The 20 Cutest Siamese Cat Videos of 2014


It’s an oriental cat that has a very distinctive look about it. The Siamese cat is one of the most easily recognized cats in the world, and it’s one that is a popular pet to have at home. Its native home is Thailand, but it’s now found all over the world. What’s so distinctive about this particular cat, in comparison to other house cats, is the shape of the eyes. This cat has almond-shaped eyes that feature a blue color, as well as a large set of ears and rather triangular head. In combination with its very slender body, this cat is often considered odd-looking, though that never seems to deter buyers from wanting to purchase one as a house pet.

These are cats that are believed to have originated as far back as the 14th century. They have been known to exist in many ancient manuscripts. The very first once reached the United States in the late 1800s, and they became very popular very quickly, growing in popularity from that point forward.

Aside from its looks, the Siamese cat is a fun one. It has a big personality, and it is very much a people person. This cat has some serious attitude, and it’s known for being very vocal, which is what people love so much about it. These videos are all about adorable, hilarious and must-watch Siamese cats, which is why we’ve brought them all together just for you.


Talking Siamese

The Siamese cat is known for being a very talkative breed, and it’s because they love to hear their own voices. This adorable cat is having a great time just talking away, and doesn’t seem to mind having the camera in his face the entire time. It might just be us, but it seems like this particular cat is having a great time telling a great story, and we wish we could understand his language so we knew what he was talking about. It sounds fascinating!


Angry Siamese

Sometimes you have a bad day. Sometimes you have things happen that make you angry, and this Siamese cat is not a happy camper. If he could speak English and we could understand the words coming from his mouth, we’d all probably agree that he’s saying something highly inappropriate, and it’s hilarious. All that this video is missing is a few captions that will tell us what we think he’s saying, and it would be priceless.


Siamese Explains it All

See, what happened was….and we believe every second of the day that this is what this Siamese cat is trying to say. He saw what happened, and it’s about to go down. He wants us all to know where we stand, the truth of the matter and his opinion on the subject at hand. If only this adorable cat could actually talk so we’d know what he was saying! It would be awesome to hear his opinion and his point of view when it comes to what happened in his life today.

Talking Siamese Kitten

If there is one thing more hilarious than watching a Siamese cat carry on a conversation with a human as if we are going to answer him back, it’s watching a Siamese kitten do the same thing. What a sweet kitten! This little one has something to say, and she wants us to hear her out. Of course, she loves to hear herself talk, so she might just keep going from this point on, and that’s okay with us. We don’t like a rambler in person, but this cat can talk for hours and we’d be okay with that.


Talking Kitten With a Personality

Is it just us or does this particular kitten seem to have a great personality? It seems to us that this kitten is one that has something going on and wants everyone to know all about it. This kitten is so cute and so sweet, however, we don’t actually care what he’s saying. We just care that he’s saying something at all. We imagine this cat is one of the most popular cats at the vet when he goes, because he has the expressions to prove it.


Curious Kitten

Curiosity killed the cat, this we know. However, nothing is more adorable than this kitten and his very curious nature. We love a cat that wants to know what’s going on, and we love a cat that looks like he just wants to get into a bit of trouble. This cat looks like just the guy for the job. He looks like he’s about to do something he’s going to look back on one day and think that it was one of the best moments of his life. We can’t spoil the video for you – you’ll just have to watch it for yourself, but it’s totally worth it.


Cat Conversations

When cats have a conversation, it’s always funny. The Siamese cat is known for being very vocal. We have no idea what’s going on inside the minds of these adorable cats, but we do know that these are animals we’d love to carry on at least one conversation with. They have so much to say, and this particular conversation is one we haven’t yet grown tired of hearing. It’s a great video that deserves your time. If you don’t watch any of the others, make sure that you do watch this one!


That’s What Jack Says

When Jack has something to say, he wants you to know it. He wants you to understand his point of view. He knows what’s going on, and he has plenty to say about it. This is a cat that other cats probably go to when they need a little life advice. They probably turn to jack and ask him to please guide them and make them make better decisions. Why? If you watch the video, you’ll find out. But the simple answer is that it just looks like Jack knows exactly what it is he is talking about, and we dare you to say otherwise.


