The 10 Best Maine Coon Breeders in Minnesota

Fondly referred to as gentle faints, Maine Coons originate from Maine where they are the official state cat. There are many myths surrounding the ancestry of the Maine Coon, with some believing they are the result of a forbidden love between a long-haired cat and a raccoon. The bottom line is that these felines are a sight to behold, and their affectionate nature makes them perfect pets. As a breed that does well in cold states, it makes sense that Minnesota residents prefer it. So, here are the best Maine Coon breeders in Minnesota you can consider when looking for a cat to adopt.

10. Smokey Creek Coons

You can find Smokey Creek Coons cattery in west Minnesota on a quaint hobby farm, according to their website. The King and Queen are both imported. The king, Archibald, is from Russia, and the breeders flaunt him as a very sociable cat, ever ready to play. The queen, Vanna, is from Rome and is also touted as a social butterfly, so it is easy to picture the kittens as a great addition to any family. The kittens’ prices begin from $2600, and you can book yours with a non-refundable deposit of $500. You should then pay the balance a week before taking the kitten home.

9. Invicta Maine Coon

If you want to adopt a well-socialized and loved cat, this cattery should be among your top picks. Invicta is a family-run cattery located in Mantorville. It specializes in European bloodlines, and imports from countries such as Russia. Additionally, the cattery deals with both normal paws and polydactyl cats. You can get a female polydactyl for $1500 and a male one for $1800. The regular-pawed Maine Coon costs much less, with females going for $1300 and male ones $1600. Since the owners work from home and the children are homeschooled, the kittens are sociable, getting all the attention they deserve.

8. Shallow Creek Cattery

According to Shallow Creek Cattery, this breeder began with only 2 cats, Catsby and Catnip. She did not even know they were part-Maine Coons until she did a little research after being captivated by how fast they grew. The fascination of the two felines resulted in the couple considering breeding Maine Coons. Finally, Shallow Creek Cattery was founded after Catsby and Catnip were neutered, and the couple added a female Maine Coon. Despite it being only two years old, this cattery has ensured that you can get a Maine Coon in your preferred color. Besides, polydactyl cats are also available.

7. Wicacoon Cattery

According to Wicacoon, Sheri and Tiffany own the cattery after Sheri was inspired by her mother’s love for cats to one day have her own. She started by buying her first Maine Coon, Buttercup, from Syracuse Cattery. Sheri refers to Buttercup as the foundation queen enabling the cat lover to start a breeding program and help other people who love cats have their pets. There are currently no available kittens or cats, but you can keep checking the site to stay updated.

6. Yeti Coons

Yeti Coons, a small cattery situated in Northern Minnesota, specializes in European lines and polydactyl cats. However, not all cats are purely European, but they all have European bloodlines. Females cost $1495 while males cost $1695. Of course, pure European bloodlines and polydactyl felines cost much more. You can check the cattery’s website for available kittens.

You will then need to make a $200 deposit for your preferred kitten and complete the rest using PayPal before taking your kitten home. The breeder does not sell any breeding rights, and you are supposed to spay or neuter your cat within 12 months of purchase.

5. Aoibheann Maine Coons

According to the Aoibheann Maine Coons website, the breeders chose the Gaelic term “Aoibheann because it means “of radiant beauty and sheen.” The breeders pride themselves on providing Maine Coons that live up to the definition. They specialize in Europeans Maine Coons, breeding only from the finest European bloodlines because they love the way such cats look.

However, they prioritize health and ensure that all cats are socialized in readiness for being part of the family. If you want an Aoibheann Maine Coon, be ready to part with $2,500 and you must reserve your preferred cat with a 50% non-refundable deposit which must be in cash.

4. Maine Coons of Minnesota

According to Maine Coons of Minnesota, this breeder has been operating since 2002. It is family-run and is located in Glencoe. It focuses on healthy, pure-bred Maine Coon kittens so the litters are only a few each year. The kittens are raised alongside dogs, making them a great addition to any family as they are socialized. The breeder remains with the kitten till they are at least 12 weeks old, ensuring they are also litter trained.

Maine Coon

3. Exoticoon Maine Coon Cattery

While most catteries specialize in Maine Coons imported from Europe, especially Russia, this one goes the extra mile to also include American Maine Coons in its offering. This breeder keeps its prospective customers in the loop by updating pictures of available cats and kittens on its Facebook page. Unfortunately, there is no indication of prices as the breeder urges those interested in purchasing to reach out through private message.

2. Fancy Minnesota Maine Coons

This breeder is much cheaper compared to the rest since the kittens are available at $2,000. However, that is not to say they are less professional. They have gone the extra mile of telling the story of their first female Maine Coon who died from seizures to help pet owners prevent such fatalities. You will have to fill out a form for the breeder to assess your suitability to be a Maine Coon parent and once approved, you can reserve a kitten with a non-refundable deposit of $500.

1. Mara Topline Maine Coon Cattery

Brian and Cynthia Swanson began by breeding Boxer dogs in 2003 after their four children grew up and left the nest. It was a successful business, but breeding standard quality dogs and being involved in show events was hectic, leaving them with little time to spare for the family. So, the couple settled on breeding Maine Coons after Cynthia conducted intensive research.

They feed their cats a raw diet and recommend anyone who wants to adopt their kittens buy Feline Instincts. They sell each kitten at $2,684.50 inclusive of sales tax, and you must spay or neuter yours upon adoption.

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