This Is Dobby Cat: An Adorable House Elf

With the continued popularity of J.K. Rowling’s magical saga Harry Potter, fans from all around the world look for their beloved characters and favorite recreated events in everyday life all the time. One of the latest crazes in this fandom sweeping the world right now is Dobby Cat. This regular housecat looks so strikingly like the character portrayal from the movie, that social media has allowed photographs of Teddy (Dobby Cat) to go viral. With so many people invested in the story and the life of this adorable feline, it seemed only fitting to get readers better acquainted with the doppelganger house pet.

If you are not an obsessed fan, you might not even know who Dobby actually was for the series. He certainly did not have a role like the three primary characters of the series, nor did he appear in all of its installments. Dobby was a house elf that belonged originally to the Malfoy family (who to save you a lot of reading and watching, is one of the antagonists of the entire saga). When a plot is overheard by the elf to hurt Harry Potter, he becomes fixated on drastic measures to keep Harry from returning to Hogwarts. Harry frees him from his bondage to the Malfoys a short time later and he remains a positive force in Harry’s life as the series pushing onwards towards its dramatic conclusion. Needless to say, this secondary character is one that fans remember.

But don’t feel bad if you had a hard time placing Dobby the House Elf in your memory, as Teddy’s owner Christine Gonzalez did not know who he was or what the fuss was all about either. From just posting a picture onto the social media site Reddit, someone was able to share the post and over a million hits followed over a short period. She knew that Teddy had a peculiar look that made him stand out from other cats she has seen in her life, and Christine would even tell you that as a kitten she thought he looked a lot like an alien creature.

She couldn’t understand initially who this Dobby character was and why people seemed to be so enthralled with her cats appearance, but a short time googling for information gave her all of the details she needed to know. From his oversized ears to his long and narrow face, Teddy more than just mildly resembles the CGI creation seen in the film series. Ironically, his appearance is even uncommon to the breed of cat that he is. Oriental Shorthair cats might not be wildly popular choices for domestic pets, and this has a lot to do with their initial appearance.

Gonzalez herself has three cats now including Teddy, all three from this same unique breed. Oriental Shorthairs are typically bred as show-cats, which odd features (or oversized ones) leave them without a picky owner to belong to. Fortunately, these are the same features that draws in a pet lover like Christine Gonzalez. Her cat Stache had even had his own run with some internet fame through posts made on Facebook, as people loved his mustache. But this same feature kept him from any hope of being selected for the elite world of show-cats.

Though he is still growing, it is easy to see that Teddy will never fully grow into the ears that he has, making him look farther and farther from an average Oriental Shorthair. Gonzalez says that she fields multiple messages regularly about how would-be owners could get their own version of a Dobby Cat that they so adore, but the unfortunate truth is that you can’t. He is kind of an anomaly of the breed.

While she never intended to market either one of the two cats that have gone viral on the internet, she is happy to know that her pets can help to brighten someone’s day. She considers both of the situations to be happy accidents, especially considering that she had no prior knowledge of the famous character from the wizarding saga. If you are a fan of the series, or just love to see stranger looking animals, make sure that you take a few moments with Teddy, or Dobby Cat, whichever you prefer.

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