20 of the Hairiest Cat Breeds


Long hair cats are some of the most beautiful in the world, and it’s because everyone expects a cat to have long hair and a sweet face. It seems that many people forget that these cats leave their hair on everything and that they often require a bit more work and effort than other breeds, but once you see how gorgeous they are with their long hair, you won’t care, either. Read on to find out which cats are among the hairiest breeds in the industry.

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maine coon

Maine Coon

This is a cat that is thought to have originated from, you guessed it, Maine. Its long coat is designed to keep this breed very warm in harsh, cold climates and it’s a cat that looks like it might be a lot bigger than it is. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a big cat. Even if you were to shave it, it would be a very big cat that can exceed 20 pounds easily, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look even bigger thanks to its long coat and its big, bushy ruff.

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scottish fold

Scottish Fold

This is a breed more well-known for its adorable folded ears than anything else, and it is no wonder that people are just in love with this breed. It’s also a hairy one, however, despite the fact that it is not the hairiest cat in the world. It’s got a long coat and can be a bit more difficult to care for than other cats without such long coats, but that does not make it a cat you want to avoid. It’s so cute that most people are happy to overlook all the cat hair on everything.

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american bobtail

American Bobtail

Here is a breed that comes in a number of different styles, kind of like a car without actually being a materialistic possession. It’s a cat that has a lot of great features, and one of those is its long hair. There are short hair and long hair versions, and the long hair is the one we are discussing. It’s not the cat with the longest hair, but it certainly does have a lot of hair to speak of, and it’s a cat that does have some beautiful features.

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What we love about this cat is that it’s named for its heritage. It’s from Siberia, and it’s a naturally occurring cat. This means that it’s not a cross between two other breeds; it’s quite original. Originally from Siberia, this cat has a very long coat to keep it safe and warm during the harsh winters and cold climate in its native land. However, despite its dense coat, it’s not a cat that’s difficult to care for and it can spend time outside playing without becoming a matted and disgusting mess.

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Cross-breeding often results in some interesting features on specific cats. When you take a munchkin and a Persian and breed them together, you get the Napoleon. This is a cat that lives with dwarfism, which is a medical condition that prevents its legs from growing the proper size. The result is a small-looking cat with some regular-size features, and a very long coat. It’s a sweet cat, and it’s fortunate that while it does have short legs, it’s not one that is at a disadvantage.

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It was 1991 when cat registries began recognizing the Somali as a different breed than the Abyssinian, but before that the breeds were considered one and the same. The only difference is that the very unique looking Abyssinian has a much shorter coat. If you look closely at the faces of the Somali and the Abyssinian, however, you will see that they are very much the same as far as their features are concerned. That’s what makes this cat so special. Which do you prefer?

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norwegian forest cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

This is another cat that’s quite large in general. While it’s long, bushy coat does make it look a lot bigger than it actually is, it’s a big cat. It’s actually one of the larger domestic cat breeds you will find, but it’s also one of the best to call a pet. The only issue with this cat is that many people choose not to go this route for fear that they will spend the rest of their days doing nothing more than cleaning up cat hair from all over their houses.

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This is probably one of the most adorable cats you will ever see, and there is simply no denying that. With its sweet face and its very interesting appearance, there is really nothing sweeter around. It’s related to the ragamuffin. It’s actually the less hairy version of that cat, but it’s still a hairy cat and it is still one that makes the list. It’s not the hairiest, but it is known for being quite the little ball of fluff, which is part of the reason so many people love this little breed.

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turkish van

Turkish Van

It’s distantly related to the Turkish Angora, but it’s from the United Kingdom. If you want to get very specific, it’s considered a semi-long hair breed because it has no undercoat. However, staring at this cat in front of you, you will not be able to tell it has no undercoat. What you will be able to tell is that it’s a big cat with a lot of fur and that it’s just something that you want to cuddle with because it looks so lovable and sweet.

