20 Awesome Tricks You Can Teach Your Cat


Cats are interesting creatures that are a lot smarter than we like to give them credit for being. In fact, it’s dogs that are given the credit for learning cool tricks when cats are just as capable of learning how to do tricks of their own. These people have taken their cats and turned them into geniuses by teaching them to do things that no other animal in the world has the ability to do. If you’re looking for a new trick to teach your cat, perhaps one of these 20 awesome tricks will do it for you.

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Sleep When Necessary

Sometimes the greatest thing you can teach your cat is to sleep when it’s necessary. There is nothing worse than someone who can only sleep in positions that are considered perfect, such as a bed at home with down filled pillows and a high thread count sheets. I mean, sometimes they have to rough it and being able to do so without a problem is really a good trick to know.

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Stand Watch 

This is a cat with a very enterprising owner. Her owner knew that she didn’t need a guard dog or a gun. She has a cat, and there is no reason on earth that cat cannot learn to watch over the house when there is no one home, or when everyone else is sleeping or busy enjoying life. And by the looks of things, it’s something this cat is particularly good at doing.

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Blend Right In 

There is no cooler trick on earth than blending right into your surroundings, as this cat has learned to do with ease. No one will ever notice him here in the middle of the sink like he is part of the decor. I mean, that’s a good skill to have in case there are intruders or in case you just need to rest without anyone bothering you for a while.

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Use the Grill 

What better trick is there to teach a cat than to use the grill? This animal knows that the key to his owners heart is to make a hearty, healthy meal. The only problem we see with this one is other people thinking that the cat might make a good meal instead of a good cook. So there should be a bit of parental supervision with this one.

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Stand Up for What’s Right

Or just stand up in a box that is a tenth of the size of the cat. Now that’s an impressive trick. I imagine that this is the cat equivalent of an adult human trying to stand up inside of a baby shoe without moving even an inch standing perfectly still.

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Make the Best of Every Situation

Most people are not even capable of doing this trick. They cannot make the most of any situation when you think about it. But this cat, however, has decided that living in a neighborhood that’s clearly not safe enough to do without bars on the windows is not that big of a deal. It’s just a nice place to take a nap and enjoy a little of the great outdoors, as well.

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Make Eggs

A cat that can cook seems like a nice trick, right? Ignore the fact that it’s probably the least sanitary thing that ever occurred in any house ever and you probably have a very nice little addition to your life. A cat that cooks, eggs at least, might make breakfast time a little easier for the entire family. And you cannot argue with that one.

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Get Dressed Up

The old excuse that a cat cannot put on his own shoes and get dressed up is crazy. Why can’t the cat look nice on the holidays, too? And teaching the cat to accessorize is a really unique trick that I’m certain no one else you know has taught their cat. You could be the person with this cat; the cat that looks good and makes you happy. Beat that other people.

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Stay Warm 

If you’re a parent with small kids, you know that it’s impossible for them to do things like get their own blanket and make themselves warm. That’s why having a cat that you can teach this trick to will be very helpful. It’s just one less person you have to worry about when the weather is just a little bit cool and a lot enjoyable.

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Moving is never fun, but a cat that can help you load boxes – now that we can get on board with. A cat that learns this trick is going to prove invaluable. In fact, you can probably rent out this cat to other people for a nice fee, buy an even bigger house with your newfound wealth and really live it up. And the best part is that your cat will be able to help you with that.

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Make Copies

In my house, I’ve learned that any task I can delegate to someone else saves me time and allows me to work more so that I can become more successful. So why not teach the cat to make copies so that you can get more work done, spend more time with the kids or just enjoy the little things in life instead of the tedious things that life has to offer?

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Recognize Potential in Everything

This basket, to some, might seem like a fairly unattractive piece of decor. To this cat, however, it seems like a wonderful spot to stop and take a bit of a rest. And that’s why teaching your cat to see the potential in everything in the house is a nice little trick. You’ll soon discover uses for things you did not even know existed, and that’s just half the fun.

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Make New Friends

A great trick for any cat to learn is to make new friends, and to not be discriminate about whom it becomes friends with. This cat was clearly taught the awesome trick of never judging a book by its cover so that it would end up being friendly with the dog. See? There is a possibility that anyone can make friends in weird places.

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Be Whatever it Wants to Be

A wonderful trick all cats should learn is to be whomever they want to be. This cat clearly wants to be a food item of some sort, but someone taught him that it’s okay to be that. Everyone could use this lesson, and it will do us well to realize that we shouldn’t question what it is that others do want to be in life. We should just let them go.

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To Rise to the Top 

Everyone wants to be on top, right? Why not teach the cat that he or she can do the same? Someone clearly taught this cat that it’s a good idea to rise to the top so that he or she could learn to enjoy life to the fullest and to make sure that he or she is always on top. And it worked. You can teach your cat to do the same.

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Make the Best Use of Space

Sometimes space is at a premium, and knowing how to make the most of the space that you have is a great trick to have in your back pocket. And that is just what makes this cat even cooler than you think. It knows very well that it can make the most of things like a lack of space, like sleeping on top of the dog so that it doesn’t take up any more space on the sidewalk. There you go.

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How Not to Cut Corners

Isn’t it just a drag when someone else cuts corners and leaves you picking up the pieces? Well, this cat learned that cutting corners is not worth it. This cat likes to make sure that every corner is taken care of, and it’s a cool trick you can teach your own cat, too. Get on it; this is a good one to teach an animal in your care.

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To do Laundry 

To be fair, laundry is the worst. I don’t mind washing it and even transferring it to the dryer. But when it comes to putting the laundry away, please don’t make me do it! This cat has very ingenious owners that decided it might be a very good idea to go ahead and teach the cat to do laundry on his own. We don’t hate the idea, really.

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To Make Tea

As a woman who is not feeling well at all today, I would love for someone to make me some tea and bring it to me in bed. Unfortunately, my husband is at work and I trust not one of my children to play with anything even remotely warm, so that’s out. I need to teach my cat how to use the teapot so he can take care of me when I need it the most.

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How to Work Productively 

There is nothings worse than a person who cannot work productively and that does not know when to take a break to recuperate and regroup. This cat, however, knows just what to do to make things better at work; rest. He’s taken a quick nap and I’m certain he will be back to work and better than ever in no time, right?

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