Two Cats Had to Be Rehomed and Their Story is Incredible

Two Cats

Not all cats surrendered by their owners received poor treatment of neglect or abandonment. Cat owners may realize it is necessary to find new homes for beloved pets. There is a difference between rehoming and abandoning a pet. Changes in the circumstances of our life happen, and sometimes it is in the pets’ best interest to find other families who can give them the love and care we can no longer provide. We read the story about two cats who had to get rehomed. It moved us to tears.

Two cats had to be rehomed: and their story is incredible

Upworthy shared a story about two loving women who realized their pets would be better off with other families. One of the women loved her pets but came to a point in life when she could no longer provide for their needs. The woman had raised her beloved cats for ten years. They were just two when she adopted them. She had to travel and knew it would be difficult for the cats. The woman received a cancer diagnosis and was going home to see her mother, friends, and other family members. It was a hard decision for her to make, but it was something she knew she had to do. She adopted the cats through The Pongo Fund. After losing her marriage, home, and health, she had no alternative. The woman asked to meet the new owner if possible. She requested that the cats remain together. It was a difficult task to find a home for two senior cats, but the woman’s story is one that reached out to those with a tender heart. The Pongo Fund reached out to the woman who had dropped off two cats ten years ago.

She told them that she was unable to care for them and surrendered them to the shelter, but said that she looked forward to adopting two more cats after her life settled down. They kept her name on the records. Since rehoming the pair at the age of two, her life turned around, and she was in a good position. The Pongo workers didn’t know that this was the woman who originally surrendered Penny and Lucy. When they called her on the phone and explained the situation, the woman began to sob. The former cat owner realized these were the two cats she gave up a decade ago. Life had gone full circle. The cats got placed in a loving home where they were cared for. The woman came to Portland, Oregon, where she met the woman who was giving the cats up for rehoming. They share a special bond in their love for Penny and Lucy. The two cats are back with their original owner in a loving home, and the woman who shared ten years of her life with them is home with her mother, preparing for the end of her life.

What is the moral of this story?

There are many treasures we take away from this true story about the love of two women for the same cats that both had to rehome. We learn that it’s essential not to judge those who must give up their beloved pets. We never know their stories or how it breaks their heart to give up a lifetime companion. Penny and Lucy were blessed throughout their entire lives because of the love and wisdom of both women who cared for them. They did what was best for the pets in both cases. The actions of both women were driven by love and common sense. It’s not often that such a turn of events materializes and we’re privileged to hear about it. It teaches us to think before we jump to conclusions about people who surrender pets, but it also drives home the need for homes for elderly animals who have been beloved housepets and need loving families to step forward.

The benefits of adopting elderly cats

Senior cats are often passed over in animal shelters, in favor of kittens that will have a longer lifespan. Many don’t stop to consider the many benefits associated with adopting senior cats over babies. Country Vet explains that most senior cats have already been housetrained. It can save a new pet owner tons of work and frustration. Most older cats know what behaviors are expected of them and they’re ready to share their love and companionship without the fuss of litter box or outdoor toilet training. Most senior cats have lower energy levels and they may be a better choice for families looking for a pet that is more relaxed and calmer. They’re content to sit by your side and be your new pal. The personalities are already established and fully developed and what you see is what you get. You never know what kind of personality a kitten will develop. Some kittens are ornery, but others are sweethearts. Older shelter cats have shown their temperaments already. Some come with a history of their backgrounds, while others get picked up as strays.

Many shelters can provide pointers about the cat’s behavior under their care. Elder cats are cheaper to adopt than kittens. They’re already spayed or neutered and have received their vaccines. Some shelters waive adoption fees for families willing to take older cats. You can easily find a senior cat that gets along well with children and other pets. Most of them do well when you leave them alone for a few hours in the house. These animals are older and wiser than kittens that are untrained. Many seniors are independent and adaptable to new environments. The only drawback to adopting a senior cat is that it will not live as long as a younger feline. On the plus side, you’ll be providing a loving home to an older cat that needs a family. You’ll also make room at a local shelter for other pets in need of lifesaving care. It’s far better for senior cats to live out their remaining years in a loving home than in a shelter where they cannot receive the individual attention and affection they deserve.

Final thoughts

Elderly cats have a lot to offer the right people. Many of them come fully trained and ready to share their love and affection. Senior cats make excellent house pets and give exceptional companionship. These cats have earned their right to a loving and happy home. You may never know who may have surrendered them or the circumstances. You may become part of the final chapter of a beautiful story.

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