10 of the Healthiest Cat Breeds


Making the decision to get a cat is a big one, and it’s not one you want made upsetting by a cat that doesn’t live very long. As a general rule, cats that are well-cared for and healthy are the ones that will live the longest. As a less than general rule, however, some breeds have more health problems than others which can greatly reduce your cat’s ability to live a long a healthy life. With that in mind, we’ve made a list of the healthiest cat breeds around, even though it does not guarantee that any cat from any breed will not become unhealthy at any point throughout its life.

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egyptian mau

Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is not actually from Egypt, but that does not stop people from thinking that it is. But at the end of the day it does not really matter from where the cat hails so long as it is a healthy one. With very few issues as far as breed is concerned, this cat makes a wonderful pet since it has fewer chances of being diagnosed with something so specific to its breed.

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The Bombay is a gorgeous cat that makes a wonderful pet. Not only is it quite healthy as far as its life is concerned, it’s also very friendly. It gets along very well with other cats, dogs and even people. It loves attention, it’s playful and it’s going to make a wonderful addition to your home no matter who or what already lives in your home. We highly recommend a cat like this for any family, and you won’t regret it.

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havana brown

Havana Brown

It’s not a breed that many people recognize, but it is a cat that most people will probably remember as having noticed at some point or another. Either way, however, it’s a healthy breed. It’s friendly and it’s very adaptable, which means you can have one of these cats just about anywhere you go. It makes a great pet, it’s friendly and it’s one that does want to spend some time with the people it loves the most. You won’t regret this cat, and not just because its prone to living a long a healthy life.

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They are calm and sweet, and they make wonderful pets. There are very few health concerns related to the Ragamuffin, which means you probably won’t have to worry so much about this particular breed as it is going to live a long and healthy life. Just remember to feed it the correct diet and make sure it gets plenty of exercise to ensure good health for your new feline friend. Regular trips to the vet are also a necessity to keep your cat healthy.

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It sounds so exotic, does it not? It’s a beautiful breed that many people would love to own. Aside from being a breed known for its good health, it’s also one that’s known for making a wonderful pet. There’s rumor out there that this is a cat that doesn’t even mind travel. If you get really lucky and train yours early, it will go on trips with you, travel well and probably not even freak out when you stick it in the car – at least until you reach the vet’s office. Cat’s are not fans of the vet, have you noticed?

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turkish van

Turkish Van

Another breed most people have never heard of, this is a cat that has great health in abundance. It’s pretty and it’s sweet, and it gets along really well with just about everyone. This cat is going to be very happy to live with a family in just about any surrounding, and as long as it is taken to the vet for its regularly scheduled visits, it will be just fine.

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russian blue

Russian Blue

One of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world, it’s difficult to deny the fact that this cat has such a beautiful coat. It’s a very fine cross between grey and blue, and it’s more on the blue side. It is exotic looking, that’s certain. It’s beautiful, though, and it’s going to make a wonderful, healthy pet for anyone who is interested in being a pet owner. The Russian blue is fun and beautiful, and it’s a cat that will certainly garner a lot of attention when people are over.

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British Shorthair kitten

British Shorthair

It’s one of the most common cats in the world, but that’s all right. They’re easy to find, they’re healthy and they love people. It’s a great pet because it does well with large groups, kids and small families. It’s good with other animals, which means you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to this lovely little cat. Go ahead and get one of your own so you can see just how wonderful a pet this cat really is.

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It’s a cat that does like to make some noise. It’s a talker, but it’s healthy. It likes to integrate itself into your life when you walk through the door, so don’t be surprised to find that it spends time following you around. It’s an independent cat, but when it wants some attention from you – beware. It will fight to get you to notice that it’s around, and it’s a really sweet moment in the life of a cat. This healthy breed is one that will be around for years to come, so be prepared to make a commitment to this sweet breed.

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American Shorthair

We love this cat because it’s so common. It’s one of the most popular cats in the country, for good reason. It’s friendly and fun. It gets along well with other cats, dogs and people. It’s playful and sweet. It is not a large talker in terms of making a lot of noise, which people tend to prefer. It’s the kind of cat that you just can’t help but want to keep around. It’s good and healthy, too, so that helps when it comes to knowing your cat will be in the family for a long time.

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