10 Reasons Norwegian Forest Cats are Great for Families

Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian forest cat certainly is not the kind of cat you hear about often. After all, how many times do you go to someone’s house and hear them discuss their Norwegian forest cat? We’re betting not so much.

Most people aren’t even aware that their cats have a breed, as many cats are simply adopted or picked up free of charge when someone has kittens to give away. However, this particular cat is a popular breed, whether you know it or not.

They’re pretty easy to recognize provided you know what you’re looking for. The biggest selling factor about these cats is the fact that they make amazing family animals. They are the kind of cat you absolutely must get if you have a family and want to have a cat that your kids will love, that you will never have to worry, and that will adapt easily to your lifestyle and habits.

What makes these cats so much fun is their fairytale history. They are the cats that are deeply emblazoned into some of the best historical stories in the world, and who doesn’t want a famous cat?

They are said to be the kind of cat that pulled a chariot holding the Greek Goddess Freya across the sky. They are also the cats that accompanied the most famous Vikings in the world on their ships to keep the ships free of rats and other unwanted creatures.

They are very famous cats in the history of mythology – and real life – which makes them even more fun in the eyes of children. Here are 10 amazing reasons you need to get a Norwegian Forest Cat of your own.

1. They’re Adaptable

Looking for a pet that adapts to change in your life? The Norwegian forest cat is the cat you need in your life. This is the kind of cat that’s going to be totally open to all of life’s changes.

The problem with some cats is that they don’t like change. They don’t like new people, they don’t like new house, they don’t like new anything. They are the kind of animals that enjoy their life the way that it is and not a moment of it any different.

However, the Norwegian forest cat is going to be totally open to whatever. If you’re moving, the cat will be okay with it. If you’re out of town and the cat is staying at “grandma’s” for the weekend, it’s not going to panic. If you have a new baby or adopt some kids or have your kids’ friends over for a night, your cat is not going to freak out and hide for days on end.

2. They Love Kids

Cats have this really bad reputation for being unfriendly and aloof, especially when it comes to kids. It’s understandable; as a parent you know better than to get too close to the wandering hands of little people, and you can hardly blame your feline friends for feeling the same way.

However, this is a cat that just loves to be around kids. The Norwegian thinks kids are great. They’re going to play with the kids, want to spend time with the kids, and they’re not going to be too difficult to deal with when the kids are being a little more aggressive than they know they should.

They’re not confrontational cats, so you needn’t worry that they will hurt the kids if one accidentally squeezes too tight. This is the kind of cat your kids need. It’s the most important reason that you could possibly think of when choosing a cat that’s good for your family. The fact that they love kids should be a priority.

3. They’re Fluffy – But Not Too Bad on Shedding

Most people love a fluffy cat with long hair, because they are so pretty.  However, they’re also really annoying in terms of shedding. You’ll find cat hair everywhere from the floor to the couch to the air in your house, and that’s something that deters most people from wanting to bother with a hairy cat.

This one, however, isn’t so bad. It does have a long coat, but it’s not a coat that requires too much maintenance. Nor does the coat of the Norwegian have many shedding issues.

A good brush every three or four days is all it’s going to take to make sure this cat is not shedding all over your home. There is a season in which these cats will shed more than they typically do, but it will not become a problem in your home if you make a point to brush the cat an extra time or two during the week when this occurs.

4. They’re Smart

These are intelligent cats. They are great with kids, adults and instructions. This is the kind of cat that’s more likely to follow instructions and make sure that things are done the way you want them done.

They are easy to train, which means you won’t have to worry too much about them breaking the rules. Some cats are very defiant and will make it a point to hop on the counter whenever they see fit, but this is not one of those cats.

Tell it no just a few times and it’s not going to do that again. It knows better, since it’s such a smart cat. However, if you neglect to be firm with the cat, it’s going to assume that your instructions are not as important as they are and it’s going to test your patience and your level of authority.

5. Pet Friendly

The Norwegian cat is one that has some serious friendliness when it comes to other pets. This is the kind of cat that won’t care if you have another cat in the house, or a dog in the house or some other animal in the house.

