The Company That’s Making Jewelry For Cats and Dogs

Pet lovers have gone to extremes to ensure that their beloved companions are given the very best lives possible. This includes dressing them up in stylish and specially designed clothing, and some even provide decorative accessories in the form of jewelry. There is a company that specializes in the creation of dog and cat accessories. The name of the company is PDPAOLA. They have a collection that they have titled the Dogs & Co. line.

The kinds of pet jewelry you can find at PDPAOLA

This company offers pet owners with discriminating tastes an array of pieces that are offered as limited edition productions to showcase the special connection that humans share with animals. You may choose from a variety of letter pet charms that come with a hook to attach to the collar of your dog or cat.

What makes the jewelry so special?

Each of the charms made for dogs and cats is hand-carved. This means that each is carved with precision by master craftsmen, and they are set with a variety of genuine semi-precious stones. You can choose from a variety of them including zircons, ladorites or aquamarine. The gems are set within a disk made of 18 karat gold. The going price for each charm is $75 in USD and they are currently available for pre-order.

Dogs & Co brings owners and pets closer

People who love their pets as members of the family can show pride in ownership with jewelry that can not only be worn by pets, but also by humans. The charms can be purchased to reflect both of your initials to show the bond between humans and the pets they love. There are also unique necklaces, earrings, and charms available for people who desire to tell their story in the form of fashion accessories. This is one of the most unique approaches to showing love and affection that we’ve seen so far.

Dog enthusiasts are backing PDPAOLA

Buying charms and other types of jewelry for dogs and cats is a new trend in the fashion world. We were interested in learning just how popular this new trend has become. Dog Insider tracks the latest happenings in pet lover behaviors and the latest inventions and creations made for pets. They offered a glowing endorsement of the new Dogs & Co. collection in a review geared towards their readers, who are generally dog lovers.

Pet jewelry is nothing new

While pet jewelry is not a new creation, the trend for purchasing special collar charms made of expensive materials is becoming more popular. Pet jewelry has been around for a number of years, but the availability and range of choices are increasing. Kay Jewelers also offers a collection of pet jewelry with special charms made to affix to pet collars. They also offer jewelry for dog lovers to wear in the form of rings, charms/pendants, necklaces, and earrings. Most of the charms offered for pets are fairly plain nor were there any letters offered. They seemed to be a bit on the generic side. Funnyfur is another company offering pet jewelry. This company offers some unique pieces made of Swarovski crystals and they also have a larger range of accessories to choose from. The prices are a bit higher than PDPAOLA for some items.

Zales also offers a pet collection

In our quest to find pet jewelry we also saw that the Zales Jewelers have their own unique collection of pet jewelry. Although all of their inventory (which is huge) is intended for human wear, they do offer a cute charm with a picture of your pet. Some of their offerings are made with precious and expensive materials and the prices range from moderate to moderately high. But they do offer silver, gold, and precious gemstones in their collection for pet lovers.

The difference is in the materials and quality

We compared the materials, pricing and overall quality of the pet jewelry offered by PDPAOLA and other vendors We discovered that the pet jewelry offered by Kay Jewelers was largely made of stainless steel, offered at roughly half the price but there were no precious or semi-precious materials used and the items were not hand-carved, nor did they feature any gemstones. The accessories were of very good quality with comparable prices for the value of the items offered, but the one plus that they offer is a much larger inventory and a greater variety of options to choose from.

You can start your own pet jewelry business

In light of the fact that pet jewelry is becoming the in-thing with pet owners, there is a substantial market for these dog and cat accessories. Anyone who is interested in getting in on the excitement can easily start their own pet jewelry business. Cashvista has some interesting tips on how to get started in your own lucrative business.


Jewelry isn’t just for humans anymore. More and more pet owners are sprucing up their dogs and cats with the latest fashions and dazzling accessories to go with them. You can even find matching pieces or charms that feature both yours and the letter initials of your beloved pets together. This is one of the latest trends for pet-owners and it looks like it’s one that isn’t going away any time soon. People are getting creative with their glamorization of the animals in their lives, and more manufacturers are jumping on board with creative fashion designs that highlight the unique bond between humans and animals. It’s not limited to dogs and cats either. You can also find jewelry for your snake or pet rodent as many of the items can be used for a variety of different animals. If this sounds like a good idea, there are plenty of places to start your search, and we’ve only highlighted a few of them, but PDPAOLA seems to be leading the pack currently.

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