These Were The Most Popular Cat Names in 2019

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Have you ever brought a new kitty into your family but had trouble finding the perfect name for your new furry friend? If so, you’re not alone. Cats are unique creatures and sometimes you have to get to know your new kitty before the right name comes. If you’d like to have a few suggestions, we found some of the more popular cat names for 2019, as listed by The site compiles a list of the most popular male and female cat names from their list of subscribers for the year. This may help you to find a suitable name for your fabulous feline.

Male cats

We start our list of the 20 most popular male cat names starting with number 20 and moving to number one. The 20th most popular name for male cats is Finn, this is followed by Gus at number 19, Winston, Toby, Dexter, and Henry as the fifteenth. Simon was the fourteenth most popular name followed by Jasper at number twelve and Ollie at number eleven. Some pet parents named their boy cats George, which is the tenth most popular, followed by Oscar, Loki, and Simba at number 7. The sixth most popular male cat name was Milo, the fifth, Jack, the fourth Max, the third Leo, the second Charlie and the number one male cat name was Oliver.

What are some tips for choosing the perfect male cat name?

The first priority is getting to know your cat and his unique personality. While some names are not really descriptive, others give clues to the things we either see in a cat’s physical appearance or his behaviors. For example, a cat that reminds you of a lion might remind you of a Simba, or a Leo. A more regal cat might remind you more of a George or Henry, pointing back to ancient royalty from the past. Loki is a trickster is old Norse mythology and most of us have had experience at one time or another with a mischievous kitty that certainly could be described as behaving like Loki. When choosing your cat’s name, it’s most likely going to just come to you naturally. What makes it harder is if you stress or obsess over it. There are some people who just call their male cats kitty.

Female cats

Rover’s list of the 20 most popular female cat names might help you find the perfect name for your furry little princess. There are some really great ones out there and we begin our list with number 20, according to and work our way to the most popular by their subscribers. The 20th most popular name for female cats for 2019 was pepper. It’s assumed that this name might be great for a kitty that is either black and white speckled or has a spicy personality. Number 19 was Willow which is a feminine pretty name. The eighteenth most popular was Molly, surpassed by Mia, Gracie, and in the fifteenth position was Penny. The fourteenth was Daisy, then Cleo, Lola, and Stella at number 11 and Nala, from lovers of “The Lion King” at number ten. In 9th place was Sophie, upstaged by Zoey/Zoe, Callie, Chloe, and we were surprised by the fifth most popular name for female cats. It was simply Kitty. The fourth most popular girl kitty name was Lucy, the third Bella, the second Lily, and the first Luna.

Tips for choosing your female cat’s name

Much like you would select a name for your male cat, it’s important to find the most suitable name for your girl kitty. Appearance and personality are important factors in choosing a name for your kitty. Another thing that you might want to consider is the behavior of your cat. We’ve shown you the most popular for the year that we’re just wrapping up, but maybe you have some ideas of your own.

Changes in social trends for naming cats

We looked up the history of cat names and yes, there have been studies conducted on the topic. We learned that in the 1950s and the ’60s, traditional cat names were chosen which included, Blackie, Spotty and so forth. Most cats were not given human names during that era. This trend began to shift in the 1980s and ’90s as there were more people choosing not to have children of their own. Cat names began to change and many pet owners of both dogs and cats started giving their pets names that people traditionally give to their children. Pets in many cases are a substitute for children in families where there are no kids. This has humanized cats in the opinions and hearts of their owners who usually love them as they would a child. Many of the names which are currently popular for cats in 2019, were also on the list of the most chosen for the 1990s and early 2000s so we’re not really seeing any big changes in the last 30 years.


Not everyone is a cat lover but for those who are, the name is important. It is how you identify with the uniqueness of your pet and cats easily recognize their names. They are highly intelligent animals and when you call them by name, they recognize the significance. It’s also connected with our emotions and how we feel towards our pets. While some people keep it more on the generic side, some give their pet a name that stands for something significant such as Loki the trickster, or Luna, representing a nocturnal nature. We hope that our listing of the top twenty names for male and for female cats has given you some ideas on the best name to choose for your cat. Just as humans identify with their names, cats know when they’re being called and the name becomes a part of the uniqueness of your kitty.

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