20 Cat Memes That are Simply Unforgettable

A picture is worth a thousand words. When you slap a caption on that picture, it becomes a social media sensation and a new meme has been born. Cats make some of the best poster children for humorous memes. This is because of their zany antics and the crazy expressions that are often plastered across their faces.  We’ve found the top twenty most famous cat memes to share with you and we’re pretty sure you’re going to get a great dose of nostalgia from here.

Let’s do this:

1. I have to run as fast as I can

This is the funniest cat meme that we’ve seen in some time. The creators couldn’t have chosen a better cat for the job. His eyes are huge and they are so expressive that the caption sums it up perfectly. You see more than fear in his big round eyes, there is actually a hint of trepidation and dread. You can easily read multiple emotions in this one in a million shot. He has that “oh crap” look of fear and it goes perfectly with a few different scenarios. He’s either been caught doing something diabolical in the house or there’s a big, mean, hairy dog coming into the room. This is a meme for anyone who has pulled something and needs to get out of town fast.

2. Invisible positive pregnancy test

This cat has got it going on. He has the look of a kitty that has just received the worst news of his life. It doesn’t seem possible that a feline could look so much like a human, but he certainly does. His mouth couldn’t possibly open any wider, nor could his front legs stretch out any further apart. The claws are coming out and he’s about ready to lose it in this hilarious meme that caught the kitty in a perfect pose of horror. In all likelihood, he was probably just having a lot of fun playing around, but the caption for this meme fits so well that it’s nothing short of a work of art. Use this to show your friends your true feelings when they pull a dumb stunt on you. The meme stands for getting news that you really would rather not have gotten.

3. Anything Grumpy Cat

The real name of the famous Grumpy Cat meme is Tardar Sauce. She comes across looking like the meanest and most disgusted cat in the world. in real life, she is actually a real sweetheart who lives with her pet family in Arizona. She has a medical condition that is called feline dwarfism. One of the characteristics of the disorder is a very distinct underbite. This makes her face look pouty and somewhat disgruntled. The meme which was created with her picture is one of the most widely used memes to indicate sarcasm or some mutated form of negativity.

4. Thermometer goes where?

This cat is shocked to find out that he’s about to experience something really unpleasant. This is a famous meme that is used when someone feels fairly convinced that they’ve just taken one up the tailpipe. It’s one of the more popular memes that tells the world how you’re feeling about your situation. This poor cat looks like he can’t believe what he’s just heard and it seems to be the reaction that you’d have just before the fight or flight instinct kicks in. You’re either gonna take off running or put on the boxing gloves if you’re throwing this meme out on your timeline.

5. If we all had thumbs we’d be snapping

How cool are these cats strolling though the alley looking big and bad. It looks like a scene out of the movie “West Side Story,” except they’re kitties. About the only thing that is missing here are the leather jackets and maybe a pair of shades for the head honcho. This particular meme has a lot of different uses. You could post it to be funny, or it could be a social commentary on the inflated behavior of some dude that thinks he’s too cool for his own skin. It would be particularly offensive if the guy has a following of lackies that stand behind him whenever he tries to look tough. It serves a lot of different purposes, and depending on which side of the fence you’re on, it could either be hilariously funny, or maddeningly insulting. Point of view has a lot to do with how funny a particular meme is.

6. It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again

You really have to be familiar with the whole Buffalo Bill thing to really get this popular theme but there are quite a few Hannibal Lecter fans out there that think this meme is hilarious. Buffalo Bill was the character that kidnapped plus sized women and held them in his basement for a period of time. He would make them put lotion on their skin so it would be soft and supple. When he figured they were soft enough, he would kill and skin them, then wear their skin. The cat looks a lot like the deranged serial killer in the movie and the menacing look on his face as he stares over the edge of the tub fits in perfectly with the intended social reference to the movie. There’s a little irony involved because the kitten is so tiny and fluffy that it makes it all the more hilarious.

7. It took Ralph six minutes to realize the balloon wasn’t going to come back.

Yep, this guy isn’t that quick on the uptake. The famous kitty in this meme looks like he’s waiting for something that just isn’t going to come back. You can almost see that he’s showing his claws as it dawns on him that he’s been wasting his time, and he looks like an idiot in the process. This cat meme reminds us of somebody that we know and when this is the case, it’s pretty funny. If it doesn’t make you laugh then maybe it’s hit a nerve…Yikes!

8. Get off the table! You’re not my real mom

There is little doubt about the intent on this popular meme. The housewife seems to be barking out a reasonable request, but the spoiled rotten cat is challenging her authority. The darned cat has turned out to be the champion of the stepchild’s cause. Most step parents can relate to this meme and there are times when it could be considered funny, and other times, probably not. What intensifies the effect of this particular meme is that the cat has a snotty look on his face and his mouth is opened so wide that you can nearly see down his throat. He means business and we can almost feel the frustration that the “mom” must be feeling. Hey, it’s a highly relatable meme.

