20 Adorable Pictures of Kittens Hugging Each Other


Kittens are so cute that they make you want to grab them and cuddle them and hug them and squeeze them so tight that their eyes pop out. Okay, so you won’t really squeeze them until their eyes pop out, but you know what I mean, right? They’re just that cute that you cannot control yourself at times. What would you say if I told you that you are not the only one that thinks that cats are oh-so cute? Or that kittens are the best thing that ever happened in life? It turns out that kittens and other cats are also pretty impressed with their sweetness, and they want to show off their own love and affection for one another at the same time. They’re so cute they cannot stop hugging themselves. Read on if you think you can handle the sweetness.


You might not love me, but I sure do love you little buddy! I’m just going to hug you until you run away, and maybe even then, too. I just want to hug, hug, hug you and if you do run away, I’ll do my surprise attack and get you in my furry headlock. This strikingly black kitten looks unbothered by his buddy’s grip around him and only pausing long enough to get his picture taken.

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Even in sleep these two have made a long lasting impression on one another worthy of a good cuddle and a little love. It would be cute enough if it were two kittens of any color, clinging to each other, but the striking difference of black on white, makes this picture even more eye-catching. But the fact that the two look so happy, maybe even smiling behind those whiskers, just really puts this picture over the top and makes it one of the cutest kitten pictures ever.

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It’s like this little kitten wants to be close all the time, even in the middle of a nap. It’s really kind of sweet. Like two little bugs in a rug, this pair is completely content right where they are. Comforting his little pal and letting him know that he’s right there, just by wrapping his legs around him in a full-body hug, they are as sweet as you can get when it comes to a couple of furbabies.

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If this is not the picture of true love, then I simply do not know what is. This happy kitty duo looks like a couple in love, the way they are snuggled up to each other, just happy to be together, sleeping, playing, whatever they’re doing. Just looking at them, they look so peaceful, as if they have been together for years and could read each other’s minds. Whether they are really thinking it or not, this cat couple looks like they are just meant for each other.

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This white cat might be asleep and unaware of the affection being shown by his little orange-y friend, but that’s not stopping this kitten from showing his love. Just a little awake and looking a bit mischievous. Maybe he’s trying to get his pal to wake up and play with him. Maybe he’s comforting his pal during a little dream that he could tell was a little scary. Whatever his little intentions were during the photo-op, it’s apparent the two are quite comfortable and sweet as can be.

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Two is fun, three is even more fun. These three adorable kittens might not have meant to share a hug like this, but it worked out for a perfect photo. These little mushy faces are sure hard to resist and they make you want to just pick them up and kiss them. This picture is proof that cats can sleep anywhere, and in any position, even on top of, or underneath each other. One thing is for sure, this trio doesn’t seem to mind how they sleep, so long as they’re together.

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This sweet little hand-holding hug is so adorable that we cannot even get over how amazing it is. They’re going to have some serious love to show one another when they are finished with this photo. Sometimes you just need someone close when you close your eyes, and even kittens love to snuggle. The beautiful markings of these two adorable kittens makes this picture all the more intriguing. Who wouldn’t grab their camera when you see a photo opportunity this cute.

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Oh, so this is cute. Perhaps this hug and a nap will go down in history as one of my favorite kitten photos of all time. Yours, too, right? It really doesn’t get any cuter than five furry little kittens, all on their backs and lined up for a beautiful kitten picture that will melt your heart. If you don’t want to just reach in and scoop the armful of adorableness, you are not a true cat-lover, because these kittens are to precious for words.

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I don’t sleep with my kids, but if I was crazy enough to try it, I’d probably try to cuddle them all up, too. It’s just what mothers do. This momma cat apparently loves to be close to her little one, and it doesn’t get any better than this, to see a momma love her little one so much, that she wraps herself around her baby to keep them close, and safe. It just goes the love that every mother feels, and how they can show their affection in very similar ways humans do.

