Stealth Tips for Picking Out Reputable Burmese Cat Breeders

Bermese Cat

The ideal cat breeder is one who is open, honest and upfront with you about the type of cat you’re looking to bring home to your family. For example, those looking at the beautiful Burmese cat breed will likely have many questions about this animal, particularly regarding its health, its grooming needs and its personality, and an ideal breeder will be open with the fact that this particular breed does have a wonderful level of affection but also that it tends to shed a bit more than some other breeds. He or she will be open about the history of the Burmese cats used to breed a litter of kittens and offer to let you see vet histories on all cats involved in your transaction.

A breeder you don’t want to work with will likely resort to scare tactics (if we don’t get these cats into good homes they’ll have to be put down), cleverly disguised threats (if you don’t buy now, we won’t have any left for you and you’ll have to wait several months) and they’ll try to avoid subjects they’re not comfortable with (yes, I’ll send that vet information over right away, but did you see how much the kids love this kitten? They’re going to cry unless you take him home today!). It’s difficult, on the spot, to avoid falling for these tactics, but it’s necessary that you stand your ground and never make a rash decision when it comes to finding a reputable Burmese cat breeder, and we have a few tips that will help you along the way.

Learn to be Observant

A great cattery or breeder will have an open, happy place for their cats. Burmese cats are very affectionate and friendly, they’re very open to strangers and honestly don’t really know a stranger. If a cattery looks questionable to you in that it’s dirty, unkempt or it looks as if the cats are being isolated from human interaction, let your warning flags go up. Additionally, if these beautiful, open, friendly cats seem as if they are skittish, nervous or too afraid to come to you, go ahead and call it a day. A Burmese cat breeder will have a home filled with curious cats who want to come close to you, let you pet them and bond with you. If they don’t, you’re working with someone who might not be on the level as a breeder.

Walk Away if No Vet Information is Provided

You’re purchasing a cat; for a lot of money. You deserve to see, and have every right to see, the information obtained by the vet during that kitten’s visit. Additionally, you have every right to see the health history of the parent cats. Why would you want to? For several reasons; the first being that you need to know that both parent cats are actually the correct breed. You don’t want to buy a cat that actually is only half the cat you thought it was.

Secondly, you need this information because you need to know if there might be genetic health issues at play. For example, many cats in many different breeds, not just the Burmese, are prone to genetic diseases that pass from parents to their litters. If your parent cats have one of these diseases, it might be possible the litter does as well and it might be a litter you want to avoid.

Ask the Tough Questions

Many people think asking how long the breeder has been in business, how many cats they breed each year and so one are the questions that need to be asked. The truth is that they’ve answered these questions so many times the answers are now automatic. You need to ask questions that will provide you with answers a poor breeder might not realize he’s providing. For example, instead of asking how many cats the breeder has bred, ask how many clients have had issues with the cats they’ve purchased. Ask what the breeder does with the cats when he or she goes on vacation (this is a great one, because a breeder who does care correctly for his litters will have an upfront answer right away. Someone who isn’t doing what needs to be done will falter and hesitate because they are looking for the ‘right’ answer to your question.).  Ask the breeder for the phone number to the vet he or she uses; it’s okay to call and ask for a reference based on the vet’s opinion. This will either be something the breeder readily provides or hesitates to provide. Either way, it will give you great insight into what type of breeder you’re dealing with.


You’re not the only one with questions and curiosity about a Burmese cat, its living conditions and its health. Breeders who are responsible, care for their cats and are interested in the animals just as much as you will have a list of questions. Sometimes the best way to determine if a breeder is a reputable one is to sit back and listen to the breeder do a little talking.

Does the breeder ask you questions? Is the breeder concerned about your place of living? Does the breeder ask you about your home, your living conditions, other animals that might be in the house and whether or not you have children? Does the breeder ask if you travel often and what you do with your pets when you do travel? Breeders that ask these questions are curious because they don’t want their cats to end up in bad homes anymore than you want one that comes from a bad home.

Your best bet is to listen and wait for breeders to do their research on you. A good breeder who raises healthy, purebred, good cats absolutely wants to ensure that their litter is going to homes in which they will be well loved and cared for. Breeders aren’t required to sell their cats to anyone, and they are often picky about with whom they choose to send a cat home.

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