What to Expect when Purchasing an Ocicat from a Reputable Breeder


It was 1966 with the Cat Fancier’s Association began recognizing the Ocicat as a breed. It was only a few years after the breed was carefully created by mating two very specific cats to create something that was large, beautiful and very reminiscent of a wild jungle cat. Because the result was a cat that looked so much like an Ocelot, the name Ocicat as born and this breed became one highly sought after and desired by cat owners. Lovely as it is, this cat is nothing like the wild animals of the jungle it so represents. In fact, this is a cat that’s gentle and kind, affectionate and very loving. It’s more like a dog than a cat as far as mannerisms go, and you can expect that this is a cat that will remind you of a dog with hits immense loyalty and affection.

Of all the cats in the world, this is the spotted cat that most represents those of the wild. Selectively bred from three different types of cats, this is a cat that is very popular. Despite not being well-known as a breed by many, those who see it and learn more about it find that they want one of their own at home. The Ocicat might not be one of the most common house pets in most people’s homes, but that doesn’t make them difficult to find. However, before you purchase a cat like this, you should know what to expect from the purchase process.

Finding a Breeder

If you happen to find this breed at a pet store, walk away. According to the CFA, this is a cat that must spend much of its early life with its mother to become the best and healthiest pet possible. This is a cat that reputable breeders will have for a long time, and they will not sell their kittens to pet stores. The CFA has a list of breeders that deal with Ocicats at your disposal so that you can find a cat that is absolutely one of the best and healthiest.

Additionally, you’re going to want to find a breeder with a registered cattery. This helps to ensure that the breeder is one that is ethical and moral, and that the cats you’re looking into are as healthy as possible. Additionally, you want to visit the cattery, get the health and vet information on the cats you’re interested in as well as their parents, and you will want to know what to expect when you get there.

What a Breeder Wants

Did you know that a breeder is not required to sell you an Ocicat if they don’t want to? They can turn you down. In fact, a good breeder is going to have a lot of questions and require a significant bit of information from you before they will even consider you as a cat owner. For example, your breeder will ask you about your home life. The breeder will want to know where you live, how much space you have and they may even want to know where you plan on keeping your cat. They will ask this to ensure you’re not going to place the cat outside. They will ask so that they can ensure that the cat is healthy.

Something interesting about the Ocicat is that it’s not suitable for all people and all homes, and you will find that breeders don’t let you choose the one you want. They might have one for you, but not another. They might feel that one is better for your lifestyle than another based on its personality and needs. A good breeder wants to find a good home for his kittens, and that is the first priority.

Once you find a cat, you might have to sign a contract. It’s a fairly common practice with breeders of this particular breed. In the contract, you might state that you will keep the cat indoors as well as take the cat to the vet on specific dates and occurrences. You might even have to sign a contract that states you will bring the cat back to the breeder if you can no longer care for it at any point. This is a very big point for many breeders, and not something they take lightly.

The Price

Many factors are taken into consideration when pricing this breed. The most important factor is location followed by the registration of the parents. Those who are considered the “best” show cats will be more expensive than others. That said, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $800 for your new kitten. You might have to pay more depending on the breeder, but you will very rarely ever pay less than the minimum. Additionally, the price of owning one of these cats is around $1150 per year on average, and that’s assuming you have a healthy cat that does not require a special diet or veterinary needs. It’s not the kind of cat that you get if you can’t afford to pay for vet bills and other needs. It can become even more expensive to own one of these if you are looking to skip out on vet appointments and other health needs and requirements.

The Wait

Before you are allowed to take your Ocicat home you have to wait for the ideal time frame. Most breeders will allow their kittens to be taken out of their home around 14 weeks. The CFA recommends that these kittens stay with their parents a minimum of 12 weeks and a maximum of 16 weeks to ensure that they are as healthy and well-bred as possible. The wait might seem long, but any breeder willing to give up their kittens to you sooner might not be as ethical a breeder as you are looking for. This is a very expensive cat, and you want to ensure that you’re getting the healthiest one possible. Don’t take the cat early, and walk away from breeders who offer.

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