20 Cats Who Hilariously Made Bad Decisions


No one is purr-fect, not even cats. They make the same mistakes as the rest of us (yes, people make mistakes like the ones below, too) and they live to regret them for the time being. The good news is that cats are a lot more fun, a lot more forgiving and a lot more forgetful than people, so they usually go on to make the same mistakes multiple times – much to our enjoyment. No, we don’t like our cats to do dumb things, but we do love to watch them do dumb things. These cats show that even the most intelligent creatures make poor decisions at times – so very poor.

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Genie in a Bottle

Christina Aguilera made it sound so glamorous to be a genie in a bottle. And that big blue thing on Aladdin made it look like fun. So how come I feel neither glamorous nor fun at the moment? I really do regret this decision. That’s what I imagine this cat is thinking at the moment. He looks like he’s stuffed in here at the moment, and we can’t help by laugh even though it’s not funny. Okay, it’s funny.

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I Hate You 

This cat hates everyone, and for good reason. Rather than helping the cat out of this uncomfortable predicament, this ball of fur is completely annoyed that someone decided to stop and snap a picture. And they’re probably also using FaceTime to call their friends and family to show them what a hilarious mess the cat has found itself in yet again. We do have to admit it is kind of funny.

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Stop Staring and Get me Out 

No only is there nothing even remotely chocolate-y in this box right now, I’m stuck and you are not doing anything but staring at me. You know, it doesn’t seem that cool. This cat is not thrilled to be stuck in a box. To add insult to injury, he probably crawled in to help himself to whatever deliciousness was in there, and he was grossly disappointed to realize that there is nothing in there.

Photo by flickr


Please Don’t Sit Down

This cat is praying to the cat God right now that someone looks before they sit down. Otherwise things could get a little bit out of hand. What a mess. We’ve heard of change and food and hair ties hiding under couch cushions, but the truth is that it might not be a good idea to lose the cat under the cushions. Seems like it might be a bit of a dirty mess to us.

Photo by notinerd


Maybe the Cat Door Wasn’t a Great Idea 

A cat door does seem like a good idea if you have an animal that likes to come and go, but perhaps the people who own this house and this cat should have thought twice about the fact that this cat is a little bit larger than the average cat door. A doggy door might have been more appropriate in this particular situation, in our opinions. Now he’s stuck in a tight position – and he still needs to get outside to use the bathroom.

Photo by collegehumor


Fat Cat

The term fat cat is thrown around pretty loosely, but this one takes the cake. Actually, it looks like this one literally ate an entire cake or 12 and then realized that it was a mistake of epic proportions. This cat is regretting every single bite of food it’s inhaled over the past few months, and now he’s stuck there with nothing to do but think about his poor diet.

Photo by YouTube


Go Ahead and Laugh 

You know you want to. Just look at the resigned expression on the face of this cat. He knows he’s in trouble and he needs help from a human to get out of here, and he knows they’re going to take a dozen photos and he’s about to be all over YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. He knows. He’s not thrilled with it, but he knows what his life is looking like for the time being.

Photo by reddit


I Regret This

This cat always wondered why the people in the house wouldn’t let the kids in the house put plastic bags over their heads. Now, however, the cat understands that it’s not the brightest or safest idea around. Not only is it difficult to breathe, getting out seems to be a bit more difficult than the cat originally thought. That’s it, back to playing with the toilet paper hanging up in the bathrooms for this cat.

Photo by mirror


Stop Laughing

If ever I’ve seen a cat with a look of complete contempt and hatred on its face, it’s this cat. This cat looks as if it wants to punch everyone in the face. Unfortunately, this cat has no way of doing that thanks to the fact that it’s all tied up and not really having a very good time. Oh well. It seems to me like this cat needs to just unwind. Get it? Unwind!

Photo by instagram


Whose Idea Was This? 

This is what happens when humans put cat treats in a  plastic cup. I’ll stick my head in the cup, I thought. That will get the treat out, I thought. Now look at me. And no one cares. No one. Is this because I laughed at and mocked the dog for weeks after he had to wear that thing that looked like a lamp shade around his head? You know, it’s not all that funny. I’m not laughing anymore.

