The 10 Smartest Cat Breeds


As Dr. Marty Becker pointed out once, all cats are smart because who wouldn’t want to spend their days relaxing and being fed by their owners? However, some cats can in fact be smarter than others. In the past, a cat’s intelligence has been measured by their ability to learn and adapt to their environment. However, new research has shown a social nature also points to a more intelligent cat. So if you’re cat is good with people for example, that counts towards a higher intellect. These 10 cats (while not in any specific order) have been known to be amongst the smartest around…..

abyssinian-kitten-jacana (Small)

Abyssinian Cats

Cat Time calls this breed highly intelligent and inquisitive, and recommends that cat parents to this breed not only stay sharp, but have a sense of humor, since all those brains can lead Abyssinians into messy situations around the house


Bengal Cats

Among the most intelligent, especially when it comes to interspecies interactions. Smart Living notes that Bengals have three A personalities: they’re active, agile and alert.


Sokoke Cats

Their independent nature means they’re okay having alone time. Don’t be fooled though, these cats aren’t loners. They are very social and get along perfectly with other cats and dogs. Via


Cornish Rex Cats

A Cornish Rex is known by it’s distinctive coat of fur which needs no grooming. These cats love being the center of attention and are good in households with children. They are great around active people and even families with other pets.


Savannah Cats

Smart Living notes that the Savannah is the number one smartest cat breed around, specifically citing a dog-like personality. Like all smart cats, Savannahs are also mischievous and are therefore recommended only for experienced cat owners. Learn to train!

Kitten scottish fold breed

Scottish Fold Cats

The friendly, laidback Scottish Fold is a perfect choice for families with children and cat-friendly dogs. He loves the attention he receives from children who treat him politely and with respect, and he likes to play and is capable of learning tricks.


Sphynx Cats

The Sphynx is known to be one of the most loyal cat breeds around. They are extremely friendly and also great for entertaining guests. They are not afraid of new people in the least.


Singapura Cats

The Singapura is playful and smart and can be a good friend to a child who treats him nicely. He’s one of those cats who enjoys playing fetch and learning tricks, and his energy level means he won’t wear out before the child does.


Tonkinese Cats

This is a cat who will follow you around, ride on your shoulder and be involved in all family activities. He likes meeting people and is not the type of cat who will be satisfied to stay home alone all the time


Turkish Van Cats

When he is properly socialized in kittenhood, this is a social and affectionate cat who is strongly attached to members of his family, although he may choose one or two as his favorites. He is highly active and athletic. Via

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  1. Surprised not to see Siamese on this list. Have owned many, and most were extremely iintelligent. I had one who should have been named Houdini. He could unlock any door without a deadbolt including unlatch a locked screen door to get out.

    1. I agree. I have a grey tiger, tabby, whatever you want to call it and he’s a wiz. He is extremely smart and knows exactly what to play into when he wants something or just wants to be with me. He even opens the door when he wants out of a room or the screen door to go out. He’s a stinker lol, but hhe is definitely his own little man.

    1. If you can’t tell when a cat is smart, you might want to review your own intellectual ability. There is, as with humans, variation in the intelligence of individual animals–but there are some amazing intelligent cats (and not a lot of stupid ones).

    2. You may not have been around cats a lot. I didn’t think birds were intelligent or had any personality until I got one myself. Cats are funny- they each have their own weird little habits, what one cat does another would never do, and so on. If you like dogs, but HAVE to get a cat (on account of a wife or GF) then get a Manx cat. They are the “dogs” of the cat world: they fetch, bark, and do tricks and follow their owner around even into the toilet. If I go in to the bathroom without mine he cries til I open the door to let him in too. If I am in the shower he pulls the curtains back and peeks in, always needing to be by my side.

  2. I have had cats all my life…I have always found male Tuxedo cats and male Tabbies to be AWESOME…smart and very affectionate. Also, my experience with Calicos has been that they tend to NOT LIKE other cats to move into their space. If you want a cat friendly cat, avoid Calicos.

    1. That’s funny, because my Tabby is a spoiled brat who hates other cats, and my Calico was the friendliest kitty to other cats. All this generalization almost makes you sound racists. But at least you love cats.

      1. Thanks, Robaloie. I guess we should not “stereotype” anything. Sorry. Maybe my limited experience with Calico cats caused me to misjudge them. I know they are always female, so I would NEVER want to do that. ????????

  3. My regret is that I am terribly allergic to cats. CAts or dogs or other pet make for building a great big beautiful heart. I wish I could say the same about people/ The more I know people, the more I love my pets.

      1. You don’t “build immunity” to allergies- I think you are mixing it up with germs or virus. Being around an allergen would make you more allergic, not less. In fact constant irritation with a potential allergen is what *causes* allergies, and does not “build immunity”. The best thing for that person is to get a cat that has less fur, and need wash the cat often as the cat’s dander and saliva is what irritates the allergies.

