There’s an Issue with Justin Bieber’s Exotic Pet Kittens

Bieber Cats

Justin Bieber has been hitting the headlines since a very young age. This is partly due to his phenomenal success in the music industry, and partly down to his erratic and attention-seeking behavior. Therefore, the reasons for which he has appeared in the newspapers have varied significantly from a chart-topping hit to an arrest for the possession of drugs, walking off the stage mid-performance, and allegedly attacking a fan. The most recent reason he has hit the headlines is for marrying Hailey Baldwin for the second time. According to CBC, the couple’s second wedding was a star-studded ceremony that took place in September 2019. The Canadian singer had first married model Hailey in a secret ceremony in September 2018, so their second marks their first anniversary together as a married couple.

It was not just the ceremony itself that has attracted a lot of media attention, Bieber’s choice of wedding gift for his second-time bride is also attracting a lot of attention. His gift to Hailey was a pair of exotic kittens. The kittens are a breed of cat called Savannah cats, and they are one of the most expensive breeds you can buy. A Savannah cat is a designer breed of cat that is a cross between a Domestic Shorthair and a Serval. The latter is a wild African cat with a beautiful spotted pattern. Bieber and Baldwin have called their pair of kittens Sushi and Tuna, and they are gorgeous. They have tufty ears and the stunning spotted coat that is typical of this exotic breed. The pair have already garnered plenty of attention as Bieber and Baldwin have set them up with their own Instagram account. Already, the cute kittens have amassed more than 95 thousand followers.

While the kittens are adorable and they make a really cute wedding gift, the fact that Bieber has bought these cats has caused some controversy. There are those that argue that while these cats are beautiful, they are also wild animals that take a lot of specialist care. Many are of the opinion that celebrities should not use these animals as some form of an accessory as taking care of these animals is a serious business. The writer of Lainey Gossip describes her own experiences of owning a Savannah cat and how they are still wild animals. She does not believe that saying that the breed will become more stable in future generations can justify people buying these cats as an accessory and flaunting them on social media.

Even domestic cats still have some of the natural, wild cat traits in them, despite being domesticated for thousands of years. When a domesticated cat is combined with a wild cat, these wild traits come to the fore. Even experienced cat owners can suffer at the hands of the behavior of one of these animals. As one of the most expensive breeds, there is a huge financial commitment from the start. It is reported that Bieber paid $35,000 for his pair of kittens. However, this outlay is not the only cost as this breed requires a huge amount of commitment. Sadly, the combination of the cost of keeping these cats and their wild behavior results in many Savannah cats being euthanized.

Those who persevere with the breed find that their cat needs a significant amount of attention. Many domestic cats are happy with the occasional stroke and to sit on your lap once in a while. If you want to tame a Savannah cat, you must devote a large amount of time to personal interaction. Without this interaction, their behavior is very difficult to handle. Sadly, this behavior is why many owners of these cats give up. If they do not have their cat euthanized, they give them to someone else or have them adopted. There are also cases where someone ends up with one of these cats without knowing what they are taking one. They are abandoned at shelters and then shelters then pass them on to unsuspecting cat lovers who have fallen in love with the beauty of the cat.

Whether Bieber and Baldwin can handle the breed is something that they will have to prove. However, Bieber does not have the best track record with pet ownership, and he has made it into the papers on several other occasions due to his behavior towards his pets. His history of pets is chronicled by Complex. There was the monkey that he abandoned in Germany, a hamster that he was given by a fan during his concert, and a snake that he was seen wearing as a bracelet. He has also owned a cat in the past and this mysteriously disappeared off social media, so nobody really knows what happened to that little kitty.

It seems like a lack of care towards animals may run in his family. It was once reported that his dad had allegedly thrown a dog off a balcony, so he hasn’t had the greatest example set for him regarding responsible pet care. With this track record in mind, it seems unlikely that Bieber is responsible enough to care for a pair of exotic kittens properly. There is also the concern about how his decision to buy two Savannah cats could influence others. Bieber, Baldwin, and many other celebrities have a huge amount of influence on social media. People aspire to live like them and follow their fashion trends, lifestyle decisions, and behavior.

When people see Bieber’s posts showing a pair of adorable kittens, they are not seeing the true picture of what is involved with this breed. It is possible that the posts could inspire a whole generation of people to keep Savannah cats, and this will lead to a huge problem for the breed in the future as there will be a huge surge in the abandonment and euthanasia of these cats when people are faced with the reality.

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