Cats Still Waiting for Forever Home After Six Years in Denver Shelter

The business of adopting animals can be tricky. There is the problem of temporary housing and of finding the right forever home for the animal that needs to be adopted. The sad truth is that many animals wait years to find the right place to live. Waiting for a forever home can be a saddening experience, so it is not surprising that great animals get passed up for the wrong reasons. This happened recently in a shelter in Denver where two cats have been waiting for adoption for 6 years! This tale is heartbreaking but still has hope of a happy ending. The two cats, Banksy and Squeakers, are beloved by the animal shelter. They are good cats that have had some bad luck, but it is never too late to turn it around!

The story of how Banksy and Squeakers came to be in the shelter is both interesting and sad. Banksy was dropped off on the side of a highway when they were just a little kitten. The tiny cat was very lucky to have made it to the loving hearts at the Maxfund Adoption Shelter, where they would be put in a room with future best friend Squeakers. Though no one could have foreseen how long the two would be sharing that room. Many assumed that the cats would be adopted in a couple of weeks or a few months at most. Though as the weeks and months passed by it became clear that people seemed to be unwilling to give the cats a chance. They are both adorable and well-behaved, but there is a certain stigma that is associated with being in a shelter for such a long time.

There were also additional factors that made the adoption of the cats more difficult. They had both suffered spine injuries at various points in their lives that requires extra care and patience. Though they are still able to use the litter box, their adherence to it is less than 100%. This means that they will sometimes find themselves going to the bathroom at inappropriate times and places. This sad and unfortunate occurrence means that people have been less likely to give them a chance. As a result, the cats have spent 6 years waiting for adoption. They have been looking for a forever home that will love them for who they are, despite some of the difficulties that they may have.

The most important part of Banksy and Squeakers’ story is that they are loving cats who have really grown on the workers in the animal shelter. It is not uncommon for them to be curled up on a lap or spending time with their old friends. The Maxfund Adoption Shelter is a no-kill shelter, meaning that the animals can stay as long as they need to in order to find the right home. Banksy and Squeakers have really grown on the workers at the shelter and become regular housecats. While the workers do give love to the animals, the shelter is still not big enough for the cats to live out their full potential. This is why they continue to seek a forever home for the cats despite enjoying their company in the shelter. The best case scenario is to find them a loving owner who will care for them regardless of their flaws.

Despite what they have been through, the cats are both loving and cherished in the shelter. It is clear that they will make some owner very happy. It is important that people not overlook pets like these because of their own misconceptions. There are also alternative workarounds for the problems that Banksy and Squeakers face. Some have even suggested that cat diapers may be appropriate for them in certain settings. This is a decision that the owner would have to make, but there is no reason to think that the cats can’t have a well-adjusted and normal house life. It is important that people not overlook such loving and adorable felines for something that is out of their control. It would be very nice to get them a forever home where they would be able to fulfill their wildest ambitions. That is something that could truly give this story a happy ending.

Another reason why people have perhaps been unwilling to adopt the cats is their beautiful black fur coats. This comes from old traditions and superstitions that stated that black cats were bad luck. While this tale has been thoroughly debunked, it is not uncommon for people to continue to hold this same sentiment. This could be another reason why the cats have been so slow to get adopted. However, this old misconception could not be farther from the truth however, as Banksy and Squeakers have brought nothing but love and joy to the people around them. They both display a good temperament that would be perfect for a family. Anyone who meets them would have nothing but good things to say about them. The perfect ending to this story would be finding them a home where they can receive the love that they deserve.

There is something that we can all learn from Banksy and Squeakers: patience pays off. They have been sitting patiently in the adoption room waiting for a forever home and now their own story has gone viral. It is probable that they will get adopted soon, but they are willing to wait for the right opportunity. When it comes to these ferocious felines, they have realized that the long game is the only game in town. They are willing to wait it out to find the right spot to spend the rest of their lives. This is a key lesson that everyone can take away from the cats. Wait for the right spot and don’t settle for less. The adorable cats will continue to inspire people for many years to come.

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