20 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know about Lil’ Bub

The Internet is an incredibly powerful tool. It can be used to share information worldwide and interact with people globally. Many people use it to promote peace and charity, others use it to work towards scientific advancements, and some even use it to gain worldwide fame. Among the most interesting uses, however, is the creation and distribution of funny cat videos. There are a lot of cats out there who have achieved fame via the Internet. Grumpy Cat, for example, became a meme just a few years ago. However, the widespread fame she achieved brought her owners into a considerable sum of money and ensured that they could make a living. Another cat is Keyboard Cat, who was famous a bit earlier than Grumpy Cat.

However, the cutest Internet-famous cat is, without a doubt, Lil BUB. This cat is known for her unique appearance – with huge, bulging eyes and a tongue that is always sticking out. She has often been hailed as the cutest cat in America. Lil BUB was the runt of her litter and is currently owned by Mike Bridavsky (who has been working very hard to keep Lil BUB healthy and comfortable). Lil BUB’s ascent to fame began when Bridavsky posted some photos of her to Tumblr back in 2011. She became almost an overnight phenomenon, with her fame taking off big-time when she hit the front page of Reddit. Today, she has millions of likes, shares, and other indicators of how popular she is with the public. If you want to learn more about this amazing cat, please read on to learn 20 facts about  Lil BUB.

She Starred in an Award-Winning Film

In 2013, a movie of Lil BUB’s was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival. It was called Lil BUB & Friendz and tells the story of this amazing cat from the beginning to where she is at now. It makes special note of her ‘perma-kitten’ status due to her dwarfism. The Vice documentary also went over some other famous cats and how they have affected the Internet world. The documentary shows Lil BUB how she really is – and for that it won the Tribeca Online Festival Award for Best Feature Film. This is a huge honor for this little cat and brought her a lot more recognition. The best part about the movie, however, was that it showed how Lil BUB “makes it OK to be different”.

She Was Born to a Feral Mother

When Lil BUB was found, she and her littermates were living in an abandoned shed in Indiana. Though the litter was generally healthy, they were born to a feral mother and thus were not able to receive similar quality of care as they would have received in another place. Despite this, they were not the focus of the rescue mission. Instead, Lil BUB was rescued. This was because it was clear that she would need extra care that her mother would not be able to provide. So, they took her in and got her all set up with her owner – who has taken great care of her ever since. Lil BUB has overcome some vast challenges to get to where she is today.

She Has No Problem with Her Appetite

Lil BUB is quite recognizable due to her unique facial features and structures. She has one of the more extreme cases of feline dwarfism observed in the past few years. This means that her lower jaw is significantly shorter than the upper one. Plus, her teeth never grew in (letting her tongue stick out, which is part of her trademark look). Despite these traits, Lil BUB has a voracious appetite. She has no problems eating wet food or dry kibble. Lil BUB is happy, healthy, and well-loved. She is also (clearly) quite self-motivated as she is able to eat any kind of food despite not having teeth. One would imagine that this would be a huge deterrent to eating – especially kibble – but Lil BUB manages just fine.

She Has Her Own Merchandise Line

This cute little cat needs to make her money somehow. You will find that most of Lil BUB’s cashflow comes from selling merchandise that is branded with her face and name. Most of the proceeds go to charity (though they also help to pay the bills). Some of the items that might be Lil BUB-branded could be plush toys, hoodies, or designer socks – all of which come at a relatively high price. However, they are not priced this way to make extra money for Lil BUB’s owner. Instead, he wishes to be able to cover his own bills while still donating considerable amounts of money to charity – essentially making his business with Lil BUB a non-profit. The merchandise helps to spread the awareness of the situation as well.

She Overcame a Chronic Bone Disorder

Although Lil BUB suffers from dwarfism primarily, she has also dealt with some other illnesses. For example, she must deal with a chronic bone disorder called osteopetrosis. She is one of the very few cats who are ever diagnosed with this rare disease. Essentially, it makes a cat’s bones grow harder and denser they get older. This makes it hard for a cat to move around. Lil BUB tried a few treatments at first, but nothing was working. However, her and her owner discovered something called the Assisi Loop. This device uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEFT) to treat Lil BUB’s condition. It helped her be able to run and jump – even though they were told that it would never happen due to the severity of her condition.

