What You Can Learn From Your Cat’s Pupils

Have you ever watched your cat and stared into its eyes. If you’re in the habit of watching the changes that take place in your kitty’s eyes, you’ll notice that the pupils make a lot of changes, but do you know what these changes mean? There is a lot that you can learn from your cat’s eyes if you know what it is that you’re looking for. Here is some interesting and useful information that can help you to understand what your cat’s eyes are telling you.

The amazing eyes of a cat

You’ve probably noticed how amazing and intriguing a cat’s eyes can be. They’re not only beautiful they’re also shaped differently and done so for a purpose. A cat’s vision is sharp in very dark environments and the slit shaped vertical pupils may look odd, but they are what help them to be such good nocturnal hunters. The pupils in your cat’s eyes respond to light as do those of humans, but this isn’t the only thing that will cause them to change. The pupils in a cat’s eyes can tell you a lot about your cat’s emotional as well as physical health.

The pupils tell you how your cat is feeling

You can tell what kind of mood your cat is in by looking at his pupils. They are like a window to the soul. The mood is reflected by a combination of the cat’s body language and the way that the eyes look. If your cat’s pupils appear to narrow, it signals that your cat is feeling one of three emotions. He is either angry, fearful or experiencing pleasure. these are the three primary emotions that are indicated by narrow pupils which contract the pupils so dramatically that they take on the appearance of narrow little slits. It can also occur if your cat is exposed to the smell of catnip or if he ingests it. When a cat is preparing to pounce the pupils of the eyes also narrow.

How to know when your cat is angry

Since a narrowing of the pupils happens if your cat is happy, angry or frightened the best way to discern which emotion he is experiencing is to make a note of his body language. If your cat is growling or hissing then it is likely that he is angry. When a cat is frightened they generally arch their back and assume a defensive posture. When they squint their eyes, they are feeling aggressive and may be on the verge of attacking.

Narrow pupils when kitty is kicking back

If your cat is just kicking back on the furniture and relaxing and the pupils of his eyes narrow significantly he is likely experiencing a few moments of extreme happiness or pleasure. This is especially true if he is purring and his body language and posture has a laid back appearance.

Wide pupils

When your cat’s pupils are wide this is an indication of either fear or excitement. The only way to tell which it is is to observe the other cues that your cat is providing through his body language. This may happen when you offer your kitty his favorite snack and hold it in front of him. A big dog in the yard may elicit a fear response to which your cat will usually arch its back and go on the defensive. It can also be a sign that your cat is experiencing anxiety. If your cat has no obvious reason for being frightened or excited it may mean that it’s time for a trip to the vet for a physical check up. This can signal that there is something physical or emotional going on with your cat that needs to be investigated. If the pupils are not the same size then it could mean that your cat is experiencing an emergency situation and you should call the vet and let them know what is going on immediately.

Final thoughts

There is a lot that you can learn by understanding what changes in your cat’s pupils could mean. While it’s not always easy to read your cat, it’s not rocket science either. When in doubt, it’s recommended to consult with your pets doctor just to make certain.

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