Violinist Finds a Way to Hold Her Kitten and Practice at the Same Time

Most mothers complain that their toddlers will not let them have time to themselves; even while in the bathroom, the little angels still follow them. The behavior has been observed in animals who can also decide to be your shadow. Therefore, one violinist has found a way to hold her kitten and practice at the same time. Ether Abrami, a French violinist, practices every day for four hours and being a foster mother to kittens, she discovered that their need for cuddling was interfering with her practice sessions. Read on to see how she serves two masters.

Remila Would Not Let Esther Practice

When Slipped Disc published a complaint by Esther Abrami, who said that her rescue cat would not let her practice, we did not think much of it. However, Esther was serious about her music, but then her love for Remila would not allow her to dismiss the feline’s needs. She explained that Remila was abandoned but fortunately rescued by Feli-Ceti, a cat shelter association. She has been a host family for the shelter, and when they needed a foster parent for Remila, Esther was more than glad to help.

Remila had been in the cold for a few days, which made her breathing difficult; she was also scared and frail, weighing only 400 grams. Esther offered her lots of love through constant cuddling and nursed her back to health through bottle feeding. With that show of love and care, Remila found her human and decided never to let Esther out of her sight. Therefore, wherever Esther went, Remila followed, and she preferred being carried, showing her dislike for being left on the floor with constant crying.

The need for attention proved to be a problem for the violinist who has to keep practicing. As much as she loves Remila and does not mind sitting while playing to allow Remila cuddle in her lap, Esther still has to stand sometimes. They say necessity is the mother of invention and Esther thought of having a bag around her waist to put Remila in so that even when she practiced standing, Remila would still feel she was with her human. The idea worked like a charm, and as soon as Remila entered the pouch, she was right at home.

Now Esther had no more reason to complain and shared a video of how well Remila feels in her new home whenever her human is playing the musical instrument. In the video, which had garnered 3 million views by September 26, 2020, Remila seems curious about the bow and follows it with her eyes as it goes up and down. By the end of Esther’s practice session, Remila is sound asleep, almost falling out of her bag, most likely having been lulled to sleep by the music.

Remila is Not Esther’s First Audience

LoveMeow tells us of another cat, Petit Rose, which could not get enough of Esther’s music. Petit was also a rescue by La Feline Meyreuillaise, and Esther offered to foster the kitten. She describes him as a curious cuddle bug that, like Remila, followed Esther wherever she went. When Esther wanted to practice for the first time with the kitten in the house, she placed him in another room so he could familiarize himself with his new surroundings.

However, as soon as she started playing, Petit went back to Esther, curious about the strange sound-making instrument. He jumped to sit on Esther’s lap, and the sweet music made the feline close his eyes peacefully and fell asleep. After a while, Petit preferred resting on her shoulder, maybe, pretending to be a violin and waiting to be stroked. The devotion the cat showed Esther’s performances made her remark that he was her biggest fan and of all the kittens she had fostered, Petit also was the most musically inclined- this was before she met Remila.

Indeed Petit loved Esther’s music so much that even when the time came to be adopted, the new parents carried Esther’s recordings so that Petit would continue enjoying the music in his new home. Now a fully-grown cat, Petit’s love for violin music has not faltered with age, and the family keeps Esther posted of his progress.

Another Musician Who Plays Music for Abandoned Cats

A Turkish musician, Sarper Duman, gained popularity when his videos of him playing the piano for rescued cats went viral. Classic FM reported that he rescued street cats and once in his home, Duman played some music for them. He revealed it was his mission to save cats because they had helped him at his lowest moment.

Ten years ago, the musician had gone to the park to commit suicide, but a cat went up to him. He realized that as much as he was depressed and wanted out of his miserable life, a cat was looking for help and Duman was the only who could assist. Since then, the pianist found his purpose in helping abandoned cats which he entertains with his piano-playing skills.

Which Music Genre Do Cats Like?

PBS published in 2015 that cats do not like human music which of course Esther Abrami will disagree with since she has enough proof. Researchers have concluded that cats love music, but it has to be in line with their communication patterns such as purrs and chirps. Sources claim that purring and suckling sounds have a calming effect on felines whereas chirps make them more energized. Since cats can hear frequencies as low as 20 hertz, scientists prefer having your cat listen to soothing cat-specific music.

Hill’s further explained that the time of playing music for your kitty does not matter; they enjoy it whenever. However, the kind you play at home will have different effects. For instance, classical music results in positive responses, unlike pop and heavy music. All the same, cats have varied tastes in music; thus, once you notice that yours has a special liking to a certain type, create a playlist for it.

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