Five Cats Who Oddly Enough Love Water

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We all know that most cats hate water, so much that they even refuse to take a bath.  While most of us have to force our feline friends to get into the water, the five cats in the videos below are just the opposite.  You see, these five cats take to the water like a duck. In the clips below, you will see five water loving felines that love to take a swim.  Instead of running away from the water, they run towards it.  Let’s learn a little more about these water loving cats.

The cat in the above video seems to be having the time of its life.  As can see this kitty is a really good swimmer and seems to love to take a dip in the pool.  This is a real joy to watch!

This kitty doesn’t seem to mind the water one bit.  In fact when bath time comes around, this cat runs towards the tub.  As you can see he loves to turn bath time into fun time. I wish my cat was as happy about taking as bath as this feline is.

The cat in this video loves the great outdoors.  One of its favorite outdoor activities is you guessed it, boating.  But the feline isn’t happy with just staying in the boat.  So as you will see, he loves to take a swim as well. It’s amazing watching this cat freely swimming around the lake.  I wonder if he has always liked to swim.

We all love a nice warm relaxing bath and so does the kitten in this very funny video.  As you will find out, he doesn’t want to get out of the bath.  In fact he refuses to leave and his owner is going to have a hard time getting him out.

Many of us swim to stay in shape and keep our bodies healthy.  The feline in this last video seems to have caught onto what we humans have been doing for years.  As he swims to lose weight, this cat is really getting fit. It’s a real pleasure watching him swim.

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