9. The awkward moment

The two cats in this meme play out the awkward moment when the person you’re making fun of is right behind you. The offender has just achieved a full squint because he knows he’s been caught talking smack. The cat in the background has that inquisitive look that seems to be questioning, “why would you say something so awful about me?” This is a classic meme that brings back a lot of cringe worthy moments for the majority of us. Who hasn’t made a mistake or two?

10. Burial at sea meme

This cat is looking out over the ocean and it really looks like he’s pondering something heavy. The meme reads, “There is nothing quite so good as burial at sea. It is simple, tidy, and not very incriminating.” This meme aptly describes those moments in time when someone has offended you so grievously that there seems to be no other alternative than giving them a trip to the bottom of the sea with cement galoshes. It’s all in fun though. You’d never actually carry the plan through, but it makes you feel better at the time. We’re not so sure about the kitty though. He looks completely capable of sinking the cat that ticked him off. The gist of this meme is that sometimes people can be very exasperating. It has nothing to do with actually murdering them. It’s more of an expression of extreme disgust.

11. “Don’t ask. Just get me the super glue dissolver.”

This guy has his back turned and he doesn’t really want to show his face. It’s the perfect meme for describing the do it yourself enthusiast who should probably have hired someone to do the job. People who can’t admit to making a mistake would be able to take their place right beside this cat. The meme is one of the more popular ones in circulation and the reason why is that it probably describes a quarter of the population. Who doesn’t have someone like this in the family or at least know of someone that gets themselves into similar stupid situations? Like, when we do something idiotic we really want to talk about it? Yeah, don’t ask.

12. Hilarious

This cat represents everyone who can’t take a good joke now and then. He’s looking fairly ticked off with his ears slightly back and a highly peeved expression. “Hilarious now let me back in” is the caption under the cat who is glaring into the window at the person who locked him out. The meme serves its best purpose for either pointing out that somebody doesn’t have much of a sense of humor, or it could go the other way in making a statement about the practical joker that is always doing something to get your goat. Either way, its funny, and amazingly popular, appearing quite often on social media sites.

13. “I got stuck so I went to sleep.”

This fluffy fat kitty is the representative of all lazy persons who are apt to give up when things don’t work out like they’d planned. This easy going cat tried to find a comfortable place to sleep on the barbecue grill, but he slipped through the grates. Instead of getting up to reposition, he just laid there because it was too much trouble to get up. It’s a cute picture that’s really funny, but it speaks volumes about some of the attitudes that are alive and well in society. There are people who are uncomfortable, but they don’t want to take a few minutes to change their position. This meme represents an attitude that generally results in hard luck stories. It’s more about people who are too laid back to take action to improve their lives.

14. “Remember Diet! Remember Diet! Remember Diet!

This is another favorite meme that dieters can easily relate to. The cat is using every ounce of his will power to resist eating that big juicy rat that is being offered him. It’s almost as though it’s being forced on him, but he’s steeling his resolve to resist the terrible temptation of giving in to his strong desires to absolutely devour the thing.

15. “Do not leave me I can change”

This meme is popular among younger crowds where drama in relationships is nearly constant. It’s a great commentary on both guys and girls who screw up in their relationship and then beg their partner to give the another chance. The cat is hanging on to his pet parent’s pant legs and it doesn’t look like he’s going to let go any time soon. This is the equivalent of the lover that stands in front of your car when you’re trying to leave the driveway. They make it physically difficult to go and there are times when their actions border on being pathetic. It’s only funny if you’re not the one that made the mistake.

16. “I may be schizophrenic…but at least I have each other.”

This little black cat has a serious problem, but he’s still cute. He’s the poster kitty for people who are a little off but to them, it’s not really a big deal. It’s one way of looking on the bright side of any situation, no matter how big the problem really is. The meme is popular partly because there are a lot of people who can see the humor and relate to it, and partly because the kitty is a real cutie.

17. “What am I doing with my lives?”

Here is another popular meme that asks a question that is very pertinent in today’s society. The cat, of course has nine lives, so he’s wondering what in the world he’s doing with them. It’s a meme that shows a person is questioning their life course and may have some confusion about why they are in the situation that they are currently in. A lot of us can easily relate to this because we’re either there now, or at least have been at some point in our lives. The cat’s expression truly says it all… fairly empty and at a loss.

18. “The cat traps are working.”

Here is another famous meme that shows three cats all sitting in cardboard boxes that are spaced a distance apart. Could it possibly be that cats are creatures of habit and you can easily predict what they’re going to do under certain circumstances? Yep! The same is true for certain people. They become so predictable that all you have to do is set the cat traps out and they’re going to take the bait.

19. “Mike soon regretted the day he swallowed a magnet”

This is another famous meme of a cat that has his backside against a metal railing. It looks like he’s stuck there but he’s actually just stretching his entire body. The meme infers that some people haven’t learned the rules of cause and effect yet. They’re the ones that fall into the habit of making a poor choice that comes back to bite them in the butt later. Part of the appeal of this particular meme is that it’s really silly and the caption fits so well with the positioning of the cat. More than anything, it’s just hilarious to look at even if there is no symbolism or intention behind it. Cat’s are amazing creatures and they keep us smiling.

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