10 Adorable Videos of Kittens Being Mischievous


Kittens are about the most adorable little creatures in the world. It’s hard to walk past one and not experience the overwhelming urge to stop and take one home with you, but many people feel exactly that way. I cannot, personally, spend any time with a kitten without wanting one of my own. I’m married with four kids, and I still harbor secret fantasies of being the crazy cat lady. But only if they remain kittens forever. These kittens are hilariously adorable and fun, and they are ever so mischievous. They have a lot to say, to do and a lot of people have a great time watching them and allowing these little ones to entertain them on any given day. Be one of those people; they’re so cute you won’t be able to help it, anyway.


This is one sweet kitten with all this desire to be so much fun. This is precisely why people love to have cats so much, because they are so sweet and so much fun. This one, for instance, is going to give his owners a serious bout of crazy when he’s growing up. He’s only 12 weeks now, but he’s going to give them a run for their money.

Who doesn’t love a kitten that makes it his mission to torture the other cats in the house? This cat has to be a little boy. Only little brothers act like this and make older siblings feel like they are completely annoyed and out of this world crazy. We kind of love it.

There is just nothing about these cats that is not adorable, and that is why we love them so much. They are so much fun, and they are so sweet. These kittens really make it count when it comes to being sweet and adorable. That’s why we adore them.

This about sums up life with cats in a few seconds flat. They like to get into everything that they possibly can and give you a run for your money. The only thing that makes it a little bit more acceptable for them to do this than kids is that they’re not quite as dangerous as kids.


Curiosity killed the cat, but it really didn’t. I mean, my cat has been in a fight with a pitbull, a coyote and a snake and he’s managed to come out on top every single time. He’s got to be running low on lives though. If only my cat were as cute and innocently curious as this one, life would be a bit easier, I think.


The only thing more adorable than a mischievous kitten is three of them. These three are about as adorable as they come, and we cannot help but fall more and more in love with them with every frame that passes. These sweet kittens are just too cute for words, and there is no doubt about that. I mean, how sweet are three adorable kittens? The sweetest; that’s how sweet they are.

This kitten is named after the most romantic city in the world, and it’s so sweet. But, of course, this kitten is also very playful and excitable. It’s one that has a big personality and a lot of fun. We love this little girl so much it’s not even funny, and that’s just because she’s so sweet. Who doesn’t love a kitten with this much to offer?

Try not to watch these playful and adorable kittens, I dare you. They are too cute for words, and we are just completely in love with everything about them. They have each other to play with, which makes them super sweet. Can you just imagine having three kittens at home to play with whenever you want? It’s got to be something that is just amazing.


This kitten is so mischievous that we can’t stand it. This is one that’s going to give his owners a few minor heart palpitations over the years. This playful cat is so much fun, and so adorable. We cannot wait to see if they post more videos of this one over the years.

The only thing more adorable than kittens playing and having fun is watching kittens with something to say. These kittens have some serious opinions about something, though we are not entirely sure just what it is that they have opinions over. Either way, however, they are so cute we cannot even stand it.

Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

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