She Advocates for Homeless and Special Needs Pets

Ever since Lil BUB began her Internet career, she has made it known that a core aspect of her responsibilities is to spread acceptance, inspiration, and positivity among the people of the globe. She also seeks to prove that being different is OK and acceptable – if not better – than being what someone might consider “normal”. This cat also encourages adoption of pets and helping animals and people who are less fortunate. This cute little cat also works together with the ASPCA in the form of Lil BUB’s Big FUND – this is a national fund that people can donate to in Lil BUB’s name. It seeks to grant some shelters with special needs pets additional funds to support in their care. So far, Lil BUB has brought in $200,000 in charity dollars through her online sore sales and her in-person meet-and-greets that she performs at animal shelters and other locations.

She Loves to Travel

Lil BUB stands apart from other cats due to her love of travel. She has a unique demeanor and attitude towards life, but her appreciation of the open road likely comes from the support of her owner. He always makes sure that she feels comfortable and safe when they are travelling together. Even when she is in a bustling place, she has no problem just looking around and taking in the view when she is beside Bridavsky. This cat has an unusual tolerance for high-stress situations. For example, when she is at an airport, on a plane, in a taxi, or even riding the subway in New York she will often just sit on Bridavsky’s lap and purr away. He has even set her on the ground right in the middle of Times Square and she was totally fine. This unique adaptability is yet another awesome trait of Lil BUB that sets her apart from other cats.

BUB’s Owner Has a Personal Say in Anything to Do with Her

Whether it is a discussion about a book, web series, or television show that stars Lil BUB, it will only take place if Mike Bridavsky is involved. He refuses to delegate creative control to anyone else. Plus, he wants to work with his friends on anything that is bound to star Lil BUB. In fact, he and his friends create, produce, and write all of Lil BUB’s content. This includes the book, the television special, her web series, and even her merchandise. In fact, every single bit of printed merchandise has been designed, printed, and shipped by Bridavsky’s friends or personal acquaintances. This shows his devotion to his cat – but it also highlights his incredible loyalty to his friends and personal connections, which is an excellent trait to have in the promoting industry.

Anything BUB-related Will be True to Her Mission

One thing that Lil BUB has that some other Internet animals don’t is a sense of dignity. Lil BUB has a mission and high standards. She is not a meme, she is not an ‘Internet cat’ , and she is not a joke. She and her owner have a desire to be seen as an inspiration, true heroes, and, above all else, real as it gets. And Lil BUB is certainly a real cat. Anything that Lil BUB takes on will be thoroughly considered to make sure that it is in-line with her mission and goals. For example, she will only work with people who truly appreciate her. If currency is involved, a charity must be as well. In addition, there should always be a positive message to any content that Lil BUB participates in the creation of or serves as an inspiration for.

She Turned Down the Services of a “Meme Manager”

Meme manager Ben Lashes is best-known for representing both Keyboard Cat and Grumpy Cat in the public entertainment sphere. He also offered to sign Lil BUB, but this offer was graciously refused. Though he could have brought this tiny and adorable cat into the public sphere in a very widespread way, the goal was never to monetize Lil BUB. As previously stated, every project of Lil BUB’s must be in-line with her own personal mission. She is not meant to be turned into a brand or a money-making device. Thus, Ben Lashes came up short when he was trying to talk Mike Bridavsky into signing her – he just simply won’t take any steps that could be construed as attempting to make money off of his cat.

She Appeared on Good Morning America

On Good Morning America, Lil BUB was called the cutest cat in the world. The special took place in Times Square, mostly, with a few other parts of New York City. They talked about her Twitter, her merchandise, and her huge influence on Facebook and other social media. However, the main part of the special on Good Morning America was Lil BUB’s city tour. The hostess of the show brought her all around New York City. They stopped in a subway and some other places. However, Lil BUB’s favorite stop was at Central Park. She decided to just lay down and take a nap after a long day on a Good Morning America special. The show wrapped up with a short interview with Mike Bridavsky who reiterated his story of Lil BUB randomly becoming an Internet phenomenon – almost overnight.

She’s a Published Recording Artist

This cat does more than just look cute on videos and in pictures. She is also a published recording artist who collaborated with Andrew W.K. Her most recent album is called Science and Magic and was recorded by Mike Bridavsky and Matt Tobey. It featured Lil BUB vocalizations and was credited to her. Andrew W.K. also wrote a funny, tongue-in-cheek overview of the album. He called it a “soundtrack to the universe” in the liner notes (which he wrote). He also posited that Lil BUB is on an “intergalactic mission to help the people and animals of Earth with her magic, talents, and otherworldly wisdom”, claiming that she wrote the music on the album using them as creative vessels.

