Are There Any Irish Cat Breeds?

Tasman Manx

When we talk about Irish breeds, we will typically think of dogs. If you are a cat enthusiast, you are probably wondering whether there are any Irish cat breeds. Fortunately, Irish cat breeds exist. However, only one Irish cat breed exists, the Manx cat. There are four types of Manx cats, e.g., Cymric, Isle of Man Longhair, Isle of Man Shorthair, and Tasman Manx. According to The Spruce Pets, the subcategories are based on tail lengths and coat length. Now that we have identified the subcategories of the Manx cat, we will describe each of them. After that, you will learn how to care for them properly. Without further ado, here is further information about the Manx cat below.


Cymric Cat

This cat is a result of breeding a Manx with a long-haired breed like a Persian. Despite being a crossbreed, it is still classified as a Manx. In general, Cymric cats have longer hair than other Manx cats. Another distinguishing feature is that it has four types of tails. Here is a brief description on each tail:

  • Rumpy tail- a cat with no tail
  • Rumpy-riser tail- a cat with a small knob where the tail should be
  • Stumpy tail- a cat whose tail is about a third of the length of a regular cat tail
  • Full-tail- a cat with a regular tail
  • Isle of Longhair

Isle of Man Longhair

This is a cat with a full-length tail. The breed is essentially a Cymric cat with a tail since it possesses several Cymric features.

Isle of Man Shorthair

Isle of Man Shorthair

This cat is a full-tailed one that resembles the British Shorthair. Other distinguishing features of the cat are its rounded head and elongated hind legs.

Tasman Manx

Tasman Manx

Some Tasman Manx cats lack tails or are half-tailed. Generally, their coats are curly. As for coat length, it varies from one cat to the other.

Personality of Manx Cats

Manx cats behave like dogs due to their social and playful nature. As a result, they get along with humans and other animals. They are, therefore, not territorial like most cats. Due to its social nature, it is prone to separation anxiety. That means the owner must devote enough attention to it.

Another admirable quality about the Manx is that it can be trained. You can train it to play fetch or video games. According to Daily Paws, you can even train the cat to respond to vocal commands. That means if the cat was about to eat your food, you could yell “STOP,” and it would do just that. Another quality about the cat is how much it likes to hunt. It loves to hunt rodents and insects. In most cases, they hunt their prey with precision.

Feeding Schedule

The Manx cat requires a complete and balanced diet to keep it healthy and active. According to Purina, the best cat food to consider is Purina Cat Chow Complete. The cat food contains omega-6 fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and proteins. Before feeding the cat, identify whether it requires special dietary needs. For instance, if the cat is overweight, feed it a diet rich in taurine. Taurine helps to reduce the side effects of obesity, like vision and heart problems.

When you buy cat food, there will be guidelines specifying how to feed the cat. Generally, Manx cats do not eat so much. That means you should feed them two meals a day. You could feed the cat breakfast at 8:00 am and dinner at 8:00 pm. When the cat finishes its meal, ensure you give it fresh and clean water. After the cat drinks from the water dish, clean it immediately. We have established that Manx cats do not need to eat so much. However, that does not mean that you cannot give it treats. When you give it treats, do not overdo it lest it becomes overweight. Limit the treats to about 5% of their total daily calories.

Entertaining and Comforting the Cat

A common way of comforting cats is petting them; the Manx is no exception. Ensure you set a time each day to pet the cat. Consider petting as a way of rewarding it for its loyalty. Petting it regularly will make it go out of its way to please you. Scratching is a normal behavior in cats. It is quite common for them to destroy curtains or clothes with their claws. To prevent such mishaps, ensure you get it a scratch post.

If possible, you can get as many scratch posts as possible. Sometimes the cat may scratch other items despite the scratch posts being in the house. If you want to attract the cats to the posts, smear some catnip on them. Lastly, ensure you have many toys for the cat. Some toys to consider for the cat include wand toys, catnip mice, puzzle toys, and laser pointers.


We have established that there are Manx cats with long hair and short hair. If you get one with long hair, be ready to brush it multiple times a week. That is because its coat will contain a lot of dead hair. By brushing it, you will save yourself the trouble of vacuuming the house after it sheds its hair. On the other hand, you can brush cats with short hair once a week since it sheds less hair. Though people do not talk enough about it, it is important to brush the cat’s teeth. You can do this once a week. Brushing its teeth keeps its mouth fresh. Plus, brushing prevents it from developing plaque and tartar.

Lastly, you should trim the cat’s nails. Generally, owners trim their cat’s nails to prevent them from scratching people or items. Another reason it is important to trim their nails is to prevent them from going too long. When they are too long, they will be unable to walk or hunt.


Although the Manx cat is the only Irish breed, there is much to love about it. We have established that it is easy to train and is affectionate. That means you will not need to worry about the cat becoming violent. If you are looking for a cat to adopt, you should consider the Manx cat.

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