Persian Cat Personality: What To Really Expect

Persian Cat Personality

When it comes to Persian Cat Personality you will hear a mixture of different stories. There are many myths out there about the Persian breed and how they behave.  Wild tales of neurotic Persians attack everyone in their path have been greatly exaggerated.  But the truth is these cats are actually very passive.  Many Persian owners will tell you that their beloved cats are quite peaceful in nature.

But let’s face it cats will be cats and there are certain things that all cats can do that is annoying. Whether they are climbing the curtains or digging in your house plants, these typical cat behaviors can really drive you up the wall. Today we are going to take a look at some tips that will help curb bad behavior in your Persian cat.

Tips that will help your Persian Cat to behave

Persians love attention

Persian Cat’s Personality traits definitely includes lots of affection.  These loving cats need lots of love and attention and if they don’t get what they want they can act up.  So to curb this naughty behavior, make sure to first give them lots of love and second give them something that will keep them occupied.  A few toys placed around the home will give your cat something to play with while you are busy.   Another suggestion is to get a second cat.  This will allow your Persian to have someone to play with and not bother you as often.

Sometimes Persian get carried away

As kittens, Persian love to play rough.  They will often bite your hands and feet when worked up into frenzy.  But try to avoid playing too rough with your kitten because it may later encourage biting in adult animals.  This can be a very big problem if you let it go unchecked.  So make sure to keep your kitten calm whenever he or she starts getting worked up. Remember what they learn as babies will often affect their behavior later in life.

Persians have a tendency to mark their territory

This is probably the most annoying and destructive of all Persian Cat Personality traits.  No one will be laughing when your cat has torn up your house guests favorite expensive hand bag.  To curb this problem or at least reduce the damage, you should always keep your Persian’s claws cut short.  A monthly trip to the groomers will help keep your furniture safe and keep your pet from getting scolded.

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