Massachusetts Cat Found Six Years After Being Reported Missing

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For most pet lovers, one of the worst things that could ever happen is to have your pet go missing without having any idea how to find them. Unfortunately, this is something that does indeed happen to pet owners every single day. Sometimes, there is a happy reunion to be enjoyed and sometimes, that is unfortunately not the case. Every once in a great while, a truly miraculous story seems to come from out of the blue, one in which a pet owner who has been looking for their beloved pet for years is suddenly reunited with them. Sometimes, the amount of time that has passed has made such a reunion seem so unlikely that pet owners can only imagine it in their wildest dreams. However, for one cat lover from Peabody, Massachusetts, such a dream recently came true.

Missing For Six Years

The reunion happened when Margaret Kudsma’s cat, named Mini Max, was reunited with her after being gone for six years. After so much time has passed, most pet owners are forced to reluctantly resign themselves to the fact that they probably will never be reunited with their pet. Fortunately, this particular individual had chosen to have her cat microchipped long before Mini Max ever went missing. That was the thing that eventually reunited them. When the cat turned up on someone else’s doorstep, they took him to their veterinarian in order to check him for a microchip. When the veterinarian scanned the chip, the Massachusetts address came up. Fortunately, Mini Max’s owner had not moved or changed her contact information, thereby facilitating a much-needed reunion that she had wished for countless numbers of times in the past. It wasn’t long before she had Mini Max back with her, something that she had feared she would never get to enjoy again.

How It All Happened

Mini Max’s owner said that she was cleaning her windows on her third floor apartment when the cat got curious about the activity going on down below and got too close to the screen. Unfortunately, he accidentally pushed through the screen and was unable to catch himself as gravity pulled him away from the ledge. She said that she could see claw marks on the screen where he had tried to catch himself, but to no avail. Despite the fact that she immediately went looking for him, she was unable to find the spooked cat. She had no idea if he had suffered injuries in the fall or where he had gone. She immediately sprang into action searching for him, both on foot and online. Despite that fact, she says that she was in a tremendous amount of grief over what had happened. She says that she even felt responsible because if she hadn’t been cleaning the windows at the time, Mini Max never would have been able to go through the window in the first place. The entire experience was agonizing for her, as she would inadvertently find herself replaying the entire event in her mind over and over again, wondering what had become of her beloved cat. While most owners would have given up hope after six years, she says that she never stopped dreaming about the day where she and Mini Max would eventually be reunited, no matter how unlikely that particular reality might have seemed at the time.

Making Sure All Is Well

The cat’s owner, Margaret Kudzma, says that there is evidence that Mini Max spent quite a significant amount of time in the wild after his disappearance. Despite that fact, he also spent time with at least one other family and by all accounts, is still the same loving, happy cat that he was on the day that he fell out the window. In order to ensure that he was okay physically, the veterinarian that scanned his microchip took some X-rays just to be certain. After that, he was returned back to his original owner for the much-needed reunion. Kudzma herself says that as far as she is concerned, his return is nothing short of a miracle, one that she is immensely grateful for.

Keeping An Eye On Mini Max

Another thing that Kudzma is determined to do is keep a close eye on Mini Max from now on. She says that the last thing she ever wants to experience is losing a pet and not being able to find them. As such, she says that she has no intention of letting the cat out of her sight anytime in the near future. In fact, it’s made her a much more careful pet owner because she now thinks about the possibility of things happening that she never would have dreamed of thinking about before Mini Max went missing. At the end of the day, she’s just glad that she and her beloved cat are reunited and that they have an opportunity to create new memories together. Kudzma has a few words for individuals who are going through something similar with missing pets. One of the reasons that she was so happy that her story has made its way around the country is because it serves as an inspiration to other individuals who have also lost pets, yet refuse to give up the search for them. She wants people to know that no matter how much time has gone by or how unlikely a reunion might seem, that it is possible for such things to happen. The fact that she and Mini Max have been reunited is proof of that. Her advice to others who have missing pets is to never stop searching for them. She recommends getting out and talking to people in the neighborhood who might have seen them, but also using the internet extensively in an attempt to find them. She also strongly advocates getting pets microchipped, as she is quick to point out that she never would have been reunited with Mini Maxx had that microchip not existed.

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