10 Cat Breeds You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


Cats are all the rage right now what with their sudden internet popularity, but that does not mean that we know all there is to know about cats and their lives. In fact, we don’t know nearly as much about cats as we do dogs, and that’s just the simple and very honest truth about life. Cats aren’t thought of by many people in the same way as dogs; we don’t think about things like breed, which is something that is of the utmost importance when it comes to choosing a dog in many households. For cats, however, many people just pick a cute kitten and are happy with what they get. And while there are always people that prefer a specific breed over another, there are many breeds the vast majority of cat lovers have never even heard of. Fortunately for those people, we have them right here. How many of these breeds are you familiar with?



This is a cat that came right out of the 1980s with its perm and curly coat. It’s a friendly breed that loves its family and loves heights even more, so you can expect to find this cat at the highest point in your home on any given day. It’s got a naturally curly coat that looks as if it might not be real, but it is and it’s surprisingly easy to groom and keep looking good, which is always a bonus to those who want to keep this breed at home.



It’s the spotted cat that looks much more like something you’d see in the middle of a wild jungle than in the middle of a suburban household, but that’s exactly where you will find it. Sweet and playful, this adorable breed is one that just does what it has to do to keep itself entertained, feeling the love and enjoying life. It makes a great pet with a calm and playful nature, and people just adore this beautiful little breed.



This is a breed that you might have heard of more so than any other breed on this list, and it’s because it’s a very revered cat where it comes from. Sweet and playful, this small cat has very little features but a very big personality. That’s what makes it such a friendly and wonderful breed with which to engage. We love this little cat, and chances are good you will, too.

turkish van

Turkish Van

You’ll recognize this gorgeous breed because it’s usually all white with a colorful head and tail. With a thick coat that feels plush like cashmere, it’s just one of the most adorable little breeds you’ll come across. Additionally, it’s a sweet breed that has a tendency to love water and want to spend time swimming and enjoying itself in the tub or pool.



This is a cat that might look a lot like a panther, but there is a very small chance all around that a cat like this is going to do anything to harm you. In fact, this particular breed is one that would much rather spend time on your lap doing things like loving you and spending time with you than doing anything else, and it’s just a beautiful animal with its glossy dark fur and its lovely eyes.



If you’re not sure what this is, don’t be alarmed. Most people have never heard of the Toyger, but there is some thought that the poplularity of this breed is going to be on the rise faster than you can imagine. It’s the cross between a Bengal and a short-hair cat, and it’s something that is just the absolute replica of a tiny tiger. It’s gorgeous, and it’s becoming increasingly popular across the board for its striking resemblance to an actual tiger. It might just be the next best thing to having a tiger of your own; it looks just like a tiger, but it won’t eat you.

havana brown

Havana Brown

The color brown is a very distinct and purposeful name for this beautiful cat, chosen because of the breed’s lovely dark chocolate coat. But that’s not what really stands out about this breed; it’s the cat’s beautiful emerald eyes housed in that gorgeous dark fur that makes this breed particularly striking. It’s a breed that wants to have a great conversation with you, talking to you as if it is part of the club. However, there are fewer than 1,000 of these in existence and that does not bode well for the breed.



There is some thought that this particular breed might be the genetic mutation of a Siamese that provided it with longer hair, and most people assume this is right. This breed is lovely and absolutely undeniably beautiful, and it looks like a Siamese. With a graceful disposition and a lovely silky coat, it’s just one of those cats that catches your eye and never leaves your thoughts for a moment. Lovely and friendly, the Balinese makes a lovely pet all the way around.



This is a complicated breed that comes from many different forms of cross-breeding, and it’s lovely. The International Cat Association did not recognize this cat until 2012, which makes it a relatively new breed even for those who love cats and know all about them. Because it’s such a new cat, however, many people are unaware of its existence, which makes it a cat that you probably just did not know much about.



This is a sister breed to the lovely Abyssinian. The Somali is just the long-hair version of that particular breed, which could explain why so few people have ever heard of this breed. Because it’s so similar to another, most people tend to ignore other little details, such as the fact that this particular breed is so beautiful and lovely. In fact, some people might come in contact with someone who has a cat like this on a regular basis and just never know it because people don’t ask.

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