Shelter Cat Keeps Getting Returned Because She’s Shy

Sadie 2

Four year old Sadie is a shelter cat. She’s a little older than the other cats in the center. She’s also quite a lot more shy. She has already been adopted twice, but was returned each time. It’s not that she isn’t pretty or unable to attract a loving home, as she managed to do this both times. However, her shy nature has not been looked on favourably by the new owners. It is true that she needs her own space, but then so do lots of cats.

Sadie first came to the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) in April 2015 but she was without a proper home for a long time before that point. In fact, it is likely that she has been in need of a permanent new home for upwards of two years. She was actually adopted pretty soon after first coming to the center but was soon returned as the owner just couldn’t adapt to her attitude ‘issue’ and although she was adopted again soon after that they also returned her. After that particular return she has not been re adopted for about 14 months. It’s a shame as it isn’t her fault at all. It’s just the way she is.

One of the great things about Sadie is that she loves people. She cannot get enough of the volunteers at the center and has won many hearts from those who see her shyness as her individual and unique feature. It’s part of her personality. However, due to her shyness she doesn’t really get on well with other animals, least of all other cats, which makes it difficult if a household already has or wants to have more than one pet.

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Sadie really enjoys being brushed and being made a fuss of in that way but she also likes to have her own space. It’s generally very clear when this is the case. She will go off by herself and be quiet. She moves quite slowly and if she doesn’t want to be made a fuss of then she probably won’t come over. However, as we have already said, this is usually not the case with people. We always find it’s the cats who don’t like people who are the difficult ones to find homes for, which is why it’s strange that Sadie has struggled quite so much.

There will be someone out there for sure who can love Sadie, take pity on her, not want to have another pet and can provide her with a loving and caring home. Like all rescue cats she has had a pretty tough life but a bit of love can make her life oh so much better. You might be able to provide that for her.

If you are interested in providing Sadie with a home you should contact the AHS. She can be found at the Alpharetta branch in Georgia. You will need to book an appointment before you visit by calling 404.875.5331 or email It is important that you feel you are right for Sadie just as much as you feel that she is right for you. This poor little cat cannot suffer any more disappointment.

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