10 Ways Cats Can Help Us in the Kitchen

Cats in the kitchen

If anyone could choose an appropriate job for a cat, it might be one titled “Over-see-er of all things,” due to their uncanny ability to really just stand around and make sure you are doing things correctly. After all, cats are good at that. They’ve perfected the art of the glare. They can look you up and down without an issue and cause you to feel as if you are doing something wrong when you know the cat has no power. They can give you a look that makes you feel pretty small, and pretty incapable of doing anything correctly. They’re good at that.

What cats are not so good at is cooking. They are useless when it comes to helping you make dinner, cleaning up after dinner or even helping out in other ways around the house. Wait, though; maybe that’s not so true. Maybe cats are more helpful than we realize, and we simply do not see it because we are looking at the situation the wrong way entirely. It’s true, so read on to find out just how helpful cats really are in the kitchen.

The Help with the Trash

We can no longer keep our trash in our kitchen due to the fact that our cat was too helpful with it. In fact, he would work so very hard to ensure that we were unable to get anything accomplished helping with the trash. He would remove last night’s leftovers from the trash. He would find bags and other fun toys in the trash and tear them out. He was oh-so-helpful.

Cleaning the Counters

Our cat, rest his soul, was very helpful when it came to cleaning the counters. See, he was not a fan of harsh chemicals on the granite, so he preferred to get up on the counters himself and run his little furry body over them in an effort to clean all the crumbs and mess. If he found a little spill after a meal prep, he’d lick it up. He was so helpful.

Cleaning the Floors

Our darling cat was not a lazy cat, no he was not. He didn’t just stop at helping us clean the countertops. He worked very hard to ensure that the floor was also very clean. No way was there ever going to be a random spill or unattended crumb on our floor. He was in control of it all the way to the end. So helpful, and we were always so appreciative.

Inspecting Clean Floors

Once he ensured that all the floors were spotless and free of crumbs, our darling cat would work even harder at his job by inspecting the floors to ensure that they were as clean as possible. He would then go into the pile of things we swept up to make sure he missed nothing of any importance. It wasn’t annoying to have him digging through the debris. Really. It was so endearing to us.

Fridge Dusting

Listen, I don’t know about you but if there was one thing I despised more than anything, it is dusting the top of the fridge. We all know it gets pretty nasty and disgusting up there. In fact, it’s straight up gross. For something we use every single day a hundred times a day, it’s a nasty little location. But we handled it. We powered through. And then we got our cat; and he made that his favorite place to lie down. He would use his cat hair to help dust that off every single time he was up there. It was really sweet; not at all even more disgusting and more work for me. Really.

List Maker

We all have to go through the fridge and the pantry to see what we need to add to our grocery list, and our cat was really good at that job. He would go through the pantry all the time to see what was in there, what needed our attention, what we might need to add to the list. If we accidentally, at any time, left that door open so that the cat had access to the pantry, he was in there like it was his business. It really wasn’t, but how do you tell a cat that?

Grocery Help

Anytime we returned from the supermarket, our cat would help us unload groceries. He would go through the bags until he found one that was either already empty that he could take with him and enjoy, or he would find one with cat food in it that he could lick and attempt to chew right through. He wasn’t at all in the way or annoying. Really.

Dish Washer

Who loves doing dishes? Exactly; no one. Dishes are the devil, and there is no fun in doing them at all. So our issue was that we have a dishwasher, but we don’t like loading it or unloading it. We like that it washes dishes, but we wish that our dishes would find another way in there or out of there. That did not happen, so our cat decided he would take matters into his own hand and clean the dishes himself as they sat in the sink waiting for us to finish with dinner. Lick, lick, lick.

High Chair Helper

If the babies ever left a mess in their high chairs, you better believe that Twitter was right there to ensure he was being helpful. He would lick it off and make it look sparkling and clean. We really appreciated never knowing if a high chair top had been really cleaned or cat cleaned; because that’s not at all gross when you think about it.


Yet another job at which our cat excelled was that of supervisor in the kitchen. He worked really hard staring at us from wherever he saw fit; above the fridge, from the floor, wherever. He worked hard. He would watch us to make sure we were doing our jobs, and that was his job.

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