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Most people recognize these adorable kittens because of their folded ears, but were you aware that not all Scottish Fold cats are born with folded ears? In fact, it takes three weeks for any Scottish Fold to appear with folded eats. If, after three weeks, a kitten’s ears do not begin to fold, they never will. However, these cats are still considered Scottish Folds. They are among the sweetest and most adorable kittens in the world, which is precisely why people love them so much. Their popularity makes them difficult to come by, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get one. You simply need to find the right breeder and pay the hefty price for one of these gorgeous creatures.

Twin Kittens

What’s cuter than one Scottish Fold kitten? Only two of them, that’s what’s cuter. These sweet kittens are in love with playing together, and their antics just make our day. There are few things in life as sweet and innocent as babies (of any species) that interact with one another and play together, but these two kittens have a special sort of bond that makes us sigh a collective, “Awwwwww,” with one another. Twins are adorable (I should know, I have my own who are about to turn 7 months) and they’re adorable no matter what they are; humans, kittens, etc. Nothing is better than one cute baby than two cute babies. Of course, these kittens are even cuter because of their sweetly folded ears and their genetically blessed makeup.

Cute Kitten Playing

When a kitten plays, it doesn’t matter what it’s doing. It really doesn’t. Kittens are the cutest animals in the world, and I dare anyone to argue that point. There are other cute animals, but once you watch this video of some lucky person’s adorable Scottish Fold, you won’t be able to control yourself. You’re going to want one of your own, and you’re not going to be able to stop yourself from looking up local breeders or seeing if you can find one at the local pet adoption center. Kittens are sweet on their own, but when they’re enjoying themselves and a game of whatever it is they are playing, it’s even cuter than normal.

Kitten Plays with a Ball

This is the cutest cat of the day. Playing with her ball, she is just so innocent and sweet. She’s not actually doing anything even remotely interesting if you think about it, but that doesn’t seem to detract from the fact that she is beyond sweet. This adorable little kitten wouldn’t turn any heads if she was a bigger cat or any other breed, but because she is this breed, this small and this sweet, we could watch her swat this ball around the house all day long.

Water Polo Games

We know people who don’t even have as many athletic skills as these cute kittens. What a fun video! Whoever had the insight to put a ball in a bowl of water and let cats play with it is a genius. They’re even more of a genius for actually taking the time to film it and share it with the rest of us. These kittens aren’t so bad at the game, either. They have some skills, and we bet they play on a regular basis. They’re just too good not to have some serious practice playing the game. This video made our day. We don’t want to spoil it, so go ahead and watch for yourself so that you can see just how cute – and talented – these kittens really are.

Kittens and a Roomba

No one likes to clean the house, but the Roomba does make it significantly easier to do so. And it’s so much fun to let someone (or something, in this case) else do the floors for you. You get to have clean floors and you put no effort into cleaning them. But what makes this video even more awesome are the adorable kittens that want to play with the roomba. Seriously, it’s the cutest thing we’ve seen all week. We want a roomba and a couple of cute kittens. We bet all houses across America would get cleaned more often if people had a few of these kittens and a roomba to help them do the job in a way that’s just too cute not to want to do all the time.

Kitten in Bed

Sometimes you just want to spend the day in bed, but you probably don’t want to be filmed doing it. However, this sweet Scottish Fold has no problem with the camera in her face as she plays, lounges and appears to get comfortable in her bed. She doesn’t care who is watching, or who isn’t watching. All she knows is that she likes where she is, it’s comfortable. And she has no problem being filmed while she relaxes in bed. Thankfully, or we wouldn’t be able to see this sweet video.

Scottish Fold and the iPad

Who here has thought to put the iPad on the floor and let the kitten play a game on it? I’m going to admit that I have not had this bright idea, but someone did and it was genius. This kitten is too cute playing games on his owner’s iPad. If you thought these devices were great for keeping the kids occupied, imagine how little trouble they’d get into if you had a kitten this small and cute and you let them all sit down with the iPad for some fun? We think it’s a great idea!

Being Tickled is Cute

This Scottish Fold kitten just loves to be tickled, and who can blame him? It looks like fun! Kittens are well known for enjoying some one-on-one time with their owners, and for being able to enjoy scratching, petting and other things that people don’t love when others do to them. This kitten loves to be tickled, and watching him as he soaks in the adoration of his owner is just adorable. These are the cutest kittens in most people’s opinion exactly for reasons just like this.

