What is a Bodega Cat and Do They Have Shorter Lifespans?

Bodega comes from the Spanish for “warehouse.” When Spanish-speaking immigrants moved into New York City in significant numbers in the first half of the 20th century, bodega was used by them to refer to a kind of small store that sold a wide range of products. In time, it started being used by non-Hispanic communities, with the result that it is sometimes used as a substitute for convenience stores. With that said, it is important to note that this is an imperfect capture of its meaning in modern times, seeing as how it tends to be most associated with small stores with red and yellow awnings, advertisements posted in their windows, ATMs stituated towards the back, and in a surprising number of cases, a cat in a residence.

What Is a Bodega Cat?

Of course, a bodega cat would be one of the cats that inhabit such locations in New York City, though it wouldn’t be too out of line to extend the term to cover similar cats in similar locations in other metropolises as well. Generally speaking, bodega cats are what most people would consider to be working cats, meaning cats that “work” for a living by keeping local populations of rats and other vermin at a minimum. Something that has a long, proud history dating back to the start of the cat-human relationship. With that said, it is interesting to note that bodega cats can serve a second role as a sort of greeter as well, seeing as how there are a lot of people out there who like cats enough that a bodega cat can be a selling point for them when it comes to choosing a place to shop.

Do Bodega Cats Live Shorter Lives?

Some people might be curious about whether the lifestyle of a bodega cat has an impact on their expected lifespan or not. If so, they are right to be curious because a bodega cat lives in a manner that is much better-suited to some cats than others out there, meaning that this is something that store owners need to think about it. This is even more true because the suitability of a bodega cat for its role can influence its effectiveness as well, meaning that there are further considerations besides their well-being.

In short, a bodega cat meets a lot of new people over the course of a normal day. This is an important issue because there are a lot of cats out there that prefer their living environments to be as familiar as possible, meaning that meeting new people can be a huge source of stress for them. For these cats, being a bodega cat can have a negative impact on their well-being by putting them in a constant state of stress, which can have serious consequences for their performance in their intended roles as well. Of course, it should be noted that there are also cats that have what one might call a gregarious personality, meaning that success in this regard is very much a matter of choosing the right cat for the job.

With that said, how store owners treat their bodega cats can have an enormous effect on their well-being as well. For example, there are some store owners who believe that their cats won’t hunt unless they’re well-motivated by their hunger, which is why they might fail to provide their bodega cats with a regular source of food and water. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this lack of food and water can have detrimental consequences for most cats, thus worsening their performance. Likewise, there is a tendency for store owners to put their bodega cats in basements under the impression that is where rodents and other vermin live. However, this can cause problems as well because basements are sometimes places where cats might become exposed to dangerous chemicals as well as other potential sources of harm.

Summed up, a store owner searching for a successful bodega cat should seek out a gregarious cat with a penchant for hunting, which is not something that is shared by all of the cats that can be found out there. As a result, while this can seem like a hassle, the search can produce handsome results in the long run, not least because a happy and healthy cat will also be a much more productive cat.

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