Weatherman’s Cat Interrupts His Report and Becomes a Star

Jeff Lyons a meteorologist in the weather department at News 14 has a cat giving him a run for his money. The 10 year old household companion now has a new role as co-host in his forecast segment, one that she is clearly proud of. It all started with quarantine’s stay at home policy brought about by COVID 19. Abiding by the rules, Jeff set up a green screen that would enable him report from the comfort of his home. This was all casual until Betty his cat strayed into the broadcast demanding that she be pet. What seemed as a simple act of love landed her a new role in the business. Word round social media of a fresh recruit in Jeff’s weather pod cast went viral, earning her a new name “Betty the Weather Cat”.

According to a report by The Nerdist,  Jeff’s show has up to recently gathered close to 220, 000 views and likes. Cat lovers all over the world stream in just to get a glimpse of this peculiar co- reporter; some of them as far as from Spain, England, Europe and Australia. Betty is choosy. She likes to test her lighting before going on set. It has to be perfect. Other times Jeff has had to bribe her with a hand full of treats just to go on air. This trick has worked many times but according to an interview with The Taxi, he jokes of how it ought to be the other way round. Betty should be the one doing the most work.

In honor of his beloved cat Jeff designed a graphic tracker that serves as a constant reminder of just how many people are cheering her on. The positive comments would be such an inspiration if only she could read. None the less, Betty continues to offer pure entertainment to her loyal viewers. This stay at home cat happens not to be the only one enjoying the company of her care-giver. One pony and donkey, pets to Arnold Schwarzenegger also seem to be having a piece of the same cake, but for a greater good. While Betty is making rounds on social media due to her charming nature, Whiskey (the pony) and Lulu (donkey) are out saving the world in their little own way.

Whiskey and Lulu Saving the World

Arnold, former governor to one of the largest US states, decided to incorporate his two friends in a heartfelt video that encouraged citizens to stay at home. In his message he made it very clear to avoid social gatherings in pubs, restaurants especially with the current curfew in place. He implored the public to take heed of medical experts’ advice as we continue to hope for the best. A source from The Nerdist quotes the governor’s words, “See, the important thing is that you stay at home because there’s a curfew now. No one is allowed out, especially someone who is like 72 years old; after you’re 65 you aren’t allowed out of the house anymore in California. So we stay at home and we eat here.”

All the while Arnold spoke he had the company of his two pets by his side. They seemed to enjoy the whole recording process as they peacefully ate carrots out of his palm. The three even struck a pose at the end of the video with the former governor clutching closely to his animals. Just like Betty, the message got several views on Twitter and You- Tube. The appraisal showered upon these three pets is enough to make any owner proud. Arnold and Jeff are at the top of that list. However, Betty’s act that came off as a joke to many, may have deeper roots according to cat experts. Research has shown that cats do have a way of begging for attention and this is usually brought about by several different factors. According to The Spruce Pets if your cat is showing clingy behavior, you may want to take a closer look at either one of the following reasons:

  1. Medical disorders- A common condition is the feline hyperesthesia which affects the skin. It causes loss of fur and comes with great discomfort. This condition is however treatable so book a visit to the vet if you notice any unusual shedding patterns.
  2. Stress and anxiety – Just like humans, cats too get stressed. When this happens, they tend to either seek comfort from their owners or chew away on objects. In extreme cases anti-anxiety drugs can be prescribed, however ample play time coupled with regular petting could equally solve the problem. Experts also advice using bitter apples spray on such objects to minimize the chewing habit.
  3. Pain – Non-vocal cat breeds communicate pain through touch. You will know when a Siamese cat is in pain because of its persistent meow but for other quiet breeds, this can easily go unnoticed. If your cat keeps hovering around you annoyingly, check it’s ody for any sharp objects or take it to the vet.
  4. Hunger – Most times this tends to the problem. A good serving is likely to cut off the nagging. An interesting fact, however, shows that cats do have favorite foods and sometimes this could be the only ticket out of your pet’s nuisance. If a regular diet does not work, you can count on special treats to work the magic. On the other hand, watch out for calories or else you will end up with an obese cat.
  5. Loneliness – Some cats require more attention than others, lap cats especially. Even a slight increase in your work hours is a recipe for disaster. Giving your pet more leisure time with yourself is a great way to curb attention seeking traits. Alternatively, you could adopt a companion to take off the pressure.


The following indicators could all be probable reasons as to why Betty went far and beyond to sneak in a hug, but ultimately only she knows the precise cause. Either way, her bold move stirred a global frenzy one that will go down in cat history.

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