20 Cats That Look Like Other Things

Cats are interesting pets and those who have owned one will tell you they are bossy animals. On the internet, there are all varieties of cats you might think about and some of these have been likened to some popular individuals because, to some extent, their faces look like the individuals they are likened to. Some of the examples shared below are hilarious and include very popular individuals and figures from shows you probably have watched. It is just mere comparison and nothing in bad taste, so take it lightly as that is exactly what it is meant for; a light moment.

Batman Cat

Lovers of batman will quite easily note this resemblance. The cat perfectly fits the description of a true look alike of the famous batman. What is more definitive of this look is the eyes and the ears that are perched straight up, just like the two pointing horns on the head of batman. Additionally, the overall shape of the face of the cat and batman rhymes. The cat seems like a confident person taking a selfie, which also matches the kind of seriousness on the face of batman.

This is an interesting comparison that fans of batman will love. Batman as is known by many is a fictional superhero who appears in comic books that are published by DC Comics. Batman the character was the invention of Bob Kane and Bill Finger and made the first appearance in #27 of Detective Comics.

Hitler cat

Many of us know what Hitler was famous for, and getting him compared to a cat might sound and feel awkward. But that’s not to say there is no way this photo crates a resonating resemblance between the two. In fact, there are more than one areas of their facial features that sync to qualify both photos for a classification as similar images. Just look at the hair of Hitler and go on the other side to compare with the black patch on the head of the cat. If that does not seem to create a pattern that makes them similar then you would be denying what is visibly clear. The moustache and the black patch below the nose of the cat creates a resemblance that is interesting. Additionally, the eyes are also a signature that speaks for itself across both photos.

Cat resembles roasted chicken

From a distance, you might jump into a conclusion it is chicken when in reality it is just a cat facing in the opposite direction. Compared to the chicken placed on the right side, the cat has a shape that rhymes with the real chicken. The back of the cat also has that brown color that is normally achieved when you roast your chicken well, just like it is demonstrated on the right with the real chicken.  The placement of the legs of the cat is also something to define the resemblance as they are positioned in the same manner as those of the chicken on the right. Put on the same comparison table and viewed from a distance, you would not easily distinguish which is chicken or the cat. The images will look like two pieces of chicken placed side by side. It honestly would take a keen observer to tell them apart, and this is not so easy unless you move closer.

Kitty Looks Like Dobby

This is one interesting comparison. Again, fans of shows like the one featuring Dobby will find this picture awesome. Indeed, it is an impressive comparison that captures various features of both sides. What brings out the resemblance loudly is the way the ears of both Dobby and the kitty are shaped. Although it might be lost on the eyes that the comparison does not sync effectively, their mouths bring back the resemblance. Don’t forget to look at the nose area to spot the plausible similarities between the two. Since the death of Dobby, his fans were left with void in their love for the show and seeing photos like this could help create some light moments as well as bring back memories of the scenes in which Dobby featured.

Cat Looks Like Jamie (Mythbusters)

Jamie Franklin is known for hosting Mythbusters with Adam Savage and those who have been following the show will on the first instance of seeing this cat get something out of its looks. Whoever took its photo must have thought about Jamie. Just look at how well the caps are aligned. You might imagine that Jamie was around when the photo of the cat was taken. But more interesting is the moustache on Jamie compared to the hair around the mouth of the cat. It looks just like the moustache on Jamie. Basically, the overall facial configuration of both photos is similar and even if you are not a fan of Mythbusters, it won’t be difficult to notice the way the two create a striking balance as far as looks go.

Cat Looks Like Wilford Brimley

This is another interesting comparison that will have you elated. That moustache on the cat is one of the most interesting features that make both photos a copy of the other to some extent. Wilford Brimley has the white moustache that overhangs on both sides and the cat seems to have perfected the art with something similar. You can’t even spot the lips on both characters, which one has to admit they are indeed hilarious. The color of the cat is also something that contributes largely to the likeness. I think even Wilford himself would find it interesting as it comes out in a unique way to create a comparison. He probably would want to have such a pet.