Photo by notinerd


I Don’t Like This 

This cat thought sticking her head in a Chinese lantern would be hilarious, right? Wrong; she’s not laughing now. She’s actually a little bit terrified, because she’s now stuck in a Chinese lantern and it doesn’t look as if anyone is going to help her out. Why is it that people seem to want to take photo after photo, but they don’t want to do anything like actually remove the cat from the lantern?

Photo by reddit


When in Rome, Nap

Well, this cat made a poor decision to get on the grill and it fell into the back. But this is a cat that doesn’t like to get all hot and bothered (snicker) about things like this, so it’s decided that instead of panicking, it’ll just take a nap. Because from the looks of this grill, people use it a lot so it won’t be long before someone discovers him here. He figures he will just ‘chill’ until someone rescues him.

Photo by reddit


A Deer in Headlights

Or a cat in a USPS priority mail box; whatever. This cat isn’t just scared, it’s terrified. Just look at those eyesHe’s seen how the postal people treat the boxes they leave on the front porch when they have packages delivered, and he’s not looking forward to being the next person thrown around and treated like that. Well, kitty kitty; you shouldn’t have taken the bet to climb into that small box.

Photo by reddit


A Very Fashionable Cat

We’ve heard of women wearing real fur before, but they usually wait until an animal has moved on and then its fur is used to create a coat. This cat didn’t want to wait, apparently, and thought someone might want a little something warm to put on at the end of the day. Apparently this is a cat that needs some attention and love since it’s looking for a cuddle in the closet. Regret; yes.

Photo by imgur


Supermodels do it Better

He saw a supermodel in the water in a Victoria’s Secret catalog and thought he could do it himself. Little did he know it’s not nearly as glam as it looks. This is a cat that realized that one about a second too late, but now he’s stuck with the ramifications of his decision. Fortunately for the rest of us, though, we get this photo. It’s priceless.

Photo by reddit


If the Shoe Fits

It doesn’t. The shoe doesn’t fit. But that did not stop this cat from climbing inside of it in the first place. Right now he’s passed out cold, though, thanks to the horrific smell emanating from the soles. Perhaps this cat was doing something selfless and trying to stop people from wearing it. It is, after all, not a very stylish shoe. He’s probably embarrassed to be caught dead in this shoe.

Photo by instagram 


Tastes like Chicken 

So they say; I don’t know. There was that one time though that we had some takeout that, despite saying it was chicken, tasted more like I imagine a cat would taste, so there’s that. But this cat really does regret his decision. Beef used to be what was for dinner, but now it looks like he’s what’s for dinner. It’s not a great place to end up stuck, though.

Photo by imgur


I Didn’t do It 

We think this particular cat is less regretful of his current location in a box and more regretful of something he did earlier. This just looks like what he assumed was a safe hiding place. Because he looks fearful of the people around him; he thinks he’s invisible, but it looks like he has the ability to get out of the box very easily.

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Tell me that this is not an exact imitation of that fat cat Lucifer in Cinderella when he’s slinking around a room filled with ribbons and bows and beads to keep Cinderella’s mice from taking them back to her room? It does, right? This cat has been watching entirely too much television in our opinion. Or else this is the world’s most hilarious cat Halloween costume. Maybe there is no regret here, and only creativity.

Photo by reddit


It Didn’t Look so Deep 

From the outside looking it, this basket did not look so deep. But now kitty regrets his decision to climb inside, because it’s not that easy to get out. Now he has to stick his feet in there and work his way to the top hoping that the basket doesn’t fall over in the process. Well, that’s what he gets for acting and then thinking. My mother used to discipline me for that bad habit.

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The Knob is on the Outside

This kitten made one fatal mistake; not realizing that the knob that opens this drawer is on the outside. Now that he’s in the drawer, he looks as if he regrets his decision to get in the drawer since he cannot open the drawer. Oh well, kitty. That’s what you get when you don’t double check tha tyour plan is foolproof. Obviously, it was not in this particular case.

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