Cat Survives Izmir Earthquake and Reunites with Owner after Miracle Rescue

Animal experts believe that a cat can survive for at least a week if it has a water supply, but without both food and water, then it will take only four days before it succumbs to the hunger and thirst. However, every day, something happens beyond our explanation, and those who are religious will call it a miracle. Well, the incident of a cat surviving the Izmir earthquake and reuniting with the owner after a miracle rescue is unbelievable considering that the feline had been lost for 42 days. Here’s your chance to learn more about how the cat got into its predicament as we also look at other cats that have miraculously survived similar incidents.

Lost Tying to Get Home

Yaesmin Saymaz was not home when the earthquake struck; therefore, when she came back, she only found one of her two cats at home; the other, Asik, was missing. The cat owner constantly prayed to find her feline friend and never lost hope despite days turning into more than a month. She believed that most likely Asik had been in the balcony and jumped when the earthquake struck, but she did not know to where. Fortunately, residents helped to solve the mystery when they heard a constant meow in a nearby building on December 8, 2020.

The building had been closed for 20 days, so it was probably overlooked but the earthquake had torn a rift between two apartment buildings. Asik had then most likely tried getting his way back home only to be stuck, but faint meows got the locals’ attention, and they tried getting the cat out without success. Luckily, the power of social media once again was proven because the locals posted their futile attempts to save Asik, which attracted the attention of firefighters.

It took an hour to get Asik to safety with the firefighters being careful not to cause more damage. Although they knew where he was, they could not see him, so they drilled a hole in the stairwell and pulled the cat out of the building. The incident was quite incredible, especially for a house cat that had barely had any experience with the outside world but then again, that is the essence of miracles. What’s more, the veterinarian gave him Asik a clean bill of health.

Some Cats Lost Their Homes during the Izmir Earthquake

Asik was lucky to have been reunited with his owner, who was ready to welcome him back home, but some cats had their lives altered by the devastating earthquake. Daily Sabah published that after the Izmir earthquake that killed 34 people in the Rizabey building, eight cats were rescued. Unfortunately, their owners had lost their homes and could no longer afford to care for them; thus, the felines ended up in a veterinary clinic.

Among the eight cats was Pudra who was adopted by renowned Turkish singer Haluk Levent. The singer runs a charity movement Anatolina Public and Peace Platform which helps to save animals. Levent adopted the cat after the owners put her up for adoption because they could not afford to care for her. After adoption, Pudra was transferred to a farm that serves as a sanctuary for rescued animals across Turkey. So far, it has 88 cats, two donkeys, seven dogs and two horses so Pudra will have lots of playmates. Among the eight cats, Pudra is not the only one that has found a family; another cat has also got its forever home leaving only six and the public cannot wait to adopt them.

Other Cats That Have Miraculously Survived after Earthquakes

In 2016, Italy was also hit by an earthquake that showed the resilience of two cats, one of whom was Pietro. According to The Local (, Pietro’s owners had given up on him thinking he was dead after their house was ruined. However, the cat was determined to live, and as his owners went back to the ruins to pick whatever they could salvage, they heard weak meows.

Luckily the family had been accompanied by firefighters who sprang into action to rescue the cat that had been missing for 16 days. It had survived on rainwater, but unlike Asik whose health was great for a cat that had not been feeding well for 42 days, Pietro was not as fortunate. He had a fractured jaw that needed immediate surgery. On the other hand, Rocco was dubbed a “miracle cat” after surviving for 32 days when an earthquake hit the town of Amatrice in Italy. The cat was buried alive and like Pietro had survived by drinking rainwater.

How to Protect Pets during Earthquakes

Found Animals advises on a few tips of caring for animals when an earthquake hits. If you are at home, allow them to hide in whichever spot they feel comfortable. Animals are good at finding ideal hiding places, and by now, you should know their favorite spots. Cats will not allow you to pick them up, unlike dogs, and once they are settled, you can go and comfort them. There is usually enough time to find them wherever they are because it is believed that animals have heightened senses that can predict earthquakes. Their senses also let them know when you are anxious, so you should remain calm to avoid them becoming anxious too.

You do not want to lose your pet, so be proactive and have yours microchipped or wearing a collar with your information. Since accidents happen and your cat can go missing, protect his health by ensuring that the vaccinations are updated. That way, no matter how long he will be away, you can rest assured that your pet has a much better chance of survival in case of infections. Being proactive in socializing the animals will also guarantee that you can find him in case he gets lost. An animal that is not used to people is more likely to be rescued than one that keeps scampering to safety whenever rescue parties try to take him home.

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