The 10 Best Cat Breeds for Active Families

An active family can mean several different things to a cat; it can be a family that’s on the go a lot. It can also mean a family with a lot of kids of various ages that have a lot to do. When it comes to figuring out which type of active family you have, you have to consider your kids. Are they young and probably prone to harming potential pets? Are you out a lot and not home all that often? It does make a different in deciding which of the different cat breeds you’re going to want to consider. Here are the 10 best cat breeds for active families

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These cats are very sweet. They have long hair and a pretty face, and they make wonderful pets. They’re not very high-maintenance, however, which is good if you have an active family and not much time in your schedule to worry about things like grooming and appointments for hair cuts. These cats are also pretty good with kids. If you have a large family, you might appreciate the fact that ragdolls are playful enough to handle children and smart enough to know when to get out of the way to avoid injury or potential torture.

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These cats are very cute and great for people with kids at home. Active families with children are going to appreciate a Burmese cat because they’re very friendly. They’re not going to hide all day long and only come out when the kids go to bed, so the entire family will actually get to enjoy this cat. It’s also one that has some very friendly people skills, so it’s going to socialize. It doesn’t mind being the center of attention, so it’s a great cat to have for a pet. They are very gentle and not at all prone to striking out at children who are a bit rough at times.

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This lovely kitty cat is very friendly. It makes a great pet for a family that’s very active because they love and adore play time. This is a cat that’s going to jump at the change to interact with you and the kids. It’s going to use the life out of any and all cat toys you purchase, which is great for you because your kids will also get to spend a lot of time being entertained by the cat, which means you can cook dinner in peace every so often.

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Persian cats are beautiful. They’re some of the most beautiful cats in the world. They also make amazing family pets. They’re very friendly and very social. It could be said that they are a bit vain. They like attention and will do whatever it takes to be the center of it at all times. They’re great with kids, love the attention they get from them and they are social. The only problem is that daily grooming thing you have to worry about. They have that long, beautiful hair, and it needs to be brushed every single day, and groomed regularly.

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This cat is fun because it has no tail. This is probably a good thing in an active household. Why? Because if you have small kids, you also have a cat with very little for kids to grab onto, which means you might be more comfortable that your kitty is safe from your well-intentioned but clueless little ones. They’re very social and love attention, and they are very friendly. You will find this cat doesn’t hide when people come over, and he has no problem playing with the kids even when you think they might be getting a bit rough. They’re very patient.

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If you’re going to get a Siamese cat, you’re going to be very pleased. However, don’t be surprised if it picks one person in your family and gives that person the bulk of the attention. Siamese cats like to focus on their favorite person. It could be you; it could be one of your kids. Either way, it’s a friendly and very loyal cat. It has very short hair and doesn’t require much in the category of grooming. It’s also very sweet and will love your family endlessly. They’re also smart cats who learn quickly, which is always a bonus.

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Okay, so most families aren’t going to want a hairless cat, but it’s a great cat to have. These kitties are very loyal and they leave no cat hair anywhere in your home. They’re very loyal and they’re very loving. They’re also affectionate and patient, which means they’re great in homes that have kids around. An active family is not going to bother this particular type of cat breed, because it’s the kind of cat that is happy to lie back and wait for attention without getting in the way or demanding too much attention.

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This is a very calm cat. It’s known as being the kind of pet that just goes with the flow. It’s not very high-maintenance. It’s not demanding, and it’s not a snob. If you want to play, the birman will play. If you want to take a nap, the birman will take a nap. If you want to go out of town this weekend and leave the cat home, he’s not going to go crazy without you, though he will be glad when you get home. He’s an easy going cat that’s very adaptable to any type of surrounding.

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American Shorthair

This is the most common type of cat in most households. This is a good thing because it’s the kind of cat you want hanging out with you. It’s a sweet cat that doesn’t really worry too much about what’s going on around it. It’s good with kids. It’s energetic, and it’s a very happy cat. Not much brings this kind of cat down. The best part of the American shorthair is that it gets along well with dogs, so if you have one or bring one into the house, it’s not going to cause problems.

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Maine Coone

If you have kids, you’ll love this big cat. It might make you feel a bit more at ease about having a pet in the house because it’s a large one. Your kids will be less likely to hurt this cat because he’s not going to be one little kids could pick up or drag around. The only downfall to having a Maine coon as a pet is the fact that they have very long hair that requires daily maintenance. Now you have to worry about your hair, your kids’ hair, and your cat’s hair.

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