An Innovative Pet Food Provides Help for Cat Lovers

Technology can be a wonderful thing when it solves a problem that you’ve lived with for years. Pet lovers are discovering just how important it can be to choose the right kind of food for your cat. This is particularly true if you have a cat allergy. There is evidence to support the fact that certain pet foods can curb your allergic response to cats. Can changing your cat’s diet really improve allergies in humans? An incredible new study suggests that it’s possible.

Scientists discover a link between cat diets and human allergies

Fast Company shared some good news for cat lovers who are sensitive to the allergens that their pets bring into the home. A group of scientists who were analyzing the diet of pets made a discovery that has significant benefits for humans with allergies. Studies conducted by the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute revealed that there are multitudes of people who love cats, but who cannot have them in their homes because of sensitivity to cat allergens. Some cat owners suffer from physical symptoms because of their love for their pets. Satyaraj is an immunologist in charge of the molecular nutrition division for the Purina pet food company. His daughter has a sensitivity to cat allergens. Instead of investigating how her symptoms could be improved he looked for ways to neutralize the allergens that were put off by the pet. His research yielded promising results in reducing cat allergies in people.

The special formulation that reduces cat allergens

The special cat diet that helps to reduce the allergens that are produced through cat hair and dander is a new dry cat food. The formulation is called Pro Plan LiveClear. After 10 years of research adn development, the formula includes a protein that comes from chicken eggs. The protein binds to the cat hair and dander to effectively neutralize the allergens. It brings down the level of cat hair and dander allergens by 47 percent after just three weeks of daily consumption. While it doesn’t eradicate the allergens, it’s enough of a difference o make like much more tolerable. This is a remarkable innovation that can help cat lovers tolerate more time in close contact with their pets by reducing the allergen load that they carry.

Our pets can impact our health in several ways

It has long been known that having a housepet can take a toll on your health if you have allergies. The opposite can also be true. Dogs and cats, according to the National Center For Health Research, play a bigger role in our lives than we may know. They provide companionship for people who might otherwise feel isolated or lonely. Humans form bonds with their pets that can enhance the quality of life. Studies have shown that pet owners have healthier hearts in general. They miss work due to illness less and they usually see the doctor less. Most pet owners are less depressed and they get more exercise than non-pet owners. Animals can also lower blood pressure and ease the stress of difficult times.Therapy pets are used as part of the treatment for persons with certain kinds of mental illness as well as other chronic health issues. The research strongly suggests that having a pet can enhance the well-being of humans.

Where does allergy to cats come from?

According to Science News, human sensitivity to cat allergens comes from a protein that is produced by cats. The name of the protein is Fel d1 and it is transferred through the saliva of cats. Think about how your cat is meticulous about keeping his fur clean and sleek. Cats tend to lick their fur constantly throughout the day. This constant grooming lays down a layer of saliva with every stroke of the tongue. The saliva dries on the fur and it then becomes airborne as the microscopic particles dry and flake off, only to be carried into your living and breathing environment with every little movement of air. All you need to do is walk by a surface that has dried cat saliva on it and the breeze created by your movement will make the allergens airborne. The particles that cause the most uncomfortable symptoms are microscopic in size and too small to see with the naked eye. When you do see hair and particles floating through the air you can be certain that there is a lot more that you’re breathing in.

The solution to the problem of this protein is found in a special antibody added to the kibble found in dry cat food formulations. It neutralizes the allergens by nearly fifty percent. This cuts down the amount of allergens you inhale by nearly half. It stands to reason that cutting down the allergen load by half will reduce any allergy symptoms significantly. Who could have ever imagined that the food we feed our pets can make them less prone to causing allergic reactions in sensitive persons? So far, only Purina has offered this special formulation and it’s one of the best foods for cats who live with sensitive pet parents or other family members.

Final thoughts

The scientists in charge of the nutrition division at Purina are nothing short of brilliant. Their research into the causes of allergens in cats, and solutions to neutralize these annoyances has give hope to cat lovers around the world. There are many people who have opted not to have a cat in the house because of their allergic reactions to the hair and the dander. Now there is a food that helps to neutralize the allergens that cats naturally produce through their saliva. Although it doesn’t completely arrest all allergens, it at least cuts them down by almost half. If you’re a true cat lover who longs to have a furry feline companion in your home, it’s worth considering at least giving it a try.

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