20 Things Only Cat Owners Will Understand

Seasoned cat owners know what they’re getting into before they bring a new kitten into their home, but it is well worth the headache because the rewards out weight the bad times. If you are a cat owner, you understand precisely what we’re talking about. If you are not a cat owner, but are considering becoming one, then you should keep reading so you can find out what is about to happen to you. Becoming the pet parent of a cat involves making a serious commitment and if done right, will require some significant segments of your time, but trust us when we tell you that owning a cat has the potential for being one of the best moves you’ve ever made. Here are twenty things that only cat owners will understand and appreciate.

1. Sunbeams and lasers are magic from the gods

Cats are usually very playful creatures by nature, especially kittens. There is little that is more entertaining for them than to watch light filter in through a window and then try to bat it with their paws. While this is more sedentary joy for them, the ultimate fun comes if you happen to have a laser pointer or a modern electronic cat toy that shoots out beams of light. These fun-loving creatures could spend hours chasing lights, having the time of their lives. The added benefit is that watching them is entertaining as well as relaxing. We could all use a good laugh now and then and cats are great pets for making us smile.

2. There is no animal cuter than your kitten

You knew after just one glance that you had to take this cute little critter home with you. Honestly, there have been studies performed that reveal the face of a kitten has a round shape, with large eyes that reach into your very soul, and this is the grand design that nature intended to make us feel protective over kittens so they have a fighting chance of survival. They hook you with their super cute looks and once you bring your kitten home and get to know him, his cute little antics and playfulness make you believe that he is the smartest and funniest kitten on the face of the earth. This is a phenomenon that occurs with cat lovers. When you get two or more of the together, the effect becomes exponential.

3. Cats love to stalk their prey, even if it’s you

This is another adorable things about cats that owners experience. Because cats love to play, they are constantly on the lookout for something that will keep them amused. This could include a mouse that rounds the corner in front of them, or the slipper that is dangling off the end of your foot. Watching the go into their instinctual “stalk mode” is highly entertaining. When a cat wants something badly, it suddenly gains the wisdom of the ages and sits back to wait so it can pounce at just the right moment. These behaviors are entertaining, humorous and also impressive because it’s amazing to discover how much patience your cat is capable of developing over time.

4. Your cat will invade your personal space

Unless you train your cat to stay of of tabletops, countertops and other items in the house, he is going to find the most strategic and comfortable places to take his nap. This includes your work desk if this is an area you sit at frequently. Cats are social animals and when the mood strikes them to be around their humans, there is almost no way to stop the short of placing them behind a closed door. When your kitty feels lonely, he will snuggle near your feet or get right into your business while you’re trying to work. It doesn’t matter if you’re typing at your computer station or transplanting flowers in the garden, he’s going to be there, offering assistance.

5. You can’t be too thin skinned

Only cat owners would understand that their beloved feline pet can be dependent and clingy one minute and fiercely independent and not need you the next. This is just how it is with the temperament of most felines. They have distinct personalities and they often show a wide range of emotions. This can change at any time so you should be prepared when the moment comes when you want to snuggle and your kitty isn’t in the mood to spend time with you. Try not to get hurt feelings over the incidents, instead, just realize that this is the feline nature at work and understand that there are more good times coming for you and kitty in the future.

6. You may enjoy the company of your cat more than you do some people

When cats are not in a moody phase, they offer loyal companionship, tremendous amounts of affection, and all they ever ask of you is to be fed, watered, sheltered and loved. They offer in return years of entertainment and affection. They don’t complain about the neighbors or tell you that you need to be a better person. They accept you just as you are and this is one of the purest forms of unconditional love, which is a bit harder for some people to find in human circles.

7. Keep the swag ties out of sight

One of the most annoying things about cats is that they love to play with things that dangle down. This includes the ties that are used to hold your draperies back. The longer and the more ornate your tie backs are, the better your cat will enjoy playing with them. Don’t be surprised to awake and find that the neatly braided cords have been reduced to a pile of shredded thread because batting them around and chewing on the bottom knot can be too much for your cat to resist.

