Signs to Tell if Your Cats are Friends or Enemies

cats sometimes get along and sometimes they do not

Attempting to explain or even understand the behavior of a cat, or a cat’s thought process, is the equivalent of explaining quantum physics to a toddler – or common core math to a parent (I mean, really?). It’s not possible. There is a saying that goes something like, “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m possible,’” and while that might be true of many things – cats (and common core math) are the exception. That’s why it’s sometimes difficult to tell whether or not your cats are friendly. You can’t very well ask them to tell you what they think of the new cat in the house, so you have to use your common sense, their behavior and your gut instinct to tell whether or not they actually get along.

The good news is that it’s not all the difficult to determine whether your original cat is a fan or an instant hater of the new cat on the block. And even if your first cat seems not to like your new cat all that much, chances are good that one day he or she will come around. First babies aren’t always fans of new babies in the house, so you’ll just have to give it a little time, a little effort and your first cat a little attention if you really want everyone to continue being friendly. Good luck; here are some signs that depict precisely how your cats feel about one another.

 They Hiss at One Another Constantly

Well, it’s probably safe to say that your cats do not get along. After all, how often does your cat hiss at you, the food in his bowl, his bed? Probably never, because he loves those things. If his hair stands on end and he looks angry while hissing wildly at the new cat, he’s not a fan. Don’t worry just yet, though. They might learn to love one another over time. Your cat is likely just annoyed that you brought another animal into the house.

They Cuddle

Is it necessary that I even explain this one? If your cats seem to cuddle and spend a lot of time very close together, they probably aren’t frenemies, you know? They probably do like one another. Our suggestion, if your cats are of the opposite sex, is to go ahead and get them fixed unless you want tiny kittens running around the house before you know it.

The Cats Ignore One Another

This is not necessarily a bad thing. It could mean that they don’t like each other, or it could mean that they simply do not want to play together. The good news is that it doesn’t matter if they are ignoring one another since they’re not bothering you. At the end of the day, cats that aren’t making your life miserable are perfectly fine to have at home, and that makes your life just a bit easier. Our advice is to ensure that your cats are behaving appropriately even if they aren’t playing, so that you can ensure that they are not going to stress.

They Fight

Here’s the good news; cats that fight and wrestle do not necessarily hate one another. Sometimes cats like to be playful and this is how they do it. They like to go ahead and wrestle and let off some aggression and play, because this is how they show their love and affection for one another. Unless they are really harming one another, let it go and ignore it.

Ways to Minimize Inter-Kitty Tension

If you really suspect that your cats do not like one another, it’s time to get down to business. One way to reduce some of the tension in the house is to make sure your cats have their own ‘things’. For example, you should get them their own litter boxes (you should do this regardless) and their own scratching posts and their own food bowls. Cats might have some issues with one another if they are constantly sharing everything and always fighting for a little bit of what it is that they want. Give them their own space and their own belongings and you might be surprised just how much better they seem to get along.

When to be Alarmed

If you have a new cat and your old cat seems unhappy, chances are good that this will pass as time goes on. However, if your cats have always been friends and suddenly you realize that they don’t seem to like one another anymore, there could be an underlying issue. This might require taking your cats to the vet to ensure that they are not experiencing some kind of health issue. Sometimes, when a cat is not feeling well and is not doing well, they begin to behave aggressively toward one another, which causes significant tension in a home.

Why it’s Important to Handle This

Cats might not like one another, and that’s fine. But, if you think that this is a situation that is causing your cat or cats undue stress, it’s time to take action. Your cat can actually develop serious health conditions as a result of stress, and it can make your cat’s quality of life decrease significantly. Did you know, for example, cats that experience stress are more likely to develop asthma than cats that are more relaxed and happier?

For the sake of your cat and your own sanity, cats that do not get along should be handled to the best of your ability. They should be kept separate if need be, and they should be given their own items so that they do not feel as if they are being forced to share. Minimizing stress and anxiety in the lives of your cats can help to reduce their chances of being diagnosed with health issues that can affect them greatly over the course of their lives. Now is the time to take action before one of your cats ends up sick and unable to recover.

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