10 Things Cats Can Teach us About Relationships

cats teach women about relationships

Cats might not be as loving and affectionate as often as dogs, but they do love us and we love them in return. They’re animals with their own agenda, and they know what they want. They also have a lot to teach us, and not just about how well to care for an animal. Cats can actually teach us a lot about relationships. We might not see it in an obvious manner, but cats can teach us a lot about relationships in terms of what it takes to make a successful relationship occur, how to treat others and what makes a bond form and really last. Read on to find out what your cat has been teaching you about relationships all these years.

The Importance of Affection

If there is one thing that cats can teach us about relationships, it’s how to be affectionate. They know when they need it, and cats often make sure that we know when they need it. After a while, we become familiar with when our cats want our affection the most, and we are more prone to providing them with that affection when this occurs. The same goes for relationships; we learn quickly when our loved ones need our affection and we learn to give it without them asking.

The Effects of a Lasting Bond

When you get a cat, you form a lasting bond with your animal. It’s something that happens naturally over time, and it happens in relationships, too. What’s great about your cat, though, is that he or she teaches you this importance without you realizing it and it allows you to apply this to your life on purpose.

The Importance of Listening

Listening is an art that most people have forgotten to focus on. We listen and then we form a response in our minds without actually bothering to really hear what people are saying. For example, when I was in the store buying all the food and items for a memorial service for my recently deceased grandmother last month, the cashier said to me, “Oh, looks like you’re having a party! How fun!” to which I replied, “I wish. We’re actually hosting a memorial in honor of my grandmother who passed last week,” and she actually smiled and said, “Oh, that sounds awesome! Hope you don’t have too much fun!”

That’s when I realized that many people do not even listen to a word you say. Or else she is the least appropriate, rudest person I’ve ever encountered in my life.

The Importance of Being there for Someone you Love

Cats are there for you no matter what. They never let you down and they never make you feel as if you are not important to them. They know you so well that they can read your mood without you really even saying a word, and they know when you need them the most. This is something that makes all relationships that much more successful, and we can get on board with that in any instance.

How to Slow Down and Enjoy Life

Cats are certainly not in a hurry. They do not rush. They like to sit and smell the figurative roses, and they show us that this is an important thing for us to do, as well. Sure, we are all busy. But we are busy by choice. We chose this life, and we have to take a few minutes here and there to get over that and move on. We have to get over ourselves so that we can sit down and enjoy ourselves from time to time. I find that sometimes I’d see our late cat sitting by the front door just staring out, and it would inspire me to pour a glass of wine for my husband and I and we’d head outside to sit and rock and watch the sun set. It was nice.

How to Live for the Moment

The moment is all you get. You are not guaranteed later or next week or even tomorrow. You get right now and that’s it. That means it’s high time we all stop, enjoy this moment and be like our cats. Our cats just find a moment and they make their way over to us and they teach us that we can live for this moment by being affectionate and showing our love for someone in our world even if we are already busy and haven’t the time for that.

How to Live Life without Stress

Healthy relationships need some stress free time, and that’s not always easy. You’ll notice, though, that your cat doesn’t seem to sweat much. It’s time we learn how to do that so we can apply some of that stress-less time in our relationships and likely improve them in no time at all.

How to Relax

Cats are not working hard on anything. They are relaxed, happy and quite content in their lives and we can learn from that. In fact, we can really learn from that. We can take what they know and what they do and we can use it, too. We can slow down, sit down and relax. We can cuddle up with our someone and just be content in the moment the way that our cats manage to do. It’s probably very worth it to all of us.

The Importance of a Long Nap

We all need a long nap from time to time in our lives, and we can really apply that to our relationships. Perhaps we can nap with the kids, take a nap with one another or learn to sleep in and enjoy that time with one another. It might help foster a little bit of a further bond, which is great in relationships.

How to Let Go of What’s Bothering You

Cats don’t hold onto what bothers them. Why do we? We should make an effort to let it go and move on so that we don’t have to go through our lives feeling as if we are in the middle of a constant struggle. We love to have happy moments and not sad ones, so why do we constantly hold onto the sad ones? Let’s make like the cat and let it go when our someone upsets us.

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