The Top Five Cat Scratching Posts on the Market Today

Something that is inbred in every cat, is the need to scratch. Cat owners have all dealt with their cat’s innate determination to scratch on anything and everything in the house, especially your good furniture. Before it was determined to be cruel to cats to de-claw them, scratching posts weren’t as popular to cat owners. Today, more and more vets are no longer performing the procedure, but are teaching cat owners how to deal with their kitty’s scratching behavior, and ways they can train them not to scratch up their furniture.

One of the most popular, and effective ways to help relieve your cat’s innate need to scratch, is with scratching posts. Providing your cat with scratching posts in your home directs your cat to places that are all his to go crazy on, and get all the scratching time in they want and need, on furniture that is all theirs. Finding the best scratching posts for your home and cat is important. You want to get one that works with your home space, and one that your cat will like, and actually use. If you are looking for a new cat scratching post and wondering which ones are the best, here is a list of the top five cat scratching posts on the market today.

5. Art of Paws Ultimate Cat Scratching Post and Bed – $58.97

This is a tall scratching post and platform that stands 90 cm/35.5 inches tall and is topped with a lounging platform. Cats inherently love to climb and be up high; they feel safe and comfortable having an up-high view of their environment, which is why a lot of scratching posts are designed with high-up platforms for them to lounge on. The Art of Paws designed the scratching post out of sisal fabric as opposed to sisal rope. It lasts  longer than other materials and is more enjoyable for cats to scratch and sharpen their claws on. This post is sleek in design and looks elegant so that it not only is functional for your cat, but looks good in your home and goes with your décor. The height of the pole is good for your cats in more ways than one. Along with keeping his nails well-manicure, he can stretch up the pole and loosen tense muscles in his back and shoulders. For just $58.97, you can give your cat a gift of good health.

4. TRIXIE Pet Product – Senior Baza Cat Tree – $48.94

The Trixie Senior Baza Cat Tree is just the right height for older cats who aren’t able to jump and climb as high as they used to when they were younger. Cats like to jump around, climb, and lounge up on higher elevated objects. This scratching post/cat tree gives your elderly cat the right amount of everything to allow them to climb, jump from one platform to the next level, and scratch their claws, all without putting them at risk of hurting themselves by climbing too high on taller posts or trees. The tree is wrapped in jute and plush, has 2 padded platforms, and a safe and secure hammock for naptime and lounging. It only costs $48.94 when you order, and you can give your elderly kitty a place that’s all his own. He will love scratching away on his own climbing tree, and your furniture will appreciate the break from your cat’s claws.

3. TRIXIE Pet Product Baza Cat Trees$66.99

Another TRIXIE cat tree is this beautiful design that has extras on it that are designed for younger, more spry kitties. This tree is wrapped in long-haired plush and has an extra-thick base to support the structure for added safety. Your cat can scratch his post from any level, the base, the first platform, the attached, and the secured hammock. At the base, your feline also has his own little house to retreat to, to play hiding games, relax, or take a cat nap. There is so much to do on this cat tree that your cat will stay busy for long periods of time, and he will love going to it every time he wants, or has the need to scratch. For $66.99, your cat has multiple reasons to want this tree.

2. Kitty Mansions – Beverly Hills Cat Tree – $126.57

Is your cat the king of your castle? Most cats are, so why not give them a mansion to live in. Yes, this is a mega scratching post mansion and your cat will be more than happy to retreat to it every time he wants to scratch and play. Scratching posts are located all over the set-up, from layer-to-layer. There are multiple bedrooms, and they each have two entrances to enter. The master bed has a window for gazing out of and with all the room and layers, there is plenty of room for more than one cat. This cat scratching post is a bit more than others, a cool $127.57 to be exact, but there is so much more for your cat to do.

1.  X-Purr Cat Scratching Post and Fitness Dance Pole$79.00

Simple and to the point, this cat scratching post resembles that of a fitness dance pole. The basic pole is geared towards giving your cat a fun place to get his scratching needs met. It’s a free-standing pole that can be set anywhere in your home and will look nice and neat, sporty and cool. Your cat will want to leave the furniture alone once he learns to “work the pole,” scratching at the sisal rope around the post, and batting at the catnip-filled disco ball that hangs from the top. Your feline will spend hours, scratching, stretching and playing around the X-Purr cat scratching post, and all this fun and fitness for your cat will only cost you $79.00. So give your cat multiple activities to do, all while satisfying his instinct to scratch.

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