15 of the Smelliest Cat Breeds


Cats aren’t always unpleasant to smell. In fact, they are actually very clean animals that take great pride in maintaining their good hygiene. However, some cats don’t quite get it. Some cats have other issues at hand that might make them smell a little bit less than ideal for your taste, and it could mean a variety of things.

Since cats don’t smell unpleasant by nature, a stinky cat might mean your cat is in a bit of trouble in the health department. A cat with a foul smell could indicate illness such as diabetes, or it could mean your cat is suffering from an oral health issue. Any cat can develop any health issue and smell, but some breeds are just more prone to that than others. Read on to find out which breeds might not smell great all the time.

persian cat


Because these are purebred cats, they have a penchant for smelling a bit foul because they are prone to health issues in the gums. Periodontal disease is a very real issue with the Persian cat, which is why many people with this animal at home are unwilling to skip vet appointments. They want to track this issue before it become a smelly problem for them and everyone else in the house.



Prone to gum disease and halitosis, you might notice that a Chinchilla is prone to bad breath. You’ll want to take care of this by ensuring your cat has good oral health by brushing his or her teeth, but handling health issues as they appear. Frequent trips to the vet might be necessary with this breed, but that is something that means you are likely to identify potential health issues ahead of time and prevent them from becoming worse.

british shorthair

British Shorthair

This is a cat that is prone to dental health issues. It might be a good idea for you to ensure your cat is able to see the vet as often as possible to ensure that your animal is not going to suffer needlessly. A cat with dental health issues is no fun to have around the house, especially since it does smell unpleasant for you, too.

exotic shorthair

Exotic Shorthair

With halitosis being so common in this breed, it’s important to remember to always brush your cat’s teeth and ensure that he or she has good oral health as far as you are able to do so. Your cat can find relief with visits to the vet and treatment for any health issues that are not easily taken care of at home, but it’s a good idea to get him checked out when he seems to have particularly smelly issues.



This is a gorgeous cat, but the shape of its face makes it more likely to develop oral health issues. What this means for you is that you might have some dental health issues to care for. If your Oriental cat seems to smell, it’s likely this breath and it might be time to get him to the vet so that you can handle whatever issues that he might suffer from that you are unaware of at the moment.



Another beautiful purebred cat, this is one that often smells bad thanks to foul breath. Unfortunately, this is caused by halitosis and gum disease, and it’s something that has to be treated. Thinking that you can ignore it and move on is a mistake, as oral health problems often travel away from the mouth and become a problem elsewhere, too. You don’t want your cat to become sicker because you don’t want to deal with his gum disease.



Many breeders with this breed recommend that it eats a raw meat diet, which leads to some very unpleasant breath. If you want to avoid this, you’re going to need to do your part and brush this cat’s teeth regularly. It’s not one that often enjoys his teeth being brushed, but it is something you have to do if you want to ensure your cat doesn’t have the worst breath on the market.

maine coon

Maine Coon

Big and beautiful, this breed is one that might smell a little better if it weren’t for his breath. The problem with the Maine Coon is that it is a pure bred cat, and many pure bred cats have an issue with gum disease and oral health problems. What this means for the cat is bad breathe, though that is the least of this cat’s problems.

siamese cat


The Siamese cat is one that is a pure bred. It’s beautiful with its exotic features; not a cat you see every day. However, this cat is one that is prone to oral health issues. Among the many issues that are caused when a cat’s oral health is not up to snuff is bad breath. A trip to the vet, some advice from him as well as treatment for oral health issues might make this issue go away.



The ragdoll is one of the most adorable breeds around, but its breath can turn you off quickly. Because this cat is prone to health issues of the oral variety, it’s common for owners of ragdolls to spend more than their fair share of time at the vet having their cat treated for oral health issues. When treatment works, you should notice that your cat’s breath becomes a little more bearable.



If you want a Burmese, you also want a toothbrush. Beautiful and very darling, this cat needs his teeth brushed regularly to prevent health issues in the in mouth. If you’re able to prevent them, you might never notice breath that is unpleasant. However, if you are noticing that your Burmese has some smell to his breath exceeding the typical smell of feline breath, it might be diet or a health issue that requires attention.

norwegian forest cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

One of the biggest house cats around, the Norwegian Forest Cat might have a poor diet that leads to bad breath. If you do some diet changing and do not notice a difference in the way your cat’s breath smells, it might be an indication that it’s time to see the vet. It could be anything from feline diabetes to oral health problems that potentially lead to more complicated health problems in the future.

pixie bob


This is not a cat that everyone has, and it’s not because this cat has bad breath. It’s unfortunate that sometimes the Pixie-Bob does have less than pleasant breath, but it’s usually an easy fix. If you get the cat to the vet right away to rule out oral health issues, a diet change might help. What’s important to remember is that the faster you get him to the vet, the faster you are able to get this cat healthy and in the right place in his life.



Siberian cats are very exotic and gorgeous, but they can have health issues related to their gums. Gum disease is serious in cats, as it can lead to other health issues. If your cat is suffering from bad breath, a trip to the vet is necessary. The worst case scenario is that you might spend some time and money treating your cat for oral health issues. The best case is that it’s not an oral health issue but rather a cat with a dietary change required.



There are few cats that have such an exotic nature, and that’s what so many people love so much about the Singapura. The issue, however, is that this is a breed that really does require some frequent oral care. Brushing and careful dieting is a good idea so that your cat does not develop health issues associated with his or her oral health. Foul breath is only one sign that your cat might have deeper health issues to worry about.

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