10 Internet Sensation Cats That Could Dethrone Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat

Everyone loves Grumpy Cat, and she is probably one of the most famous cats in the world. But that doesn’t mean she’s always going to be the cat that people love to watch. She became an internet sensation virtually overnight, and it appears that the same thing could happen to just about any other cat in the world, which means Grumpy Cat could lose her title of most famous cat in the world at any given moment. While she’s still one of the best cats around thanks to that perpetually mean mug she’s got going on (thanks to a rare form of feline dwarfism), she’s still one of the most famous cats on the planet. But the internet is a big place, and there are people out there who are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that their cats are given their 15 minutes of fame – or more. So while Grumpy Cat reigns right now, we think that there are a number of other cats on the internet right now that might become a bit more famous. Then again, they might not dethrone Grumpy Cat, but we think that some of these cats do have the possibility of that kind of fame if their owners play their cards right. Find out who we think might dethrone Grumpy Cat.


She’s got the cutest crossed eyes and it’s hard not to love that sweet face, but it’s even more impossible not to think that this is one hilarious cat. She is always up to something a little bit crazy, and that’s why she has such a huge following. She’s a little daredevil, a little pusher of the limits. She’s the kind of cat that likes to have fun and enjoy herself, and her fans love to watch her do said fun things every day.

Lil Bub

This adorable little cat has a lot of health issues, and people just love her. One of her more serious issues is a bone disorder that makes it difficult for her to grow, so she looks like a kitten all the time. Her tongue is also out of her mouth at all times, which is something that makes her look a bit more adorable, and people just go nuts over this sweet cat.

Taylor Swift’s Cats

She has some of the most gorgeous cats in the world, and they are named after famous television characters. Her adorable little cats are featured all over social media thanks to the fact that their ‘mom’ loves and adores them so much she’s always playing with them and taking photos of them to share with the people in her life. She is so much fun to watch, and her cats are so adorable.

Streetcat Bob

Not only does this awesome cat really just wear a scarf quite regularly, he has become famous for being able to give a killer high-five. His owner keeps us all up-to-date on the goings on of the cat through social media quite regularly and people love to see what’s up with this feline and his life. His owner says his other favorite thing to do is to get outside for some fresh air no matter how he has to break out of the house, and people love hearing those stories.


This adorable cat did not have it easy growing up. He suffered injuries in a number of unfortunate incidents with cats much larger than himself on several occasions, and now he has a number of scars. It’s the reason for his name, but people have really rallied around this cat and just love and adore him for so many amazing reasons. This is the cat that people love to support, and that makes him very lovable.

Colonel Meow

There is something quite significant about a cat with 9-inch fur, and he’s one of the most famous cats on the internet right now. He calls his fans his minions (awesome) and he is well-loved across the world. He’s been famous for years, but news that he is suffering some sort of illness broke recently and that means that he’s got so much love and support coming from his fans that it might not be long before he is able to overtake other cats as far as fame is concerned.

Hamilton the Hipster

This cat is famous for no other reason than the fact that his cloring makes it look like he has a real, live mustache and it’s just so hilarious. This cat looks like the hipster he is said to be, and it makes it impossible not to want to follow his movements via social media and videos so that we can see what kind of Starbucks loving day he’s having at the moment.


As far as looks, he’s just your typical cat. He’s not small nor does he look mean or have a special feature. But he is famous because every week he wears a very small camera around his neck and he walks around the world taking photos from his own point of view and sharing them with his fans and followers. People love to see what he’s up to and what he’s seeing throughout the day. It’s interesting, really.


He’s not as famous yet in America as he is in other countries, but he’s getting there. He’s got videos on the internet that have been viewed more than 200 million times, which seems like more times that most of us have watched some of the most famous movies in the world. This is one cute cat, and he has the power to overtake anyone in his way to cat fame.

Snoopy the Cat

She’s fat, has huge eyes and a sweet face; and she’s one of the most famous cats in all of China. She’s making her way across the world with fans because she is so sweet, and her owner takes a daily photo of her for her fans. This is just something that people eat right up, which makes her even more popular with the people across the world, too.

Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for Civic Entertainment Group

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