There Has Been an Initiative to Sequence Her Genome

A group of scientists decided they wanted to know why Lil BUB looks the way she does. So, they launched a crowdfunding campaign to sequence and evaluate Lil BUB’s genome. They were to compare her sequence with that of a few healthy cats. This would hopefully show any variants that could possibly cause Lil BUB’s unique appearance. This experiment is scientifically-relevant as well, as it will further the understanding of gene sequencing in general. By looking over the detailed documentation that the scientists will provide, it may be possible to start to form some overarching conclusions about genetic code that we don’t quite understand yet. This experiment is interesting and important to further advancement of our knowledge of cats and genes in general.

She Authored a Book

Lil BUB’s book, called Lil BUB’s Lil Book: The Extraordinary Life of the Most Amazing Cat on the Planet, is a best-seller that is all about her life. It focuses on how her different looks don’t mean she can’t be appreciated. And, in fact, Lil BUB is truly the world’s sweetheart – tiny size, lack of teeth, and extra toes included. The book includes 100 captioned photos in full color. They show Lil BUB doing what she does best – adventuring. It includes pictures of her flying in hot air balloons, skateboarding, napping, and exploring the planet. This book is perfect for anyone who needs something cute for their coffee table – or even for their life in general.

She Saved Her Owner from Financial Ruin

Mike Bridavsky was going through a rough spot before Lil BUB became famous. He owned a recording studio and had a full month booked up. However, he was already behind six months on rent. Plus, everyone cancelled their sessions at the last minute. On top of that, his car broke down, someone slashed his tires, and he even was involved in a few eBay disputes. However, he decided to post pictures of Lil BUB on the Internet – and she took off. Soon enough, she sold enough merchandise for him to pay off his back rent and even buy a nice new camera for taking pictures of his famous cat. Today, most of the proceeds go to charity.

She Posed for PETA

Most PETA ads are intentionally controversial in order to instill them within the minds of the viewers. However, they used a much-less-controversial approach when they hired Lil BUB as their spokescat. She posed for a poster that promotes adopting over buying animals. Plus, it reminds the viewers to spay and neuter their animals. Lil BUB is perfect for that situation due to her unique start on life. She has an intimate knowledge of how cat overpopulation can affect an innocent life – she was, after all, the runt of a litter who was born to a feral, outdoors-dwelling cat and began her life homeless. She was also hard to foster – though she got lucky with Mike Bridavsky. Despite this, there are still hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of cats in similar positions on the planet.

She Met Grumpy Cat

There are literally millions of cat videos on the Internet. They have been popular since the early 2000s at the very latest – though they could have roots in the pre-21st-century Internet as well. There are even cat video festivals out there today – such as the Annual Internet Cat Video Film Festival. The Second Annual Internet Cat Video Film Festival was held by Walker Art Center at the Minnesota State Fair. It attracted 13,000 cat video fans to watch them on a huge screen on the grandstand. Some cat superstars were also present – alongside meme manager Ben Lashes. In fact, Lil BUB ended up meeting Grumpy Cat for the very first time.

Whoopi Goldberg Was a Guest on Her Show

Revision3 Internet broadcasting extended an offer to Lil BUB to have her very own show. Called Lil BUB’s Big Show, it followed a talk show format. This was accomplished by recording the guests separately and playing back the video and audio in order to make it appear as if Lil BUB herself was hosting the show. The first episode aired in 2013. The very first episode also featured Whoopi Goldberg – a strong celebrity start to the talk show. It has also featured people such as Michelle Obama on the show. It also doubles as a platform for Lil BUB’s message to be spread. For example, she promoted Tabby’s Place – which is a sanctuary for disadvantaged felines.

Her Owner Has a Tattoo of Her

Mike Bridavsky has shown his devotion to Lil BUB for many years in many different ways. However, he has decided to permanently associate himself with her by getting a giant tattoo of her on his side. It looks great, featuring Lil BUB sitting next to an ant. She has her trademark bulging eyes and tongue sticking out. She is also holding a sword and a lantern – ostensibly representing her desire to fight for and light the way for disadvantaged animals. The ant, however, is a mystery. Perhaps someone will need to ask Mike Bridavsky about the significance of the insect next time he and Lil BUB make a public appearance.

Mike Bridavsky (Lil BUB’s Owner) Has Solid Advice for Social Media Pet Influencers

Bridavsky’s message to fellow pet influencers is simple: Focus on the content and your message. Regardless of what your niche or gimmick is, providing consistent and quality content is essential to finding success in the social media influencing world. This will ensure that your viewers return to check out even more of your work. He also notes the importance of carefully reading any agreements you might be offered. He has been burned before, so he doesn’t want that to happen to anyone else. Whether you check it for financial straightforwardness or to ensure that your intellectual property is protected, be sure to thoroughly vet any potential corporate agreement. This will ensure that any success you do end up having will be protected – not just stolen away by some faceless corporation.

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