What Does It Mean When Your Cats Eyes Are Dilated?

Cats eyes are a source of fascination for most cat lovers. They give the cat the ability to see in very low levels of light and then there is the way that the eyes gleam when light is shined onto them.

Cats eyes can also give their owners vital information about how they are feeling and so it is a good idea to find out what it means when your cats pupils are dilated – meaning that they change shape when the level of light does not change. If this is something that you want to find out more about then the following information should be very useful.

Narrow Pupils

If you notice that your cats eyes have become very narrow then this is usually a sign that something has stimulated them. This will usually be either anger, pleasure or fear. The pupils will usually contract very quickly so that they are little more than slits.

There are other signs that your cat will give that can help you work out what emotion they are feeling. If your cat is angry then you may notice that they are growling and hissing a lot at something or someone in particular.

The other side to this is that they are feeling pleasure and this will be accompanied by a purring sound. Fear is a little harder to determine but you should try and see whether the eyes are squinted as well as the pupils becoming narrow.

Cats will squint their eyes in order to protect them from any potential attack by another cat. Squinting can be a sign that your cat is feeling afraid and you may also find that their behavior is a little aggressive.

Wide Pupils

Wide pupils indicate that your cat is either frightened or very excited. You will have to assess the situation to determine which of these emotions it is likely to be. The body language that your cat is giving off can help you to work out how they may be feeling.

You can also take into account the situation that your cat is in. If they have seen you getting their food ready or heard the sound of their biscuits shaking and are looking at you with wide eyes then they are probably excited.

You should be able to tell if your cat is scared because they will be acting tense. Their tail will be close by their side and their back may be hunched over. They are also likely to look for somewhere to hide and will probably choose the smallest and darkest place that they can find.

Pupils Of A Different Size

If the pupils of your cats eyes are a different size then this is known as anisocoria. It is not a condition in its own right but is usually a symptom of something else. In some cases it can be a symptom of a very serious condition and so it is always best to get your cat checked over by a vet.

This is especially true if the anisocoria occurs suddenly rather than over time and this could indicate that it is an emergency situation. It can occur if the cat has had a brain injury or if the surface of the eye has been damaged.

These types of injuries can occur without you knowing if the cat is out of the house so he sure to contact the vet as soon as you notice that their pupils are a different size. Different sized pupils can also indicate a number of series conditions such as glaucoma and even cancer.

Spending time to study your cats eyes to see how they react to certain situations is well worth it. When you get to know what their usual reaction is you will be better placed to notice if things do not seem right.

If you suspect that anything with regards to your cats pupils is not right then you should consult a vet immediately. Another benefit to learning to read the clues that your cat is giving you through their eyes is that you will know what action you need to take. If they are showing signs of becoming scared or nervous, for example, then you can take steps to try and reassure them.

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