On the Prowl

This Scottish Fold kitten is one that has a sweet face, so when you see one that look serious and on a mission, it’s even sweeter than usual. This particular Scottish Fold kitten has managed to do just that. It looks like the kind of kitten that has something serious to do/see/be. He is on a mission to find something or attack someone, and he means business. There are few things in life cuter than this cat looking to find what it is he wants to find. Just call this kitten Bond, James Bond.

Protein Powder Curiosity

The manufactures of Protein Powder need to consider their current spokes model obsolete and hire this kitten to do the job of promoting their goods for them. I mean, how cute is this kitten just hanging out inside a protein powder bottle? I bet dieting never looked so good to the people who have to consume this stuff. Let’s just start a letter-writing campaign to the makers of this product and ask them to use this kitten, because we’d all buy the product if it meant getting to see this adorable face on a regular basis.

A Day in the Life

There have been numerous television shows that follow famous faces around for a day. Some of them follow not-so-famous faces around for a day. How about we skip the dramatics of the famous and the fame-hungry and we focus on following around adorable pets on a daily basis to see all about their days. This Scottish Fold kitten is a great example of the kind of animal we could see more of. It’s hard not to think that this cat has a great life, and the fact that it’s so cute just makes it that much greater.

Standing Up

We know dogs will stand on two legs if you instruct them. It’s how they beg. Cats, however, aren’t much for begging. They’re a bit more dignified than that. They don’t often beg for anything. They’re too busy glowering at their owners for disturbing their peace and/or making stupid faces at them they find ridiculous. It’s just how cats roll. This cat is one that does not have that kind of issue in life. This cat finds his owners to be worth of his attention and his begging. Well, at least he finds something on his owner’s counter that’s worth standing up to see.

Feed Me, Feed Me

This is a Scottish Fold kitten. He is cute. He is also very hungry. What’s cute about this kitten is that he’s not afraid to speak up to let his owners know that they need to feed him, and they need to feed him right this very second. Seriously, if they don’t feed him right now, he’s going to have the dog for a snack. We’re kidding, of course, but that’s what we imagine this sweet kitten is trying to say when he’s meowing for lunch like there is no tomorrow.

Being Cute

Sometimes cute cats don’t have to do much more than just be there on camera in order to be considered cute. This is certainly one of those cats. This adorable Scottish Fold is about as cute as you get, and he’s not doing anything really interesting. He’s not flushing the toilet or baking cookies. He’s just living his life and not caring what other people think. It’s a shame, too, because what other people think is that he’s downright adorable. There are probably people wishing they had him in their own homes just so that they could be surrounded with this kind of cute on a daily basis.

Popular White Kitten

This white kitten is so cute that she has her own sort of paparazzi. The cameraman in this video has found his way beneath the table to film this cute cat doing nothing more exciting that just being cute and hanging out on the table. If this cat could talk, she’d probably tell us that now she knows what it’s like to be Jennifer Aniston just trying to get a pumpkin spice latte without being bothered on her way home from the gym.

Skateboard Skills

Sometimes pet owners have genius ideas. This pet owner’s genius idea is to put his cat on a skateboard. It doesn’t immediately seem like an idea that’s amazing or wonderful, but it does seem like something that maybe, possibly, might just turn out cute instead of terrifying. Fortunately for viewers – and the cat in question – this cat has some serious skateboard skills. Of course, it’s just something you’re born with. Or maybe he just has a lot of practice riding his owner’s skateboard. Either way, we are pretty positive that even Tony Hawk would be impressed with this cat’s skills and abilities on the skateboard. If not, we’d be disappointed.

Cute Compilation

To end your day on an even cuter note, we have this glorious compilation of adorable Scottish Fold kittens for you to watch. They’re sweet. They’re funny. They’re tiny, and they are definitely cuddly and adorable. Who doesn’t want to have one of these cats as a pet? Go ahead and take the time to watch this video so you can enjoy all the sweet, cute, and adorable behavior that Scottish Fold kittens provide for their owners. And then start your search for one of your very own online.

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