Kitty Looks Like Leonard Dicaprio

Leonardo Di Caprio is a successful American actor and film producer who has featured in several popular films including The Titanic. Well, apart from saying something about his career in film, seeing this cat might initiate a whole new conversation. Does that posture say something about the two? I think it does speak a lot. You might even convince someone Di Caprio was trying to mimic the cat, but in reality these are photos from different scenes. This can has been a common image on memes and probably you have seen it not once. It has been a perfect object for creating funny memes and even in this setting I think it does bring the element of fun sought after while making the comparison. If that posture doesn’t match with the one Leo is holding, then I don’t know if there’s a better way to try to make the comparison.

Cat Looks Like A Rug

Looks like the designer of the rug had thoughts about matching it sometime with his cat or something. Well, here comes the perfect match for your home, but you should be careful not to confuse the cat for the rug as this would not end well. But save for the lack of a head, the rug definitely takes the shape of the cat on the left. Not only the shape, but the texture of the fur as well and this helps to amplify the similarity and beauty of both. Only someone not keen would miss the similarity. This is a combination many people would love to have in their homes as it complements the overall beauty the mat is meant to infuse. You could achieve a decorative effect with the two.

Chaplin cat

Most of us have always known Chaplin as a great actor and producer. And his legacy is clearly visible for all. But this is not about film at all. It is just a simple comparison that will bring out the interesting side of both pictures. There are similarities in both that you cannot overlook. First, what was the objective of having the cat wear that cap? Well, this might just have been a random trial while probably taking some photos. But who thought it would end up creating a lookalike of Charlie Chaplin? The moustache area is one of the identifying features and those eyes as well speak something about the two. If Chaplin were a cat, then this would be it no doubt.

Pin Up Cat

That dress really complements her body and its color is warm and good for her contour as well. However, that’s not the topic entirely. See the cat on the left and try to deduce if there is an element of similarity that rings when you look at both. Indeed, the photos have a lot in common. The cat seems to be mimicking the mouth shape the girl is making. Its tail is also adding to the rhythm with the colors that resemble the dress of the girl. You might say the cat is tired of looking like a cat and it just decided it’s time it tried looking human, most specifically like a beautiful girl donning a stunning dress. It would be interesting to know what gets in the mind of the car if it realized it is a subject of comparison.

Cat Looks Like Einstein

We all know Einstein as the physicist behind the theory of relativity as well as helping set the pillar of modern physics, but who thought there would be such a cheeky comparison between his photo and that of a cat as shown? There is a lot that makes them appear similar and the first thing you must have noted is the tongue out gesture. You might think the cat knew it was making a face to mimic Einstein. Even the eyes agree to the similarity, the only thing that could have been done to make them more closely linked is using the same color pallet for both photos. Einstein is a historical figure who has influenced the philosophy of science and many of the scientific concepts specifically in physics that are used today find origin in his formulas and discoveries.

Yoga Cat

Yoga is awesome and those who have tried it understand clearly well its benefits. However, it has never crossed my mind that my cat could join me in yoga exercises as shown above. Well, the lady seems to understand the various yoga positions, but who knew the cat would be a worthy competitor? Its position speaks a lot and is something of a beauty to say the least. This is something not often seen in cats, so the gesture itself is something adorable. Animals especially cats can be fascinating and that’s why you need a pet to bring the light moments you desire in your life. You can never go wrong with the right cat breed, probably the same highlighted on the photo. Who doesn’t want such a flexible and playful pet?

Cat Looks Like An Owl

These are two animals that are unique in their own ways, but the similarity in their looks is so striking that if they were to be placed together you would not easily tell them apart. Starting with the color of the animals, the brown matches perfectly and makes them look like twins. If viewed from a distance, you will fall for one option; you will either think both are cats or owls. The eyes are another interesting section of the two that helps to emphasize their similarity. Not only their color, but also the overall shape of the two gives a link to the similarity prevalent in the two photos. The beak of the owl placed against the nose of the cat can also help to bring out their similarities. Such an interesting comparison.