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This is one of the hairiest but friendliest breeds you will encounter. This gorgeous breed is often one of the most playful cats you will encounter, and it’s known for its habit of going completely limp when someone picks it up. It’s quite cute to see this cat do that, and we have to admit that it’s a cat with a lot of hair. It might not be the hairiest, but it certainly looks like it to someone who has to clean up after this feline all the time.

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british longhair

British Longhair

This is a breed that makes a great pet for those who are not very active. It’s a quiet cat, and it’s nearly identical to the British shorthair. The only difference is, obviously, the length of the coat on this particular breed. It’s such a laid-back and easygoing cat that it only makes sense it would be perfect for a quiet home rather than one that has a lot of activity. However, there is no reason this cat wouldn’t do just fine in an active house, too.

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There was a time during one of the wars in which this cat was one that was very close to becoming extinct. Thankfully, it did not. And who would want to see this gorgeous cat lost forever? It’s a cat with a very unique look and very unique coloring, and we cannot help but think that this is a cat that really does have a very gorgeous coat. It’s long and lush, and it’s relatively easy to care for, even though it might look like it is anything but.

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For whatever reason, this is a cat that looks just like the Persian, but cat associations do not believe that the two are the same breed. The real question is whether or not they are, and many people seem to think that the only difference between the two breeds I the coloring on the coat. Whatever, though, because it’s a gorgeous cat and people want to have it regardless of whomever it is said to be related to. It’s got a very long coat and it is one of the most striking cats around.

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If you think that this particular cat looks a lot like a Manx, you’re correct. These are actually two cats that are nearly identical save for the fact that the Cymric has an exceptionally long coat. The Manx is the short-hair version of this lovely animal. However, in some feline registries they are considered two separate breeds. You will not, though, find two cats more different yet so much the same in appearance.

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This is one of the more famous hairy cats thanks to its beautiful coat and the desire people have to own one of these cats. It’s a very lazy breed that would prefer to do little more than just hang out and enjoy life in a very nap-like manner, but it’s sweet and it is not something anyone should remove from their list of potentials. It’s going to sit down and play with you, cuddle with you and enjoy you, but then it’s going to nap.

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This is considered one of the most intelligent cat breeds around, and it’s one that is extremely active. This is a cat that would prefer to live in a home with kids or other pets so that there is a challenge to face each and every day. The coat on this particular breed is very long and very dense, and it’s difficult to maintain if you allow it to grow uncontrollably. Your best bet is to go ahead and ensure that your cat is able to sit through at least a weekly brushing.

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turkish angora

Turkish Angora

With its long white coat, this is a lovely cat that definitely turns heads. It’s active and playful and it is not one to sit in a quiet room hidden from view and hidden from those around it when it’s time for company to come over. It’s beautiful and it loves an active household with people in it that just want to play and have fun. It’s one of the breeds that’s considered naturally occurring, which means that there is no evidence that it’s a cross between other breeds. It’s been around since at least the 1600s as documented in Turkey, where it’s from.

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This is such a beautiful cat. It might not have the longest hair of the cats on this particular list, but it’s a hairy cat breed. Even though its fur is a bit shorter and less crazy looking than some of the other breeds, it has so much of it. The good news is that it is not as difficult to care for as many people believe, which makes it a much more fun and more enjoyable cat to have at home. It seems pet owners appreciate less fur to clean up off their furniture and surroundings.

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The thing about this particular breed is that it’s not a very social breed. It’s beautiful, but it’s not as social as other breeds. This is a cat that would likely prefer a quiet home with fewer people and less activity than other breeds, and that’s just how it is. It’s a lovely breed and while it is not the hairiest of the different cat breeds, it is one that does have a significant coat that does require a significant amount of work to keep nice and clean.

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So sweet and adorable, this cat might be on the hairiest list by default. This is a cat that has a lot of hair for its size, but it’s not the big. The cat is a munchkin, which means just what it sounds like. It’s not a huge cat and its little legs really do not grow much larger than you might expect a cat by this name to grow. However, because of its short nature, it does appear to be quite the hairy cat. But don’t be fooled; this is a hairy cat and it does shed a lot.

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