It loves to be in the house with other animals, it’s not going to be aggressive with them, and it’s not going to cause any issues with other pets. It’s a non-confrontational cat that gets along well with others, including other pets and strangers as well as kids. If you’re a pet lover, or your kids want more – or other – pets as they get older, these are going to make great pets.

They love other pets and will do very well in a home that features other animals with which they can play. They are not particular about the kind of animals they enjoy, so it’s easy to add a dog to the mix if you have a family that wants to add one to the family.

6. They’re Affectionate

These are very loving cats. So many cats have a bad reputation for being aloof and not at all friendly or affectionate, but the Norwegian is not one of them. In fact, this is the kind of cat that will want to spend as much quality time with you as possible.

It’s going to want to sleep next to you, cuddle with you on your lap, spend time with the kids and be close to you. If you have kids, it’s a great cat to call your own because it’s one that’s going to be very friendly with them.

Kids want animals that love to cuddle, and this is the perfect cat for that job. What makes this cat so great for kids is the fact that they want to be cuddled and kids are notorious for wanting to be close to their animals. This is the kind of cat that won’t run from its owners or their kids when the kids want some love and attention, so it’s a kind of win-win situation for everyone.

7. It’s Immature

At first, this might not seem like a good thing, but it can be a good thing. Since these cats don’t mature very quickly, they stay playful and kitten-like for a very long time. This is a trait that makes them more lovable and more desirable for many cat owners.

Families love a cat that wants to interact and play, but it should be noted that these are the kind of cats that do need some additional love and affection, since they need a lot of socialism.

They’re not the kind of cats that do well on their own for long periods of time, which is something a lot of people assume cats are good at doing. However, their immaturity is a good thing if you have kids, because they’re going to be playful and excited for a long time, which is necessary when you have a cat that is around small kids.

Think about it; kids are immature for years. So it only makes sense that their cat should be immature as well. Then they’ll have more in common and they’ll want to spend more time with each other than they will want to spend bothering you.

8. He’s Laid-Back

Who doesn’t want a mellow cat? These are great cats for people who love to have loud gatherings, have kids in the house and who like to change it up constantly.

They’re great cats for that because they’re so mellow and laid-back. It’s going to take a lot to bother this cat, so if you’re forgetful or busy or live a hective life, you’re going to appreciate the fact that this cat is one that you can just kind of ignore and leave on his own sometimes and he won’t be too bothered.

He is a bit needy when it comes to attention, but he’s not particular about who that attention is coming from, so he’s bound to be laid-back about it if it’s not coming from you.

Being a parent requires that you learn to be a bit laid-back, and it’s the same for animals. They can’t function in a house that has kids running around if they’re too high-strung or high maintenance.

This could make the cat antsy or nervous, and that doesn’t make for a good pet for kids. This cat, however, makes a great pet for kids.

9. They’re Healthy Cats

The Norwegian forest cat is a very healthy cat in terms of being prone to certain diseases. This is not a perfectly healthy cat, however, and you should expect that your cat could develop any potential disease.

However, you should also keep in mind that not all of these cats will get sick. All animals are prone to illness and to getting sick. Some more so than others, which is what makes this particular breed a good one for families.

It’s the kind of cat that will live many years, which is great for a family. Kids are often devastated when their animals are suddenly gone – not all parents choose to confide in their children that their pets have died as they worry how their kids will take it.

This is a cat that will more than likely be around for many years provided that you take good care of the cat and make sure it receives its necessary shots and that it’s taken care of the way it needs to be.

10. They’re Fairly Easy to Find

These are not the most common house cats in the world,  but they’re also not entirely uncommon. What does this mean? This means that they are not that difficult to find.

You will not that these cats are very simple to find because they are bred in many places, but you might note that it does take a while to find one that’s ready for adoption.

Most breeders will not release their Norwegian kittens to their newly adopted homes until they are anyway from four to five months old. This is because they are cats that need to be with their families as long as possible for health reasons.

So, if you are looking for a kitten for your kids right now, or for a holiday or birthday, you need to start looking as soon as possible so you can reserve one from a litter that will be ready to bring home at a certain time.

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