Five Funny Videos of Siamese Cats of 2017

Cats are cute, cuddly, and can often provide hours upon hours of free entertainment thanks to their weird and unbelievable antics. No one knows quite why or when they might decide to show their more exuberant side, but one thing is certain, it puts a smile on our faces.  Here are a few of the funniest Siamese cat videos of 2017.


In this video a large Siamese looks a little unsure as he peers over the kitchen counter. As he continues to look he’s startled into hiding again as he darts back below the counter. Slowly, cautiously, he begins to raise his head again, providing comic relief as his wide-eyed countenance come back into view. And then, quick as a flash he’s gone again as his owner makes the noise one more time.

Size Matters Not

A mother cat is feeding her kittens off to the left while the family pug is sitting nearby. One of the kittens not feeding decides to take issue with the dog and actually backs the pug up by hissing and spitting repeatedly until the dog, thinking it best, simply backs away. Eventually the pug sidles back over, but there is a decidedly cautious look on his face as he does.

You Talkin’ To Me?

Pugs and cats seem bound to interact as this fully grown Siamese and pug begin to duke it out near the end of the video. For much of the time the cat seems only half-interested, pawing at the dog without much effort. But when the pug attempts to gain the cat’s flank the Siamese is suddenly up and swinging. Only when the pug knocks the cat off the couch is the fight really over.

Just Can’t Get Enough

Two cats begin to howl and scratch at each other from the beginning to the end of the video, never getting very far thanks to the sliding glass door that separates them. That doesn’t stop the Siamese, that is on the inside, from clawing mercilessly at the glass as the cat on the outside moves from one side of the patio to the other, seeming to taunt the Siamese. It’s a brutal slugfest to nowhere.

And The Bottom Drops Out

This cat has probably seen better days, but is minding his own business as he sits atop the covering of a collapsible hamper, sniffing innocently at the clothes hanging above. There’s not much warning and no chance to move as the camera person reaches forward and pulls a cord that opens the cover, effectively putting the cat in the box so to speak.


It’s hard not to laugh at the antics of cats and the owners that like to torment them in many different, innocent ways. Maybe it’s their naturally kooky personality or maybe it’s the fact that for all their grace and elegance cats are still known to be accident-prone and a little confrontational in a quirky, comical manner. In any case, cats provide a great amount of entertainment, and one can only hope that they have a camera of some sort available when these moments happen.

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