Cat Resembles Chaning Tatum

Looking at the front legs of the cat in comparison with the way Chaning Tatum has placed his hands way up, there is a similarity in how both are doing it. Their facial expressions are also largely similar, so you might say this is a perfect comparison highlighting both. For those who don’t know about Channing Tatum, he is an American actor who has appeared in different films. His breakthrough as an actor came in 2006 when he featured Step Up, a dance film. This brought him to a wide audience and ever since he has developed his career as an actor. He is one of the coolest individuals in the film industry and his approachable character is something many of his fans adore.

Yami and Toothless

Fans of Night Furry have something to tickle their imagination. This cat was captured at the perfect moment while holding on to the perfect posture. What makes them so identical is their color and the general shape of their heads and positioning of eyes. These are among those photos that will confuse you to think it’s the same animal being highlighted if you view them from a distance. Also not to forget their noses and eyes that look perfectly aligned and similar. You might be wondering why Toothless was given the name and the reason is simply because he has retractable teeth. Instead of firing like other dragons, Toothless shoots lightning right from his mouth. He also moves swiftly and changes coloring to effectively hide from Vikings. It’s an awesome show that those who have watched will agree is entertaining.

Karate Cat

Karate is an awesome skill that many of us would like to acquire, but seeing a cat make gestures as if to suggest it is a karate expert one would be inspired to start classes today. That aside, the cat in the photo bears close similarity of gestures to the guy on the right. The placement of its front legs would much easily help to convince someone that this is a trained martial art cat that can fight using karate techniques. It’s an awesome skill that makes one feel more secure especially when you are assured that you are capable of defending yourself whenever minor attacks come your way. Karate is Chinese martial arts and is taught across the world, so if you ever imagined getting Karate skills you might want to look for a school that offers the same. Karate not only helps you to gain self defense skills, but it’s also a good way to ensure your body remains in shape.

Baby Lion?

A male lion is known to have that fur around its neck and the cat in this photo helps to demonstrate that quite clearly. The cat seems to have hair hanging on its neck that makes it look like a baby lion. Its facial expression also speaks boldness, a trait natural to all lions. Perhaps this might not even be fur as one might imagine, but the flesh over its neck that overhangs thereby creating the image that the cat has fur similar to that of a lion. But it would be reassuring to notice that the cat belongs to the same family as a male lion, specifically the Felidae family.


Back to star wars this time highlighting Chewbacca and the cat placed next on the left. There are few things that make them similar starting with the fur. The car seems to have rugged fur just like Chewbacca on the right. The way both are closing their eyes and gesture on their faces creates a perfect point for a comparison. Chewbacca has been working as a co-pilot to Han Solo while aboard the Millennium Falcon and he also was part of the rebel group that helped to deliver freedom to the galaxy. It is an interesting story line that those who have not watched will love to catch up with, so to connect with this you need to watch Star Wars.


Many of you who follow Chinese history and philosophy know about Ying Yang, which is basically a symbol that represents how opposite forces may be complementary and interdependent as well as the way they may lead to each other. The picture of the two cats sleeping will ring something when someone who has some recollection of Chinese philosophy sees them. They form a pattern that resembles the Yingyang symbol and it is a beautiful thing to look at. Just like the philosophy suggests, they seem to be interdependent and interconnected as they enjoy beautiful serenity.

Sean Penn

If you have watched This Must Be The Place, this image should help you deduce the similarity with ease. It includes Sean Penn, who stars in the movie. The cat on the right seems to have close similarity with the looks of Sean Penn on the left. This is especially so when you consider their eyes and how they both have positioned their heads facing up. I think Sean would find this a bit hilarious.

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