How to Stop your Cat From Urinating on the Bed


Stress is a one of the most important reasons why your cat is peeing on bed. And when your cat pees on the bed, chances are high that something is wrong with her. Either she is feeling sick, or she is not comfortable in the environment or she is not happy with her litter box. The habit of urinating on bed is something which you definitely don’t like in your cat. Here I am presenting you few tips to prevent your cat urinating on the bed:

• Take your cat to the vet to ensure that there is no medical condition behind the inappropriate urination of your kitty. Diseases such as kidney failure or urinary tract infection can lead to inappropriate urination.

• If your cat has peed on the bed, clean the bed properly and make sure that no odor remains. If your kitty can smell the odor of her urine n the bed, chances are thick that she will pee in the same spot again. She will start to treat the bed as her litter box every time. Wash the bedding with baking soda before blotting the stain with paper towel so that moisture can be removed. If the odor still remains, wash it again with an enzymatic cleanser.

• You can also make your cat get rid of this habit by distracting her when she is in action. For this, you will need a can of coins. When you see your cat is urinating on the bed or she is about to start urinating, shake the can to make some noise. Every time when you catch her, shake the can. Your cat will associate the noise of coins in the can with her urinating on the bed and gradually she will start feeling uncomfortable in peeing on the bed.

• Changing the litter box can also help. If your cat has a habit of peeing in the bed, it may be probably because she doesn’t like her current liter box. You can try pine, tray or clumping litter to find out which one your cat likes the most. Provide your cat both covered and non covered litter boxes to see with which litter box, she is more comfortable. Your cat may not like her current litter box because it is dirty. Ensure that you are removing feces and soiled litter daily. Also, wash the litter box every week so that there is no smell in it.

• Your cat may not be comfortable in urinating in her litter box because you have placed her litter box in a place where she can watch and listen to your family members. Rather keep the litter box in a quite area. Also, make sure that your cat doesn’t need to walk much to reach litter box. Place the litter box on every floor of the house if you have a multi-story house.

• Spread a vinyl tablecloth or flannel-backed over the bed because a cat generally doesn’t likes the texture of the tablecloth and avoid peeing on the bed.

• Also, keep the door of the bedroom closed when you are not in the house so that the kitty can’t enter the room.

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