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I love you, so I’m going to force myself on you. It’s not that cute unless it’s a kitten doing it. Otherwise it’s just creepy. These two can certainly get away with it and they do it well. Tangled up like they were just in a wrestling match and pooped out, a quick cat nap and they will probably be back at it, but for now, they are just two tuckered out buddies who want to stay close, even while they sleep.

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There is so much love in this photo that I cannot even stand it. These are two peas in a pod, or two kittens on a blanket, really. They look so tuckered out from the hard play that kittens are so notorious for, that they just fell onto a soft, cuddly blanket and fell asleep right where they dropped. Their eyes couldn’t be shut tighter, and they look as if they will be there for a while. Awww….this is the life.

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This looks like a nice, comfortable spot to lie down and take a nap and hug my bestest friend in the whole entire world while I’m doing it. These two beautiful kittens look happy as a lark to be sleeping, and to be together. As if the spot they are sleeping in doesn’t look comfortable enough, the little silvery kitty looks even more comfortable, snuggled up close and laying his head on his best friend while he catches some zzzzz’s. He obviously doesn’t want his friend going far, and is making sure by wrapping his little paw securely around him.

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A new momma and her new baby make for some of the most beautiful hugs in the entire world. These two have absolutely made my heart melt in a way I cannot even express. That little face and adorable little eyes that look like they are still in the wake-up state are enough to make you want to hold her and kiss her. This momma obviously wants her little one close to her and she has created a beautiful picture, simply by doing what mommas do best.

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It looks like mommy cat might be a bit tired after having a litter of kittens, but this little kitten is looking for a cuddle and a hug regardless of how momma is feeling. It’s almost like looking at twins, with one being much bigger than the other, but the two together make a sweeter-than-sweet picture moment. Just looking at how comfortable the two are, snuggled face-to-face, almost makes you want to crawl into the picture and sneak a little cuddle time in there, yourself.

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I dare you, any of you, to find a photo that is sweeter than this one, which is clearly a photo of a cat and her kitten immediately after birth. This is too sweet for words, and you will not find anything more adorable. Mommy looks exhausted, but she wants to keep her brand new baby close and comfort her after birth, and tucked up under her chin while she sleeps, looks like the perfect place – and the perfect fit.

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An upside down hug that looks like the result of a friendly surprise attack might be one of the most fun hugs we’ve seen all day long. This is cute in a way that cute cannot even be described. Knowing how cats love to wrestle and play, these two may have just been in the middle of a fun-loving game of

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Sure, it might look like this cat is choking his friend, but he’s not. It’s just a friendly love tap in the middle of a friendly hug in the middle of a friendly day. Cats can contort themselves into a million different positions – then fall asleep. These two have pretzeled themselves into a perfect arrangement for a good afternoon nap and neither of them seems bothered by a thing in the world.

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When you are best friends, you have to cuddle up and hug one another so that you can take a great nap and get some amazing sleep. It’s just life. These sweet little faces look like they wouldn’t be anywhere else if they could be. They reek of cuteness and sweet dreams. If you close your eyes, you can almost hear the cute little noises these two are probably making as they snooze the afternoon away together.

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Oh my goodness. This is so sweet there are not even words adequate enough to caption this photo. This cat has his arms around this kitten in a way that stops the heart. Everyone needs a hug sometimes, and this little one obviously did because he’s getting one and it looks like momma cat is more than happy to offer one. When life gets tough, sometimes you just have to run to mom for comfort. What makes this picture even more adorable, is the other little furry face off to the side, looking-on as if he’s waiting patiently for his best friend to get his hug and get back to play.

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Everyone has the one friend that has been through everything with them, and these cats seem to have two of those friends. That’s a pretty nice deal. I think these cats somehow know how good they’ve got it when it comes to having good friends to snuggle up with and doze off into a world of cat nip and mouse-chasing dreams. These three are obviously best buds and I hope they get to always curl up together like this. It’s too cute to not have it last forever.

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