8. Tiny pawprints on your car

This usually only happens after you wash the car of course, but cats love to jump up onto parked vehicles and sun themselves. They don’t stop to consider that walking through a mud puddle first will cause them to leave an even pattern of itty bitty kitty paw prints wherever they walk on your vehicle. We’ve seen cars that look as though a stripe of kitty paw prints is dividing it evenly in half. It’s difficult to keep your kitty off car hoods on a sunny day because it makes the perfect place to take a nap.

9. You had better keep your kitty entertained or you’ll be sorry

Cat owners understand what we mean when we say this. Cats are by nature curious animals and most of them are very smart. This means that they like to be kept entertained. If there is not enough to keep your cat amused, he is far more likely to do things that meet with your disapproval. This is why it’s important to have his favorite toys within reach. Cats enjoy playing with toys that they can batt around at will. They also like to chew when they’re teething, but not as much as their canine counterparts. Choose toys that are safe for your pet. If you go with a squeak toy, make sure that the squeaking mechanism is deeply recessed into the toy so it won’t pop out and present a choking hazard. If you go with stuffed animals, they must be made of sturdy materials that will hold up under intense clawing and biting without splintering off into smaller pieces.

10. Your cat may seem bipolar

Cat owners understand that the Jekyll and Hyde personalities are just par for the course when it comes to cat ownership. Your cat will be the queen of attitudes which will reflect the snobbiest of all elitist behaviors one day and a humbler version of the pet you love on another day. This is understood by experienced owners who sign on for the gamut off attitude and mood swings that their pet is likely to experience.

11. Your cat will wake you up at midnight

Cats are notorious for waking their owners up in the middle of the night. Actually, this could happen at any hour, because they are nocturnal creatures who prefer to prowl around at night and sleep during the daylight hours. This is a natural instinct that is inborn with felines. It comes from the times before cats became domesticated and needed to hunt at night for their food. Their eyes are especially keen when it is dark outside which is another design of nature to promote the survival of the species. So, don’t be surprised to hear your cat exploring the house at night or playing with his favorite squeak toy, or even using your feet as a toy while you’re sleeping.

12. You become your cat’s servant

While not all cats have bossy or needy personalities, some are prone to letting you know when they want something. Siamese are a breed that can be extremely vocal and they will follow you around the house, offering their commentary on what isn’t going the way that they expect. Don’t be surprised if your cat nags you until you refill his food or water dish, or until you change his litter box or let him outside to get some fresh air. Some cat owners have gone through these struggles when their kitties have been in a particularly needy stage and it can be enough to drive you batty, but they usually pull out of it when you have rendered due benevolence and see that they have everything that they need.

13. What’s theirs is theirs and what’s yours is theirs too

Cats have a way of taking over the household and in their opinions, everything in the house belongs to them. Even your most prized possessions could end up in their kitty bed or under the furnishings of your home. If something turns up missing, there is a good chance that your kitty saw it, wanted it and the rest is history. Nothing is sacred when it comes to household belongings. If the object of their desire is shiny or interesting in some other way, it is fair game and if you want to keep it safe, it’s a good idea to keep it out of your kitty’s sight and out of his reach.

14. You may have a new bed buddy

It won’t really matter that you spent a small fortune to purchase the very best and most comfortable pet bed for your cat. Sleeping on your bed will always be his preference. While this can become an issue under certain circumstances, it can also be a benefit on chilly evenings and mornings. Your kitty can swap body heat with you and act like a miniature heater when the room is chilly. On the down side, you’ll need to wash your bedding more often to avoid looking like a sasquatch because of the amount of hair that your cat will shed onto your bed. It’s difficult to break them of the habit of jumping on your bed, but if you start when your cat is a small kitten, you’ll probably have better luck in this endeavor.

15. You really need a scratching post

Cats have a natural urge to sharpen their claws and there isn’t much that you can do to stop them. Your home furnishings and draperies make excellent materials for raking the old claws over for a good sharpening. If you want to prevent your cat from shredding the draperies and making deep grooves in wood furniture, it’s a good idea to give your cat a sturdy scratching post. There are some great ones available for sale, but if you don’t want to spend the money, all you really need to do is mount a wood post onto a heavy duty and sturdy base, then cover the entire surface with leftover carpeting. Cats love to use scratching posts to satisfy this natural urge. In most cases, cats prefer these to the furniture. You can even train your cat from a kitten to get into the habit of using a scratching post, so start early to protect the contents of your home.

