you haven’t nearly enough time to get done what needs doing or they remind you that time does, in fact, stand still when all you want it to do is move forward. But time has never been cuter than it is with this app, which provides the time for you thanks to very flexible and talented cats impersonating numbers.

Human-to-Cat Translator – Free

If you’re just not sure your cat understands what it is you are attempting to say to him or her, perhaps it is time for you to download this app. It’s perfect for you. You speak into it, and it translates what you have to say into ‘cat’ so that the cat understands. Okay, so this app is really just for fun since your cat can’t read, but why not download it just for the heck of it?

Weather Whiskers – Free

If you’re into the weather – and who isn’t, really – then you will love this app. It’s like the weather, but it has cats. In fact, it is the weather. But it’s the weather with pictures of cats dressed up to accommodate the day’s current weather. Seeing how the cat in question is dressed will help you decide how you will dress for the day ahead. That’s awesome, right?

LOLCats – Free

This app is going to do just about nothing for your life at all except for provide you with yet another reason to look down at your phone rather than at your spouse or your kids. It’s the ‘purrfect’ app for those who love cats that make them laugh, hilarious memes and wasting precious time you are perfectly aware you do not have in the first place. But really, everyone knows that cat lovers are a little bit crazy in the first place, so why not download this app and make it even more apparent?

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