Should I De-Claw My Cat?


Making the decision about de-clawing your cat or allowing them to keep their claws can be tough. What is really all comes down to are a  few questions and concerns to examine before making the decision. I have to admit, while I’m not totally for a cat being de-clawed (it seems as if we are taking their sense of security away); One has to ask, “is my furniture going to be ripped to shreds? Will I be angry at my cat every time I walk in my living room and find a new tear in my leather couch? You can argue that people who would choose furniture over a pet shouldn’t have one. If you find it an absolute necessity to de-claw your cat, be sure to give your cat plenty of love and support. This can be traumatic for some kitties. Bottom line? If you have a cat and you are going to de-claw, be a good owner (As a matter of fact, being a good owner should go both ways It is just imperative that you help make the de-clawing a smooth transition for your cat.

If you find it difficult in dealing with your cat clawing at your favorite piece of furnitute, yet you can not come to terms with the de-clawing idea-there are other alternatives. Try training your cat to only scrath in certin areas. Many pet stores have scratching posts. With patience, this may work like a charm. But it may not work at all, and that is not your fault. Cats will be cats and they have their own personalities!

Another alternative? Clip the tips of your cat’s claws on a monthly basis. makes You can can also try gluing Soft Paws nail caps over the trimmed tips. With a exyta tender loving care and smooth handling, your cats should get used to ths procedure. Have your veterinarian show you how to get started. Soft Paws are available though veterinarians, or through some pet-supply catalogs. You can also order directly from the company on the Web at, or call 1-800-989-2542.

If you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, it may be time to talk to your vet about de-clawing. Your cat will not be devastated for life, it will just take some adjustment. Talk to your veterinarian about de-clawing. There are two procedures used today. Learn as much as you can about both of the procedures. Once you feel comfortable with one of the two, have another conversation with your vet. Ask him any questions that may help put your mind a ease. Also ask your vet how your cat should be handled if this procedure is going to be completed.

What ever decision you go with, it is important to remember that a cat without claws has no defense if involved in a sticky situation. I highly recommend that if your car is de-clawed, he (or she) be kept indoors. We want the best four our little darlings. Though the decision may be difficult for you, the cat’s safety-and relationship between cat/owner is important. All too often owners hold a grudge against their cats for scratching. keep in mind, they are ot doing it to make you angry-it’s in their nature.

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