16. Tomcats like to mark their territory

This is one of the nastiest smells on the face of the earth. Often referred to as tomcat spray, this is something that tomcats who are not neutered will begin to do in order to let other male cats know that they are coming into their territory and it serves a warning to stay away. Once this substance sinks into the fabric and cushions of furniture it is nearly impossible to remove so prevention is the recommended action. It helps to have your young male cat neutered as soon as possible. Allow them to have outside time and if they feel a need to mark territory, let them do it outside as opposed to inside.

17. Sometimes all you need is a paper bag

Cats absolutely love paper bags. They like to bat them around because of the cool crinkly sound that they make. Your kitty also enjoys crawling inside of the inviting darkness that the brown paper provides them. Because cats are bent towards being nocturnal, they like dark places almost as well as well lighted situations. For some of the best entertainment in the world, bring a large sized paper bag into your living room and set it on the floor with the opening facing on the side near the ground, then stand back and let the fun begin. Your cat will keep both you and he entertained for long stretches of time in one setting. This is perhaps the purest form of simple fun. The bag action will drive your cat crazy and this is why they are willing to spend so much time climbing in and out of it. This may be a good way to wear your feline friend out just before it’s time to go to sleep at night.

18. Cats are the smartest idiots you’ll know

It is true that most cats possess an above average level of intelligence. While each kitty is an individual, as a species they rank high on the smart scale. This is why it’s important for you to find ways to keep your kitty intellectually stimulated and challenged to avoid boredom. Cats are so smart that you can train them to do many things that a dog does, but there is one trick that absolutely takes the cake. Some cat owners have trained their felines to use the family toilet to conduct their personal business. While most people may find this hard to believe, you can look it up online and see for yourself. Cats are masters at solving puzzles and figuring things out. This is particularly true if they see something that interests them and they need to find a way to reach the item in question. They are great climbers but they are also strategists who plot their course one move at a time. Sometimes you can look into a cat’s eyes and see that they are making some rudimentary calculations.

While cats are smart animals, they can also act like the biggest idiots on the face of the earth. They don’t always perform the right calculations and sometimes when they are attempting to get from point A to B, they fail, and the pratfalls can be hilarious. Cats are not always surefooted creatures and there are times when they may misjudge distance, or become clumsy and fall on their faces. They don’t always land on their feet as the myth suggests. When a cat is feeling playful he is the most likely to throw caution to the wind and let his hair down. He’ll really act like an idiot if he’s had a dose or two of catnip. Cats are a wonderful mixture of smart and dumb that makes them the smartest idiots on the face of the earth.

19. Your cat is not easily impressed

When your cat has a bad attitude, it can be over in a few minutes or last for days. During these times, it seems that nothing you try will impress him. You can make a few attempts to cuddle or play with him only to be treated as though you are an irritating subordinate that has about gotten on his last nerve. The family dog may try to be friendly and play with him, but when he’s like this, it doesn’t really matter how good your relationship with him is, he’s not going to give you the time of day until he feels like it. When will that be, you may wonder? The answer still remains, not until he feels like it. Cats can get persnickety and there isn’t much that you can do until the dark cloud passes from over them and they once again feel like tolerating your company. While you may be able to adapt to this, don’t you dare try to pull the same thing on your cat, because he won’t be having any of it! You are his human, not your own.

20. Never look into your cat’s eyes

When your cat is pestering the daylights out of you and begging for table scraps, a good scratch behind the ears or something else that you really can’t give him at the time, do yourself a favor and avoid making eye contact. Once you lock glances with a cat in need, he’s got you right where he wants you, then when you’re pliable on an emotional level, he’ll really turn the screws on you. Cats can be very sweet and kind, but they also know how to use their wiles to guilt you into doing the things that they want at the time, so beware. It’s best to not make eye contact so you can avoid this whole messy affair. Besides, your cat needs to learn that there are times when the answer is no, and you can’t do his bidding on a twenty-four seven basis. Teach him early or pay the price later.

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