The Reality is That Your Cat Might Actually Hate You

Cat lovers who pay close attention to the behaviors and moods of their beloved pets may have concerns about acting out and other actions that indicate there is an attitude problem. While we all want to believe that our pet-children love us as much as we love them, this isn’t always the case. While some cats show high levels of affection for their owners, some kitties are obstinate and they sometimes even act like they don’t like us, or worse yet, harbor a level of hatred in their hearts. Have you ever wondered if your cat hates you? It’s possible that however heartbreaking it may be, that this is the case, and here are some things to look for that might confirm your fears.

Long and intent periods of staring

Cats may stare at their owners to get their attention when the food or water dishes are empty, or if they need to go outside, but some cats will stare at their owners for a long time and there is no obvious reason for the long and intense gaze. If you understand cat language, staring is a sign of aggression in felines. It could signal that your cat is either offended or has aggressive feelings towards you. Of course, a well-trained cat is not likely to act on their feelings, but if your cat is displaying this sign, it’s not a good idea to punish him or her, nor should you touch a cat throwing out this signal. It’s best to try to determine why your cat is feeling aggressive towards you.

Toileting outside of the litter box

There are several reasons why a cat might poop or pee outside of their litter box. Some will do this if the box is too full and has not been regularly cleaned. Cats who are not yet box trained may have accidents, or if there is a health problem, your cat might not be able to hold it. If your cat is willfully defying the litter box rule after being completely trained and is healthy, it could be a sign that your cat is simply marking his territory, and he’s doing so in an aggressive manner aimed directly at you. If there are other pets in the home, he could be sending them a message but if he’s the sole critter, the odds are that he’s feeling mean towards you and letting you know by making a nasty mess that tells you he’s in charge and not you.

The infamous back roll

There are times when cats roll around on their backs to find a comfortable position, but if your cat has a ticked off attitude, it’s not an invitation for you to pet him. Experts agree that when cats roll on their backs and show claws or teeth, especially if other signs of agitation or aggression are present, it’s a sign that they are ready and willing to attack. Although not always the case, it could be a sign that your cat hates you, at least for the moment.

Past wrongs

If you’ve grievously offended your cat in the past, all is not necessarily forgiven. Some cats remember things forever, and they hold grudges. While we can’t judge all felines in this way, there certainly are some who don’t forget and they carry a big grudge against their owners with an attitude that matches. Does your cat hold serious grudges? If so, they may end up hating you for whatever it was you did in the past, and some of them just won’t let go and move on.

Hissing, swiping and spitting

This is one of the most telling signs that your cat is either angry with you or he hates you. If you double-check to make sure that your kitty is not scared of something else then it’s likely that the behavior is directed towards you. When this behavior is accompanied by other aggressive behaviors it could be a sign that your cat really does hate you, especially if the behavior is repeated frequently. Anger from your cat could be triggered by something as small as giving them prescribed medication, a bath, flea treatment or putting your fat cat on a diet and limiting food portions.

Leaving the room when you come in

If your cat abruptly leaves the room often when you walk into the room, then it’s a good sign that you are not his favorite person. Avoidance of a person can mean that a cat does not like their company, or it could also mean that the cat is afraid of them or simply temporarily angry with them.

Final thoughts

There are times when your cat simply gets irritated with you and acts out accordingly. It doesn’t always mean that your cat hates you or doesn’t love you dearly. Cats are extremely emotional and persnickety animals, at least, some of them are. They’re prone to emotional highs and lows, but they can be among the most loving creatures on the face of the earth in the same regard. But then there are cats who won’t like you from the moment that you meet. Personality conflicts are rare, but they do happen. If your cat consistently displays the behaviors we’ve discussed and there are no other explanations for them, then there’s a good chance that he really does hate you. This is just one of the harsh realities of life. In the human domain, not everyone will like you and the same is true in the animal kingdom. If you’re one of the people who must face this awful fact, don’t despair, because there are still things that you can do to try to win your cat over, but it takes time and patience. Treat your cat well and try to respect his need for privacy. Show affection when he will allow it, but don’t force it. In some cases, relationships can be repaired, but on rare occasions, it might be best to place the cat with someone they appreciate a little more.

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