20 Cat Tricks That Will Amaze You


Everyone is always giving dogs this insane amount of credit for being able to do things like shake hands and roll over, but no one ever gives cats credit for doing the same things. In fact, it’s probably because cats aren’t so desperate for attention that they’ll do anything for nothing. These cats, however, are fairly talented and quite impressive in their abilities to do things that most other animals cannot do. It’s worth a few minutes of your day to see what these cats are all about. Their talents are enviable and exceptionally awesome. We promise you have not seen cats that do tricks this cool in your entire life.


Smart Cat

This smart cat knows he’s got some serious skills, and he is quite happy to show them off for those who want to take the time to watch in awe.

A Cat or a Dog?

Is this a cat or a dog? It’s hard to tell with all the amazing tricks this super cat can do.

Can You do This?

Me either; so it’s okay to admit defeat, I promise. This is a seriously impressive cat with some serious skills.

The Circus Cat

This cat has more talent than some other circus animals that I’ve seen in recent years. I think that my kids are a bit disappointed our own cat can’t do this.

When One Door Opens…

It might have just been the cat. Seriously, it could be opportunity unless you live with this cat. Then it’s the cat and you should wonder about this.

The Cat that Listens Better than Kids

This cat actually listens better than my kids, and that’s a pretty interesting proposition. I can’t even tell you how nice it is to see an animal actually listening and doing something useful.

This Cat is Awesome

This cat does dog tricks better than some of the dogs I know, and that is a pretty interesting topic of discussion. I guess cats are just smarter than dogs.

This Cat is the Dawg

Okay, it’s not really a dog. But it’s a cool cat with some seriously good dog tricks. It’s sad when dogs are better at things than humans, right?


Anything for a Treat

This cat is happy to do anything for a treat. He’s not even looking to do it later. He wants his treats now, and that’s just how it’s going to be.

The Door Opening, Play Dead Cat

I’m pretty impressed by this cat’s ability to open doors and even it’s ability to play dead, but I cannot say that I’m overly impressed with the cat of pinning a clip to the back of its neck. That doesn’t make me happy.

This Cat is Learning

This video makes it seem really easy to teach cats how to perform the coolest tricks around, and we really like that about them. Of course, we’re all trying it now, aren’t we?

The Protector

This cat might not be doing an actual trick, but it’s not all that common to see a cat so protective of a baby. In fact, sometimes cats and babies don’t even get along all that well. This cat, however, has made a huge difference in the life of this kid and he’s going into protective mode.


The Cat that Took on the Dogs

This is a trick that most cats would not bother with, but this cat is on it. He’s going to protect any and everyone from the dogs in his life, and that’s just how it’s going to be from now on.

The Cat Teaching People Tricks

This cat isn’t doing a trick of its own, but it did teach its human a trick and that’s a pretty neat deal. This cat has tricked its human into knowing when to pet him, and it’s kind of seriously impressive.


Cats Behaving like Humans

These cats think that they are humans, and they’ve acting like it all over the place. It’s not a bad trick.


The Escape Artist

This cat is so smart he had to help a dog escape. That’s not a bad piece of knowledge to have on hand, you know.

Now that’s a Trick

If you can get your cat to talk by teaching it English, you win at life. That’s all.

Talking Cats

These cats are so smart they can talk to one another and make their humans stop what they are doing to watch it and capture it on film. That’s an impressive trick to teach a human, cats.

The Cat the Cries like a Baby

It might not be something that’s really a trick, but it’s a cool talent that this cat has that your cat does not have.

The Cat Every American Idol Auditoner Needs

This is the cat that will save a million young men and women from embarrassing themselves on national television thanks to the fact that it’s not going to sugar coat anything.

Photo by Putu Sayoga/Getty Images

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