The 10 Most Common Places Cats Like To Hide

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Cats can be masters of disguise. I pretend I don’t see mine all the time when he hides in the hall closet where we keep our daughters’ sheets and extra bedding. But he can open that pocket door on his own, get in and enjoy himself immensely. He also loves to hide atop the kitchen cabinets, using the island and the top of the fridge as his jumping points, and that makes me kind of angry. However, he loves it and that’s how he rolls. Cats are very sneaky and they are very good at getting into things and places and spaces they should not, which is why it’s not always easy to find them. I don’t know if your cat is like my cat, but sometimes it’s difficult to locate the cat and part of you wonders is he or she manages to get away when you opened the front door, garage door or if someone left the French doors open. There’s an occasional moment of panic when in this kind of situation, but we have some suggestions as to where you might commonly find your own cat hiding. There are so many more places your favorite feline friend might hide, but we have some suggestions you might add onto your own personal list.

Under the Bed

Some cats like to lie beneath the bed and hide from the world. Other cats, like my cat, like to lie under the bed and then work on clawing that sort of thin material at the bottom of the bottom mattress (box spring, I believe) to the point that there is an opening that he can get inside and hide in there. He’s done this to two of those now, and we figure he’s just desperate for some privacy.

In the Closet

All cats love a good, quiet, peaceful closet. But our cat loves a good, quiet, peaceful closet in which he can hop up on the middle shelf and hide in the far back corner on top of a stack of sweaters or something else of that nature so that we cannot see him. He does this in all our closets; he has not concern for the clean laundry on which he is lying.

Behind Curtains

We don’t do curtains in our house, but many cats will go find a perch on a windowsill behind one and hide there. They like the sunlight, they like the view outside, and they like to be in an area in which they can stand guard. If you cannot find your cat anywhere, check around here because there is a good chance he’s just perched behind a curtain.

On Top of Cabinets

Cats love to be higher than everyone else in the house so that they can keep an eye on what’s happening – and so you cannot reach them. If you can’t find your cat, check the kitchen. He might be sitting on top of your fridge and enjoying the view from the highest vantage point in the house.

Behind Doors

It’s a tricky move, but some cats will get in a comfortable position behind a door that’s open. You won’t think to look there since the door is open and it doesn’t seem that anyone could actually fit there. But cats are like little gymnasts; they can fit anywhere at any time without any issue. And that’s just how the cookie crumbles, you know?

Behind Décor

If you have a book shelf that has books or décor on it, you might find your cats behind this. They love to hide on top of or behind things that they feel will obstruct your view of them. We don’t know if they are actually trying to hide from you or if they are just trying to get comfortable somewhere they view as private, but either way; this might be the kind of place you need to stop and look.

On Chairs Pushed Under the Table

Our cat loves this location. We don’t see through the solid wood top of the table, and the chairs are low. They’re pushed in so we can’t see anything, and he will often find a place to sit right here on the comfortable cushions to hide from us. He loves to nap here and we often find him doing just that. Usually at dinner time once we’ve already set the table and then wondered how long he’s been sitting there near the food – or if he’s even been sitting there at all.

Behind Decorative Pillows

If you have a master bedroom with an elaborate bedding set like we do, you might find your cat curled up behind that mound of pillows your husband hates and does not understand. It’s a nice, comfortable place for the cat to hide and enjoy some good old-fashioned quality naps while you frantically search the house after realizing your kids just left the French doors open to the porch and the screen door open from the porch to the deck.

Anywhere Quiet and Dark

If you have a separate toilet room, you might find your cat lying in here in the dark sometimes on the rug. If you have a walk-in pantry with a lot of shelves, you might find the cat curled up beneath the bottom. If you have a laundry room with a big sink, you might find that the cat is perched beneath the sink in an attempt to look like he’s making an effort to hide from everyone. Essentially, anywhere dark and quiet seems like the perfect location for a cat around here.

At the Top of the Staircase on the Rail

Our cat loves this location since the only people that go upstairs in our house is us and our 1-year-old twins when we are carrying them to and from bed and naps. We have a wide railing and he likes to climb the stairs and perch himself on top of the far corner of the railing so that he can see all that is going on in the rest of the house. It’s creepy, and we are certain he will one day fall down.

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