        1. Umm no. If you expose yourself to cats, or peanut proteins if your allergic to peanuts, you will build up tolerance to it.

          Immunology is how they control allergies, they inject you with the allergen. But thanks for sounding smart.

          1. As a life-long (82 years) allergic I can say that what you say is half-true. Many allergics such as myself do not respond well to shots. They make us worse.

          2. Nobody responds well to the shots. My parents stopped my treatment because of how I reacted. I found slow natural exposure builds tolerances, and injecting allergens is a bad idea.

          3. There is a type of shot regimen called titration that does exactly what you say. Unfortunately, with the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, that regimen was removed from the list of covered procedures. I was on the program but ultimately even reacted to the lowest possible dosage. In medicine, not all approaches work for all people. The only approach that has really worked for me is avoidance of an allergen.

          4. Everybody reacts to the harsh allergens injected., and I don’t know what the affordable care act has to do with the treatment not working for you or me. But what you found works for you is avoiding the allergy and ultimately still being allergic to it. Natural exposure builds tolerance,

          5. Believe what you will. I’ve been the subject of multiple examinations, testing programs and regimens by nearly a dozen allergists and other medical practitioners in three states and what you claim to be true is not true for me and approximately 5% of the allergic population. This is particularly true of people like me who are allergic to multiple allergens including a variety of foods, molds, etc. as well as pollens.

          6. Everybody is allergic to mold and pollen. How much you allow the allergy to control your life is up to you. Being that your 82 I thought you would of known that.

            If you go to the doctors office in different states, I sure to god hope that would not make a difference. But doctors these days don’t care much about your health, as much as they do your health insurance.

            I was a bubble boy, allergic to everything from Bermuda grass and cats to horses and melons. My mom hid me from everything my test results said I was allergic to, buying air purifiers and such. And then I developed asthma as well.

            All I can say is if I did not start exposing my self to cats and dogs or eating melons and bananas even though my throat would itch and scratch. I probably would still be hiding from it and not eating melons or bananas because I would still be allergic to it. Then again I also learned how to eat healthy and boost my immune system by drinking apple cider vinegar and H2O2.

          7. Congratulations on managing your allergic issues so they haven’t had much of a negative effect on your life. I, too, have had reasonable success doing that. Had two successful careers, a wonderful family and have had what I consider a good life. Even had a job that involved travel abroad, where I never had allergy problems. I do have limits that affected where I lived and I avoid a number of foods and spices and domestic travel to some places at certain times of the year. That’s usually easy to work around once you get the hang of it. Best wishes for continued success.

          8. Glad to hear you had reasonable success managing your allergies.. Sounds like happiness is the main priority in your life. Bless!!

  4. Our Turkish Van was absolutely amazing: Friendly, smart and affectionate. He’d drape himself around my neck when I was working on the computer and fall asleep purring like an outboard motor, which is why he was named Evenrude.

  5. I have a bengal that I got at my local shelter and his is amazing. Got up this morning to find him looking very guilty because he and my black cat had too much fun pulling the pillows and blanket off the “off limits” sofa in the living room.

  6. He looks like my Annie She loves attention but does not like to be held although I have her grandson and he is all over me what she lacks he picks up she is playful he is not so much I honestly don’t think there are smart or stupid cats they choose that is why I like them and most men don’t Let them be cats they will choose you or not I never met an animal of any kind in my care I couldn’t train ask my son about his dog “The Roy” nobody has to put up with bad behavior ignore them when they are bad love them when they are not like kids. I prefer mixed breeds but with cats you never know what they will do

  7. The best advice is think of their needs before your own you can win if you do not ignore their basic needs you will figure it I am just an old woman I never take on more than I can care for my limit is 2

  8. we have a Rush. blue and he has a personality that never seems to amaze us he is loving, loyal, but very cautious I’m also surprised they were not in the top 10

  9. This list is WAY off. My mother was the top Abyssinian breeder in the world (was featured on Animal Planet, Nat. Enquirer (had her “Winningest Cat in the World) I have also owned the breed standard for the Turkish Van Cat, I assure you Abbys and Vans should be on the list of Dumbest cat breeds. Abby’s personalities are like wild animals- and very difficult to train. The cat with the highest intelligence, capable of learning complex tasks and retaining those memories for life is the Manx breed. Manx are very willing to learn tricks and need be shown how once- and they retain the lesson permanently. An Abby will chase another cat into the street to be hit by a car, they are a vengeful and destructive breed. Turkish Vans are dangerous and will bite a human and cause dreadful injury with their huge teeth and claws.

  10. i lost my beloved chocolate point siamese a little less than a year ago. she was the cat of to being very intelligent she is so sweet and loyal.i have never had a better companion than her.i could not have had a better companion than her.she is very feisty and would not take a back seat to the other cat who happens to be a dominant female they each knew their role.they ended up being very close.i was very lucky to have her for 11 wonderful years.she was three years old when i she came into my life.

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