Cat in a Drawer

Who doesn’t love the idea of a cat being cute? They’re not always known for being the most social animals, but the Siamese cat is a little more social than other breeds of cats. This one, in particular, is apparently a social cat who enjoys specific comforts in life, not unlike most people. However, what his cat enjoys is the fact that he has drawers at home. He seems to like this as his place of choice when it comes to sitting down, and he’s not looking like he cares to go anywhere else if he’s not in his drawer.


Angry Siamese Heads Upstairs

What his Siamese cat is upset about is a mystery to us, but we know that whatever the issue is happens to be upstairs and in need of immediate attention, or the cat is mad at someone downstairs and is looking for a way to get away from the source of his issues right this second. Either way, he’s angry enough that he manages to stomp right up the stairs much like a woman would do if she was angry with her husband or kids. It’s hilarious to see, and we love this video.


Cat Loves to Bathe

Cats aren’t really known for their love of bathing, but this cat refuses to get out of the tub. It’s actually kind of funny considering the fact that cats hate water. They like to bathe themselves with their tongues, but this cat does not want anything to do with getting out of the water. Check him out while he ignores the fact that there is a camera in his face and people who obviously want him out of the water.


The Sweetest Meow

Cats meow; it’s just what they do. However, this particular cat has the cutest meow sound you’ll ever encounter. If you’re watching this video at work, we recommended you shut your door because you are going to want to turn this video right up so you don’t miss a second of this sweet purr. It’s just too cute not to share with the rest of the world, so we included it in our list of super adorable Siamese cats doing hilarious things.


Siamese Wants to Talk

Sometimes, people just want to talk, and cats are no different. They might not be able to say anything we understand, but they do have the ability to talk, and we like to listen. We know, at this point, that Siamese cats love to talk. We have no idea what they have to say, but this cat clearly wants someone to listen to what she’s talking about. She’s hell-bent on having a conversation with someone, and she’s not stopping until they’ve had a chance to hear her out.


Siamese Greeter

It’s usually wives with cranky toddlers, kids and dogs that greet men at the door with this much excitement, but in this video, it’s the cat. Cats are not particularly well-known for their overly excited personalities or their care that people are around, but this cat is not having any of that. This cat is downright happy. Ignore the dark start to this video, it does actually have content, it just takes a minute since this cat’s owner is coming home late at night.


Siamese Kitchen Thief

This cat is about as funny as they get. This Siamese wants something – badly – from the kitchen cabinet. We don’t know what it is, but we know that this cat is not about to let a little something like height, a counter or closed doors get in her way. She wants to get what she wants, and her owners catch her in the kitchen on the counter going through the cabinets. You have to see it to believe it.


Siamese Kittens

What’s cuter than a Siamese kitten? The answer is; more than one Siamese kitten. They’re not doing anything other than playing with one another and enjoying themselves, but it’s so cute. You’re going to want one of your own by the time you get done watching this video, and we don’t blame you. Multiple cute kittens all in one video are just adorable.


Kittens Attacking Dog

Dogs are big and kittens are not, but that doesn’t stop these adorable Siamese kittens from attacking a dog. They’re trying their hardest to make sure this dog knows who is boss, and they are serious about it. However, the dog deserves a little credit for taking their abuse and running with it. He could take them if he really wanted to, so we’re excited to see that he didn’t.


A Cat and a Kitten

When a cat and a kitten get together, it’s cute. When a grown up and a kitten are playing, you just want to grab a tissue to wipe away the tears from the bond they’re so obviously creating. This adorable pair is going to make seasoned cat owners wish they had a kitten of their own. In fact, we predict that kitten adoptions and sales are about to go up with the introduction of this sweet Siamese video.


Siamese Kittens Playing

Kittens, kittens, everywhere! These sweet kittens are just about as cute as anything you’ve ever seen, and it’s because they’re kittens. It is hard not to be considered anything less than cute when you are a tiny creature that will fit happily into the palm of someone’s hand. These adorable kittens are playful and sweet, and we just love that they are so amazing together.


Baby Attacks Mommy

All little ones get mad at their mothers from time to time, and this adorable Siamese kitten is no exception. He’s very angry that something happened at some point, and he’s ready to show off what he’s got going on. He’s not happy or thrilled about whatever it is, but he’s going to sneak attack his mother until she gets the hint that he’s in the mood to fight. It’s a very cute video we highly recommend you watch.

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